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  1. I got a response from Mark the support person who pointed me to page 68 of their 72 page FAQ! It seems that if using a laptop you have to get rid of the opening movie OBDSplash.WMV by renaming it. The game then loads like a charm. I am not used to wading through FAQ's or manuals so I must have fallen asleep after page 10 😄
  2. Reviving this thread. I bought the WOTR game, downloaded and installed it last night but I cannot run it. I click on the desktop icon and get a blue circle with a line through it on a black screen for a few seconds then back to desktop! I cannot see anything covering this on their 70 page FAQ so I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem?.
  3. Thank you all for a spiffing time this morning (for me). I am implementing plan A to try overcoming my internet problems. I lost the connection 10 times this morning. My working from home SWMBO has to attend her office in the CBD on Mondays and Tuesdays, so I am reclaiming the main PC in the front office. Hopefully that will provide a stronger and more stable signal.
  4. Thanks Fenris, I would have instantly failed because of the way my plane is set up in practice. I am going to fiddle with my settings to make them compatible with your instructions. Also I am slightly confused with the start time. The forum calendar shows that the game will be from 0530 to 0730 my time which is GMT plus 10.5. Your start time is 2 hours later than that, not that I am complaining or anything. 🙂
  5. Can I join in next Monday? If nothing else I will make someone else look good. I believe it is a co-op mission and units are assigned on joining Teamspeak and then spawning on the airfield. I have a few days to practice taking off in the P38 and do not need practice crashing in one.
  6. Hello all, i am AOB, that is pronounced AY, OH, BEE. I do not seriously wish to change my moniker as this one has been around since my Fighter Ace (which I certainly was not) days. I thought it was a good choice as it sounded vaguely Japanese and we used to do a lot of flying with and against that lot. The answers must be in here somewhere, but after an hour or two I cannot find them (probably my fault) but:- What servers does DD have or use for Great Battles? What are the Teamspeak channel details for DD? Where are the DD skin packs located? Is there a DD starter
  7. AOB

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    Not sure about Ancient, I am thinking Pontius is a good pilots name. ☺ Actually I am not bothered if I get an official rename. I would like to put DD_ in front though.
  8. AOB

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    That sounds good to me. I am in the process of learning this sim, so if you want an old pre-schooler I would like to fly with you. PS. I don,t mind AOB as an allround Moniker. It stands for Ancient Old person born out of wedlock. ☺
  9. AOB

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    I am looking for a friendly and laid back group to play with who:- 1. Do not use Discord or Facebook as a primary means of communication. (Teamspeak or Mumble is good for me). 2. Do not do full real anything. (I have little interest in becoming a real pilot in these games). 3. Do not swear too much. 3. Do not mind having having an older member onboard who would rather fly transport planes or ground pounders. (and not very well). Any such animal exist out there?
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