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  1. Guys I apologise for missing 2 in a row, but I have come down pretty ill this weekend and will be missing tonight 😞. Symptoms don't suggest Covid, but we are watching them closely. Best of luck and I hope I can get flying with you all again soon, I miss the banter 😉
  2. Chaps apologies for the late notice, but I will not be able to make tonight Wish you the best of luck, bag a couple of them for me 👍
  3. I absolutely loved the original game 😀
  4. Interesting, as I landed at the emergency airfield with time to go on the mission I took to counting the bullet holes, and other holes in my aircraft. I counted 73 small calibre holes and 7 large holes ranging from hand to dinner plate size - all on the right wing, right engine and right tail boom of my aircraft. My attack on the airfield reminded me very clearly of a passage in Pierre Closterman's "Big Show" where he described a strafing run on an airfield with his section of Typhoons, and after describing how murderous the flak was, after his pass he looked back and realised he was the
  5. Chaps many apologies but I will not be able to partake tonight - apologies for the short notice. Best of luck, hope it all goes well, shoot one down for me and all that I will hopefully be able to pop onto a server later this week depending how things go
  6. Welcome to the Doghouse old chap - great bunch of chaps and lots of fun as you can already see 👍
  7. Great stuff guys, and thanks for the mods, I will try them and see how we go
  8. @Painless would you be so kind as to send me the actual file you use for icons in your install? I will replace mine with that and see if it helps as I am having similar problems offline as I did last night. And that is after a dose of my special Famous Grouse medication, and thorough cleaning of my spectacles 😉
  9. Reporting for duty chaps - all healed up and raring to go
  10. Guys I am very sorry, but I will not be flying tonight, although on Sunday I said I would, I have got progressively sicker over the last 2 days. It is not Covid thank goodness, but I am under instructions from "she who must be obeyed" to stay in bed as I am off work too at the moment. Wish I was with you, 😞 best of luck for the op 👍
  11. Great show chaps - you did extremely well. Apologies for my controls issues, although I didnt join the pre op dogfight, I had tested them earlier offline and they were fine. In the mission everything worked fine except the joystick - which you kind of need...I tried everything to get it all working again to no avail, once the game kicked me to desktop, as soon as I restarted it everything worked again fine. Very odd 😞
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