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  1. Thanks for the work Fen, great event that will be even better next time Bob
  2. 03/02/45 Pilot Roger Hammersit AIR 1 x FW190 D9, x1 1 x FW190 D9 shared with Skipper
  3. 01/02/45 Bob Ramsit KIA, unsuccessfuly bailed at 100ft Bob Hammersit replacement to squadron in transit
  4. Should be okay for me, ACG mission to provide close escort to low alt B26 sortie, dont think wil last that long😁
  5. 30/01/45 Bob Rodgers, captured😭 Bob Ramsit replacement pilot
  6. Bob Rodgers 27/01/45 AIR :nil Ground 14x Facility
  7. What!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we even have groups dedicated to ars, hang on, must stop speed reading, my apologies its splintered, not sph, oh never mind
  8. Hi Sid summer will always be difficult for me when as bowls matches are in the evenings, was at a match last night and not home until 9:30. For me it’s the squadron flying is what I like best, P38 missions are the most fun. We fly together as a team, become familiar with a plane and learn to fly it well, have a great time, whilst also taking the mission a bit more seriously. IL2 nights are more difficult and can be frustrating, I’m not the best pilot out there and tying to flying all the different aircraft well is too hard and I don’t have the time to learn them. I’d rather fly a few aircraft well, than lots of aircraft badly. I always love the banter and flying with you guys is the best, but the P38 mission is what brings me back each fortnight. Although with it now only being once a fortnight I need to squad up on the live servers to get my fix in a P38 or spitfire. Please, no one take my words as criticism they are not meant to be, the work that the core members to in hosting and maintaining the group is genuinely appreciated and thanks to you all. Bob
  9. Bob Rodgers 25/01 x1AAA and evaded capture, plane slightly damaged
  10. 24/1/45 Bob Rodgers 7 x JU52 parked 1 x Transport 1 x Railway Cars 2 x AAA 3 x Cannon 2 x Facilities 3 x searchlights
  11. 19/01/45 Jeffery Shufflebottom Air: half 190-A8 destroyed - shared with FT Ground: 9x AAA Gun
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