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  1. ok switched to pan view, switched all the views i could and nothing changed. When i bind the mini analogue stick to the camera look and open the curve settings it doesn't seem to be moving at all when i move the stick, but it does pick it up when i move it to set it as the button to use. and the stick works on other games as well as it even works for moving the pilots head. but no matter what view it always snaps back to looking forward it pans around fine but doesn't stay when ilet go of the mini stick. this is the only setting driving me nuts.
  2. thanks i did not see some of this stuff and i also did not see the snap or pan option i will have a look when i get home. Thanks All !
  3. one setting im having hard time with is the view. so the mouse i can pan around fine and where i leave my mouse is where the view stays. when i use the mini analogue stick on the joystick it always recenters itself on a forward view ? i would like it to stay looking where i let it go instead of going back to looking forward.
  4. I am just setting up my HOTAS and am curious what you guys see as essential things to key bind to the joystick etc. I have the VKB gladiator NXT joystick, honeycomb bravo throttle quad, and Thrustmaster rudder pedals if that helps. I don't need to know where you guys necessarily set which button up but more so what is essential and what is nice, and what is not needed. Or if there is a know good community guide on this even that maybe I'm not seeing ?
  5. Ya no worries wasn't trying to change the world was just saying what I liked. No big deal
  6. I think i might have seen them mentioned at some point however I was at work, I was hoping there was a discord aswell. I haven't used TeamSpeak in a very long time nor do i have it installed. I personally enjoy how easy it is to keep in communication outside of the pc with discord. I don't even know if i remember how to teamspeak its been so long lol
  7. I can definitely answer questions, anytime you need. I'm more than happy to help you guys out with anything I might bring to the table. As for programing I'm still learning how to make my tank move and getting used to the buttonology lol 🤣🤙 so as for the simulators limitations on program you will need to tell me what can and can't be done when that times comes. Do you guys use discord at all ? I found it works well for verbal and text communication but more so screen sharing if your trying to show someone something ?
  8. Haha I'm actually currently employed at the armoured school teaching new officer recruits on becoming tank troop commanders.
  9. Unfortunately my video game skills aren't on par with my real life skills LMAO 🤣 also I tend to be alot more braison in a simulator lol Its still gonna take me a bit to get comfortable with the sim. If you ever have questions on tactics or anything fire away. Do you guys roll out as a team ? Is there a few guys that play together on here ? Do you guys lone wolf or work as a troop ? Do you guys coop or play PvP ? I'm just wondering more so how you guys operate here.
  10. Thanks fellas, @Friar sorry just seen your message this morning here. Some things I noticed that they represent pretty accuratly. Tank rock when you start and stop how it tilts forward and backwards. This is diffrent on every tank but it's a real thing and they simulate it pretty well. Now days we have stabilization on our guns so when going cross country the guns stays on target. We can turn it on and off, it's always on for us as it makes no sense fighting this yourself. They didn't have that on these old tanks and driving and watching the targets it's pretty damn accurate to real life. The acceleration is allot slower but I imagine it was back then. Feeling the gear shift and looking through the sights it's pretty accurate to real life. The only thing I seen that really is off and most including the million dollar ones I've used at work is track skipping. If a driver. Doesn't give enough throttle turning especially on high traction surface you will skip the drive sprocket and it causes allot of jitter in the tank. Aswell as very high chance of throwing the track off. This is where a good driver knows how to listen to engine and ensure he gives right amount of torque to negate this issue. I just took whatever map it gave me and chose a practice mission. I took a couple positions as you would in a real tank. And it was actually probably the best terrain mesh I have really seen in a tank game. Instead of hiding behind rocks or really unnaturale landscape that was just thrown down. The landscape was "rolling" and natural. I can take positions heads up, sights up, turret up and use the ground as protection instead of my armour. The AI were trying to hammer me and all's they were doing was hit dirt infront of me. Pretty awesome and realistic. These tanks are old and painfully slow in reverse so jockying positions was painfully slow, which today is hang onto your helmet cuz it's full speed reverse. So taking new position as you would in modern times is much slower. (Teaching point if you didn't know when you jocky you are reversing off your position outside the enemy's view and piping up somewhere else on the crest of the hill but far enought that you would be outside their reticle from where you last were. So that you force the gunner to have to change the gun lay majorly giving you more time to engage)
  11. Well i just fired up tank crew for the first time. I spent a bit setting up my old hotas since I cant wait till Tuesday for my new one, I'm not sure how you guys map your bindings but i mapped my rudder pedals as steering, I tried to use the break axis on the pedal for throttle but as soon as I release them it goes full reverse. so I mapped the throttle to my honeycomb bravo throttle, I setup the joystick to the turret and a few other controls and I have to say this is pretty damn nice. I use some pretty expensive sims at work and this is pretty real feeling. I don't know what these old tanks were like for real but compare it to now and take away some of the new fancy technology I'm used to and i think this nailed it. this joystick I have is definitely pretty old and not very fine anymore so i cant wait for the new one. I am interested to see how you all mapped your setups ? also if someone has setup their for throttle i would love to know how.
  12. And yes I will definitely do my best to join you guys when I can for sure ! The next few weeks are pretty hectic for me with xmas and traveling this year. I've been on MSFS allot lately. I am excited to start what seems to be a steep learning curve.
  13. lol thats just paint, if it dont look like that it aint a "working" tank lol that can happen from going through thick tree lines or backing into a forest
  14. Haha ya your right I meant am I'm still half asleep lol was a long night for me last night
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