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  1. Truly a warm welcome from you all, thankyou. Mistakes I make in plenty Painless - so hopefully some good laughs and times ahead 👍
  2. Hi Crash, Friar gave me the password, I've set up Teamspeak and MODS are activated. When I looked yesterday though, I could only see 1 active server. Had a look just now and I can see the Tank Crew server now as well. Thanks
  3. Hi guys, Thanks for the welcome. All of the senarios sound good. As I said to Friar, I have not set up my HOTAS for tanks or tried it, but when I do, I must give tanks a go. DCS is pretty new to me as well and I'm still learning about all the weapons, radars, countermeasures etc on the F18 I bought. I've just read the briefing for the campaign and I'd also like to give that a go, but don't know how disciplined my flight skills are, to be included in it just yet. If the next general co-op session in IL2:GBS is Tuesday I'd like to join in for that one, talk to you all and see how I get on. Does your server(s) run 24/7 or just the nights you all fly? I can introduce myself to any other members who are online for a practice session etc, before Tuesday. Roy
  4. Hi Everyone, Title of my New Topic sounds a bit misleading 😆 but I'm sure you all get the gist. I signed up with the Dangerdogz just last week and have already had some conversations with Friar, who said I should make a post to introduce myself. So here it is. I only started doing online multiplayer flying about 18 months ago and joined a group of young guys who have been very friendly and helpful in improving my skills. The group numbers have diminished however and there's only 4 of us who fly regularly now on the public servers like Finnish / Combat Box etc, and also dabble a bit in DCS. I had a look around some of the other online groups and thought the Dangerdogz easy going attitude (and average age - for me anyway 😃) of attending flying sessions "when you can" was pretty much inline with how it's been for the the past 18 months. I've spoken to the other 3 guys and I'm hoping they'll sign up with the Dangerdogz soon as well. Hope to talk to you all soon. Roy
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