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  1. Another one for you all to enjoy, I hope you like it because setting tha tail section was an absolute shit. it took me 3hrs this afternoon to line up all the graphics. lol P51D15NA_Lil Butch_4K Tbone.zip
  2. Few tweaks and adjustments, now its all done... file is attached. Enjoy Peeps. II/JG54 - 109G2 4K Bf 109 G-2 II JG54 Tbone.zip
  3. Little Skinning project underway. not quite done yet but its coming along... Need to tweak a few colours and tidy up a few other bits. couple of bits not lining up quite how I'd like bu thats easy fixable. BF109G2 II/JG54
  4. So a few days ago I asked the question on ammo loadouts, whats the difference between blue and orange coloured ammo on the equipment screen. I since found the answer for those that are interetsed. Blue = Armour Peircing - Orange = High Explosive So in other words, Blue for PK and engine hits, and Orange for control surfaces and blowing bits off your target. Thank me later.
  5. thats sounds like a plan. I had a little fly about tonight, I couldnt even get the He111 off the ground, had a pair of 1800lb boms on board. i couldnt get the thing close to 200Kmh. was a grass runway though. Love the Ju88 though, that thing is manouevrable and fast for a bomber! landing was a bit of a catastrophe though.
  6. I may join you for this. ive never tried level bombing. does the tutorial also cover the JU88? been given 2 days off, because the Yanks have thanksgiving. Friday and Monday. Thanks Yanks. Perks of working for an american firm I suppose.
  7. you can put me doewn as confirmed, Im defintiely coming on, unless armageddon happens, or I catch Ebola.
  8. OK so I will most likely be coming, providing it all goes ahead etc... got my gate pass, just need to make the bookings and buy a ticket.
  9. When I go to events like these I aim to arrive around 9am, even though flying starts at around midday. just beats the worst of the traffic. I tend to grab a burger a nd a coffee on site for brekkie. I'd love to come guys, but I tink I will have to wait till new year to make the final decision, as I have a few hurdles to clear first. Worst case for me I can stay with my Aunt in Biggleswade. but it is a bit of a journey from there. At least she has a Hot tub. lol Although her Step son is a total bellend. so its decisions decisions.
  10. My hat switch is being hogged by my rad and cowl flaps inputs. but if adjusting for fighters wing span, and range is nominal and not often requiring constant adjustment in flight I can at least find yet more key mappings to set it up before engagements. Bombers should be no problem, I have a pretty decent idea of the scale difference between say a 109 and He111. so that will work fine. I was going to jump on and tweak my pitch settings last night, but ended up watching TV instead. lol its largely pitch and yaw inputs thats screwing me up, because my movement and positioning isnt smooth or p
  11. yeah thats all fair enough. I'll do what i can to get on, and if I miss the time, I miss the mission.
  12. Everybody has their price! and it would be sods law that I joined late, and crashed into the control tower on takeoff. or get nailed by flak when just 3 feet over the front line. lol No seriously, I will do my best to get on for the 9pm, but a bit of leaway may be helpful. I'd say 10 mins will be sufficient, and if Im not there just go without me. I'll mop up the tears before you all get back from the mission. my VR may need a hairdryer though when it fills up with salty water.
  13. LOL, those guys probably throw Lobsters on their barbie. as for specific timing, thats going to be really hard to answer, as it depends on who is on the call and how gobby they are, Aussies do like the sound of their own voices in my experience. So I will state that if I cant be on by a certain time (you can decide what is reasonable) then I will have to wait at the station and wave a goodbye hanky, then hack the radio so I can listen in whilst quietly crying into my lap. I think thats the fairest way to do it. otherwise you guys will be having me clean out the commodes and gerry cans
  14. This is gonna be tight as a ducks butt for me tomorrow, I really want to fly, but i have a work call at 8:30pm. Australians and time zone differences. is it a definite 9pm GMT kick off for P38s? or is there any wiggle room for a few minutes either side? I can have my pc up and running and TS and IL2 all booted and ready to go, so I can jump right in, as I work on another machine. Just bloody typical this call is on Tuesday. its one of those calls that cant be avoided as its with the board of directors in the APAC region, and Im very much below their paygrade., so I would be taking the p
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