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  1. 2nd Lt. Ian bayles bailed over friendly territory near airfield, was walking back until encountered local pub. Was warmly welcomed upon entering the aforementioned hostilery and subsequently claiming x5 pints of their best ale.
  2. Bob

    SRS Commands

    Not sure how many use, but have made a simple doc of the SRS commands for CombatBox. With no icons i find "control, request bearing home....." really useful😀 CombatBoxSRSCommands.docx
  3. Lets hope theres a fix for the campaign that can be done easily, not holding my breath but would really miss squadron flying together,
  4. Thanks Again Icer, will see what the others think, were hopeful the Coop issues can be sorted, but @DD_Fenrirand @FoolTrottel have been working on it for weeks now and despite there efforts it still is giving grief. Regards Bob
  5. Hi Gents, if we cannot get the campaign running then going up as a squadron on a MP server might be worth a go? We could still mission brief and keep tally of scores, but would need to discuss on how we could make it work. Main thing I have found with DDs is its about having some fun flying together, with the campaigns being as serious as we get. Have had a look at some of the servers an in most cases there can be a really tough environment, but the one below looks like it might be worth a go? It has Icons, technical tips and minimaps so would be very simliar to our current coop? https://clashofeagles.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/opmaak-maps-all-fields-v8-13july2021.pdf https://clashofeagles.net/ ?
  6. Good video from the Combat Box server, gives an idea how the SRS "command" adds to realism and helps with vectors
  7. There in the process of bring out other kits, but suppose no different to using generic controllers, the mapping does not change. Hers the planned mosquito😀
  8. Okay, keep looking at this, anyone else seen or tried out? Like the idea, not sure about buying 3D printer to make the parts, but would work out cheaper than getting from 3rd party provider https://authentikit.org/spitfire-mkix/
  9. Hi Sid could you please make me a skin for the P38? Believe B is avaialable and would like the attached image as nose art if possible. Regards Bob
  10. Boss put me restricted duties for 9days, as we have visitors arriving. Will be back for week Tuesdays mission😭
  11. excellent, managed to get sorted, test flight successfully achieved, took off, bombed ships, engaged 110's and achieved sufficient damage to require bailing rather than attempt landing. Normal service resumed and will be reporting for duties.
  12. One hour in to updates!!!!!! Dont know if it will work tonight on coop server as not sure what files I will need to download (have not used this PC for coops)
  13. Might have to drag my old pc down from the loft, no sign or word on mine from Mesh computers?
  14. Have same issue with TPM, computer says no, which is a little annoyiong when i only purchased in April?
  15. Hi Mainz joined a few months back and definitely a great place for co ops, everyone really welcoming with an emphasis on enjoying the banter as much as the flying. Don’t get me wrong these gents can fly and we do have our more serious side with the P 38 campaign. Welcome and look forward to catching up in the near future. Bob
  16. Will be there and would like to to give my support to the sensible initiative first introduced by our army colleagues of sending the lower ranks out in front. There have murmurings of late that the lower tone of conversation in the dining room, strongly correlates with the loss of our higher ranks. We must do everything we can to ensure we protect the higher ranks, as at least the wine selection then includes a modicum of consideration for the food being eaten, rather than just the percentage of alcohol contained within the said wine.
  17. You have two applications, one is the app on your tablet or phone, and the other is the desktop program for editing, generating and downloading decks. The decks are files in the C flolder of the application
  18. Hi gents you need to use the touch portal app for iOS, which for me the connection was a little flakey. used for the tanks and found it useful, for planes the light up functionality looks great, but you have to remember to reset them to their start position when you re enter as they might be the wrong way round. as a replacement for keyboard entry it’s brilliant, for replacing throttle or stick not so sure, certainly allows you to free up places on your hotas when lots of bindings required
  19. making progress with the app and deck, some points: althought technically only a wirelees keyboard (no issues with lag that are perceptable) app does not like multiple binds with joystick/throttle PC editor works great with app, just hit save on any changes and they immediately can be seen on app. some images from editor below, layout is my best guess and would be great to heart what more experiences fliers think. Its easy too change and add functionality, next upgrade planning to include sliders for trim wheels, but buttons just as goods as main keyboard Added a Tank Command page as can never remember which controls are bound to my throttle, will find out tonight if they work. If anyone also has the Matricapp have attached the file I'm working on, currently set up for a 10 inch tablet so might be a bit small on a phone Anyone wanting a to give the app a go ; the editor is free download from their website https://matricapp.com/, the app is on googleplay https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tbm.matric.client&hl=en-GB its free version will let you play around with some basic buttons, but the deck version is £5.99 Bob Bobsil2deck.deck
  20. Bob

    Dogz new member

    Hi Beagle look forward to speaking with you and flying on the servers (tanking is great fun too, dont worry too much about akk the controls as we like to multi crew and some will talk you through being a gounner or driver). Was much in the same situation as you a couple of months ago, joined the DDs and have loved every minute of it. You couldn't wish to meet a better bunch of mongrols and strays anywhere. I'm trying DCS also but as dont like going too fast, so will stick with the props. Regards Bob
  21. its definately work in progress, but worth the few pounds for a go with. Editing an existing users deck as easier tan working from scratch (there is only one IL2 deck I could find, loads for DCS jet hots shots, but I guess they are needed more for the hundreds of buttons it takes to do something in the more modern aircraft. Screen shot below of what I'm up to. Buttons down the right are quick access to the different screens, highlight shows which screen you're on.
  22. Thanks, best skip the landing one as it will go right over my head
  23. You really should get that right turn indicator fixed
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