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  1. Really sorry guys, I won't be able to join you again tonight. I have a few things going on at the moment in real life so may need a little longer away. Hope you have an awesome mission.
  2. Sorry chaps, not able to make it again. To be honest I am likely not able to be around till the new year 😢 Best of luck, and hope you have fun 👍
  3. Yes this would be sad, it is a great time flying around with you guys in a semi-serious manner. So sorry you had the old age pensioner version again last campaign mission - that is truly one of the weirdest things I have ever heard of or seen happening in a game - especially a flight sim
  4. Guys, sorry, I am unable to make it due to work again 😭 I will be a big boss somewhere else from 29th November - so am hoping I will be able to dictate when I work late and not have to follow anybody else's needs from then - fingers crossed 🤞
  5. If you are looking for Tiffie drivers, I am also happy to volunteer if needed. 👍 It was a bit odd seeing all the planes flying around and driving around slowly like old age pensioners 🤣
  6. AWOL again tonight I am afraid chaps, bit of an F1 party going on tonight, and have been ordered by she who must be obeyed to be social and remain in front of the TV shouting for ??????? Hope it all goes well. Have some job changes happening as well soon, new job starting toward end of November, which I am hoping will stop any Out of Hours work - but as it is a global role, I am not sure what hours I will end up having to work to keep on top of things with timezones etc.
  7. Morning guys, apologies, saw your post that I would be alive, and really wanted to make it - but ended up working on a customer's system failure anyway so couldn't jump on. Found out this morning, that the outage was caused by a 3rd Party making a change to script we didnt have control over - so that makes all the time investigating more frustrating 🤣 Sad to hear it didnt take though. Have we decided to start from scratch again?
  8. I have been using it for 4 months, not had any issues with anything to be honest - my IL2 gremlins with sound have not been OS relevant as they occurred when I was still on Win10 as well. To be honest, as an OS there isn't a huge difference.
  9. Lol - only 1 mission for me 🤣 - or actually that is more like 😭 And to top it all off, I wont be able to fly Sunday either - as I am on call for this whole week, hence missing Tuesday. I can get calls at any point from 8am to 11pm when on call, if one came in while I was flying I would have to leave and die - so no point really This "on call" crap is a new thing only just started at work. They have always had support chaps on call and working OOH - but having a management escalation cover is new. Best of luck on Sunday, I wont be on call for another 4 or 5 weeks after this week, so should be able to get back in the saddle soon.
  10. Apologies chaps, I am stuck working tonight so won't be able to join in tonight 😢
  11. Yes, very cool, and very slick skills there. Nice one 👍
  12. Whether it takes or not - I had a great time, always enjoyable hanging out with you guys - as the British say - flying with DD is "the dogs bollocks"
  13. Apologies guys, I will not be able to make it tonight 😭
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