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  1. Sadly I will not be able to make it tonight chaps. 😞 I was hoping to be able to make it, but sadly not possible. Will hopefully be able to catch some of you later in the week. Best of luck 👍
  2. I got excited when I saw this, I thought I was in for a treat - then I saw the first letter of the word was not actually a "B". What a disappointment FoolTrottel 😥
  3. Awesome, thank you, I have put in a request for "O" .
  4. Could I have "O" 485th please? It seems available. LOGGED. Its yours.
  5. Thank you kindly @DD_Fenrir I am looking forward to it. I have the skins, so I assume the only thing left to do is turn up? I havent done campaigns using PWCG before, so not sure if I need anything else hooked into my game or not. Should be on for 20:30 latest 👍
  6. Thanks guys, all seems to be working for me. Will see you all on Tuesday and see how everything goes. 👍 And nice to meet a fellow IT Geek @B16Enk 😉
  7. Reggie


  8. Oh dear. Not sure what's going on here? Do you chaps need psychiatric help?
  9. Oh no, my reputation is ruined, and I haven't even started 😢
  10. He wrote an erotic novel - you should read it, it's very good. There is a lot of details about 2 powerful engines and a long airframe 😉 Or have I read the wrong thing? 😲
  11. Thanks DD_Fenrir - I have downloaded and installed the skins, and read through the campaign brief. Very well written too I must say 😉 So should be all good to go.
  12. The calendar is empty - at least for me it is 🤔
  13. Hey Fenrir, yes please if you could that would be great. I will jump into the next P38 mission with you guys and see how we get on. I will be doing a campaign op with the "other chaps" - who seem to carry out criminal activities with Hamsters according to Painless on Sunday this week to give them a try 👍
  14. Hey all, just checking how your mission went last night. Based on the feedback it sounds like it went well Just looking at the post by DD_Fenrir here http://dangerdogz.com/forums/topic/13668-pwcg-p-38-lightning-strikes-co-op-campaign/?do=findComment&comment=139790 you only fly campaign missions once every 2 weeks rather than every Sunday - is that correct or am I missing/misunderstanding something?
  15. Thanks guys, appreciate the warm welcome, you definitely sound like a great bunch with a great sense of humour going on between you. As I said to Jabo in response to him pm, I am looking at 2 potential squads over the summer, you chaps and one other, both of you are very different in how you operate as they are full real, full military role play almost, something tells me the decision is going to be a tough one 🙁 By the way, if Dave is a problem - as I know it is too common, comes with being born a peasant I suppose - I blame my parents. You can always call me "Reggie" - that doesn't clash with anyone else so much, or "Amanda" if you have had a few pints too many, I have heard I look remarkably attractive after a few pints 😀 I am fine with full game complexity and have a fair amount of time in full real - just a terrible navigator. I do sort of understand that the pointy bit with the big spinny thingy on it is the direction you are going in, and if the spinny bit stops spinning something is wrong, but that's about it.... Have never tried DCS to be honest, the price they charge for aircraft and the prolific bugs the chaps in my current group are constantly moaning about have kept me away for now, but after my forays into Elite Dangerous, I never say never any more 🤔
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