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  1. Thanks Crash - for now I think I'll stick with the IL-2 content if okay. I previously tried to improve at DCS and IL-2 at the same time and found myself stretched a little thing! Looking forward to the mission campaign in IL-2 though. I'll jump on TS later. Thank you
  2. Hello all, I posted a message on the recruitment thread yesterday and was pointed here. I'm hoping to join you all for some multiplayer flying. I have around 100 hours in the single player campaign - I like to fly iron man mode to see how far I get! I saw there is a campaign running in another thread, but from what I can tell there are a few issues with it at the moment? Please could you help me out with knowing how to proceed in terms of flying with you - and I look forward to it very much. Luke
  3. Green-Cheek, Beautiful little guy - lived 25 years! Love that you linked that Thanks all What's next then?
  4. Well...I do have the F-14, F-18, SuperCarrier and...All the other maps hah. Actually the only module I don't have for DCS cold war and beyond is the F16, and thats purely because I think BMS does that particular aircraft quite a bit better. Huge, huge fan of the F-14. So much so my girlfriend got me a big painting of it for my office/mancave! Just noticed I don't own the Typhoon as its part of the BoN pack, so I reckon I'll stick with the P-38 for now. Or is it that some nights I'll need one, some the other? If I need both, I'm happy to pick it up - if I'm welcome to join.
  5. Nonsense and idiocy underpins almost everything I hold dear, thank you for the warm welcome
  6. Hello all! Thank you DD_Crash for taking the time to message me over in the IL-2 forums when I said I was looking for a squad. I'm a 35 year old man living on the border of London/Kent with my girlfriend and our idiotic but loveable greyhound. I work in the defence and intelligence industry on the technology side of things running a small team of fellow nerds. I love planes, submarines, ships, tanks etc (though not, I should say, a fan of how they are usually used!). I've been a fan of flight and flying since I was born (or shortly thereafter - mum can't confirm the exact time + date), and I've been using simulation games (apologies if the word game is banned, if so let me know and I promise to never use it again!) since I was 10 years old with with Microsoft Flight Simulator 95. Since then I have progressed in knowledge but not skill. Generally my multiplayer side of things has been with Vatsim and Pilotedge on the civilian side of things, but I've been flying IL-2 on the Finnish server and realised how fun cooperation is. I'm also a huge fan of DCS, but right now IL-2 is where I'm spending most of my time right now as I work my way through an iron man campaign in the 109. I own the DCS Normandy map, WW2 Asset Pack, P51, Spitfire and 109K4 but absolutely open to buying other maps / modules as required. I own all of the IL-2 content excluding the Normandy expansion (which I'll buy once the map is out), and the tank content. If you are all happy to have me and use the tank content, I'll happily also purchase that. Hobbies include Brazilian Jiu Jits, kickboxing, reading mainly modern history/warfare/economics and flight sims. Odd mix but it seems to work for me! I would like to think I'm an easy going bloke, open to constructive feedback (also keen to learn) and respectful of differing opinions. Keen to find a mature group of people who are more about simulating things / cooperation as opposed to air quake (but also open to the odd session of air quake too!). Would also love to have a few people willing to run a PWCG coop campaign with too - and your flight nights look ideal. Look forward to hearing from you, Luke B
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