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  1. Hey All, terribly sorry, but not going to be able to make it tonight. Bets of luck, a thousand apologies 😟
  2. I would like to report a new German wonder weapon - their scientists seem to have come up with a way of attaching a rubber band - or bungee rope to their aircraft, which can then be fired at yours, backwards if necessary, and on making contact it sticks to your aircraft and pulls their aircraft into yours to destroy you in one swoop via a collision. The German pilot goes down too with this weapon - but in a blaze of glory, and is posthumously awarded the Knights Cross with Cabbage Leaves and Broccoli for the successful destruction of an Allied Aircraft using the "rubber band" method.
  3. I shall be inserting myself gently, but firmly into my cockpit tonight - in other words, reporting for duty
  4. Oooh, lovely, I have that now, thank you. Makes everything nice and easy - and lovely to see the previews too 👍
  5. I shall be present for this evening's mission - reporting for duty
  6. Apologies lads, I will not be able to make this evening sadly. Best of luck 👍
  7. Oooh, I need to try this - I was loving the better sound quality I had last night, but struggled with not hearing everyone on TS enough, unless I boosted them so much it was deafening when I wasn't in game 😄
  8. Oh dear, sorry to hear that, always annoying when the gremlins strike 😢 Who will be our intrepid leader tonight then? Colin.... COLIN.... don't try to hide now 😂 2nd Lt David Reginald reporting for duty. 👍
  9. Chaps, I am very sorry to say I will have to miss another one Not a good week this week, worked all weekend due to major issues at work, and there are still some ongoing issues which are meaning I am working longer hours than usual. I am very much hoping to be back in the saddle for Sunday and hoping normal attendance will resume from that point.
  10. Apologies chaps, I will not be able to make this evening either
  11. Well, it wasn't all a loss for the 485th, some of the jokes en-route were slightly palatable. Just glad we were in a JU52 or something, as that route would have taken us 3 hours at that flying speed 😁
  12. Well, if we are being honest here Major Painless, lets be 100% honest. The truth is we sometimes "help" ensure that only half the squadron gets back because you, Arty and I don't like sharing those British Waaf's that have been brought in to run the air base. There aren't enough to go round, so we had to get rid of a couple of chaps you know - otherwise it wouldn't be fair 😉
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