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  1. Im also on active duty Sir! Will report to the hangar after vertically challenged people have been despatched
  2. yes I turned off my mods, and I saw loads of servers listed. truth is my eyesight and the limits of VR really dont make it viable for me to fly with no icons. on DD games I just have a simple dot, I dont need the HUD or speed bar, or any other info, just a dot is good enough to keep track of my target and make spotting a little easier. Ive run this game with no VR on the res my comp can handle and the difference in resolution etc is extreme. so i can see how a Track-IR player will boss that kind of scenario any day of the week. The main issue I fin on VR is other planes at a certain
  3. ok so after our Co-op session last night, i decided to look at a few DF servers, can anyone recommend some good ones? the issue I had was I couldnt find any at all with any sort of icons. so as a VR player I was at a serious disadvantage, and basically had my ass handed to me pretty much exclusively, I spent half my time flying round trying to identify anything I came across. and anyone who does VR will know, that trying to track a target that is camoflaged by snow, or forests etc... is extremely difficult on VR due to the resolution. I had hoped to find at least 1 decent WW2 and one d
  4. LOL. who says they are still not owned by an african despot? lol although yeah probably right eh!? does make for a more interesting story. 'Deposit di monies!' the ones in Atrhurs photo look im much better nick, and still have wings attached.
  5. They all look like MIG21's to me Jabo. theres just 3 of them lined up. the tail fins all look indentical in shape. Judging by the photo and climate it looks like they are parked up somewhere in Eastern Europe.
  6. as far fetched and stupid as it sounds, many years ago I saw some photos of a guy who had built a gaming rig using the front of a jet aircraft he mounted his PC and all the gear inside the cockpit, and used to play flight sims sitting in it. lol this one would require a fair bit of work though. oh and divorce papers would likely be served shortly afterwards
  7. 2021 MIG 21 mig 21 £12,000 Vehicles Listed a week ago in Orpington, England Seller's description MIG 21 ex military aircraft Engine and controller panel removed. No armour Jet not in the country...you can organise your shipping or we can help with for extra fee. More info I’m happy to answer. Only serious questions answered. ***only get
  8. and fairly frictionless I'd say is also desirable.
  9. and the high key and low key. I keep my small key next to other small objects, like my small knob. 😂
  10. looks like I have a little key mapping to do.
  11. Santa has already been though. Happy christmas to me from me. lol
  12. Christmas has been tough for me this year... Spent all my money on a joystick instead lol.
  13. Yodel! you should be fearful. No matter, if your parcel hasnt arrived check the roof, their drivers often throw packages up there. unless its already been crushed and kicked down the street. it should be fine. Oh and... reporting for duty this evening...
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