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  1. Its my cross over day (late early) but will hopefully be able to jump in and bomb a bridge 😊
  2. Cheers for this guys, just one quick glance and question, below 8,000ft, is it better to just link the throttles like you said, if im then dogfighting, is there occasions below this i can maximise without linking as i know below these altitudes its pretty much outmatched on one on without, putting the big guns aside. much appreciated ill give this a go when i get back im i ln the BAHAMAS 😁 …. Back middle of may to make you all jealous. Royal
  3. Arthur, thank you ever so much, i will ponder over this properly when i return from my holidays too! Royal
  4. Hi chaps, I really want to have a go at flying the P47 but must admit get put off with the supercharger throttle etc etc and what to do with it. Could anyone give me some info on how to go about flying it, and what setting etc i need for take off, landing, normal cruise, then what I can turn it to for fighting. Have tried to watch requiems videos etc but he normally has set ups for take off and landings, but doesn't go into what I should be watching for combat. I fancied a go at one of the campaigns with the P-47's to get used to it. I'm away on holiday till the 15th so will catch you when I'm back!.
  5. My shift work will be when i can attend anything i will attend, i just would like to still see tanking as a part we do 😊
  6. Arthur, is it complicated to make the videos?
  7. Bit foggy but managed to get the doctor there unharmed.
  8. hey chaps, just caught up with all this, i unfortuntly went for the store download, only because i currently have an xbox which i pay gamepass for, that means that i technically get microsoft flight sim for free, well £10 but its a subscription to any other games that they have, and for me its worth it. I haven't put many add on on, apart from the paid jersey airfield and also buying the BN2 islander, the freeware stuff I have done is mainly for the Garmin nav systems, because they are clunky. That and the uprated Xcub. Mt theory is trying to keep it as plain as i can till the bugs and upgrades slow down a tad. Too many overides and re installing is happening after every world update. Again I cant praise NEOFLY enough, it has literally opened the game up to me. Making a career of flying, and giving you meaning. Although its not nice when those whiskey bottles in the back break and you have just spent £100,000 on them to sell.
  9. Just flown over RM condor 45 Commando, and its pretty damn accurate!
  10. Hey chaps, just wondering if anyone fancies doing some caviar short hop missions on neo fly sometime?? I have the vid at the moment and have got the bug for MSFS again, I'm currently up north in Scotland about to do a big haul across the north sea!
  11. chaps can i just add, if you want to take MSFS to a completely different level, download "neofly", basically its a career add on for MSFS. It seems quite daunting at first to set up, but its bloody amazing, it just adds a bit more than "bimbling" although I do just love doing that....but....why not bimble to an airport and drop off some cargo....bottles....which break if you have a hard landing.......take that doctor to a nearby field where a B737 has crashed, land in the field and let her out of a cub....watch those trees though!...it simply is amazing....I have currently worked myself up from 0$, to have 2 people flying for me, 3 different aircraft...im currently flying an islander because its short take off but has a decent fuel/cargo load......oh and just when you think your all set up....a random event of an engine failure and you have to put it down... The best thing about all this is sound effects of cargo loading, bird strike etc, its quite immersive...i think the end idea is to have animations etc (there are some such as aircraft crash and smoke on a motorway you have to land on etc ) please take a look. if anyone's keen I can always jump onto TS and show you the ropes......you can also get extra money for multiplayer flights.....!!!
  12. Thanks parts! hopefully this week if my shifts allow! I do enjoy the tanks 😊
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