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  1. Pilot Arnold rimmer Took out a search light then got jumped by a angry 109 managed to limp back to base for some smoked kippers
  2. Friar after capturing cantin
  3. tried joining the dcs ob server but couldnt due to t45 is that a mod
  4. could you possibly pm the password so i can get on the server
  5. thats totally fine with me i enjoy the tanks
  6. what time is this held on a saturday?
  7. No worries happy to help how ever i can
  8. Thanks for the welcome I'm just happy I got a good group of people to play this with
  9. Well my names Ben I'm 30 I've pretty much been playing flight games since I was very young starting with red baron on a pc without a sound card so had to make my own noises haha, I'm originally from essex but now live in wales. I have il2 bos with its many packs and I also got dcs
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