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  1. Ian Bayles 1x 109 1x JU88 2x cannon, 2x AAA and 1x railcar
  2. Whilst not the best option, my only real one is to drive down for the day, but worth it to meet up with you guys. So will see you there on the day. PS if anyone can spare a few batteries, might need a few to top the car up😀
  3. oops,Tom showing me how to land, cannot believe he had time to look at the camera!
  4. Not at all Sid, we all know the reasoning for your ability to generate good things is down to your sheer genius. Bum fluff in belly buttons however remains a mystery that is beyond human comprehension ☺️
  5. Yes but nowhere near as interesting as the conversation as to why you get bum fluff in you belly button. No one has yes been able to provide a plausible reason into the reasoning behind this strange phenomenon.
  6. You could well be right, the only reason might be all things grow better when come out of somewhere that is full of a “well fertilised “ source material.
  7. Yes indeedy, with every confidence that your shoes will stay dry, well as long as you don’t mess up your headings with your bearings.
  8. Great idea Sid, consider yourself promoted to “Holder of the Orb that gives the angle to dangle”
  9. HI @FoolTrottel, dont appear to be able to select normal choice of planes on the new servers? Really need the P38 and the Spit Mk9 would be apprieciated. Can you include? Thanks BOB
  10. it comes with it, for the quadrant and trims its their design, the stick is a recommended monitor mount to which you attach the quick release plate.
  11. Another build day requiring more wine, those mounts were fun, getting close now🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
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