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  1. Thanks for the invite Jabo, hear & fly with you & the other Dogz soon!
  2. I'd like to thank you guys for your Cliffs of Dover server on steam real pleasure to fly on & will see you in the virtual skies.
  3. This could be really something with the animated pilot to click on the cockpit switches as well as operate controls in VR.
  4. Hi Crash - Great Battles needs some kind of clickable cockpit to get me to buy more add-ons although the graphics are top notch. I dl'ed DCS & got up to speed on the TF 51D what a great flight simulator, this seems to be the future for VR, take a bit of time to accumulate dew to individual module price.
  5. Hi Arthur - bought my 1st PC to play Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 1, 2nd PC moved to Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3 & joined Mission Operations Group. MOG than moved into IL2 Sturmovik 1946, 3rd PC with release of IL2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover, MOG started its slow demise & I've lost touch with the guys I flew all those years with. I now fly mainly Cliffs of Dover, on your great server & have IL2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad {not happy with non clickable cockpit}. With a recent PC upgrade I'm looking into DCS WWII, it seems to be the best bet for VR. Would love a chance to get back into coop! Let me know ~S~ MOG Screwball
  6. Hi Guys - wanted to know if all your flight games are through Steam & can I get the password to join your T/S? Thx ~S~ MOG Screwball P.S. I remember flying many a great coop in IL2 1946
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