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  1. il2crashesnfails

    pilots bailing out under fire

    sure ill do that
  2. il-2 has good flight damage model, but i like the bail out animations aswell. Think it would be great if they added some more variation in pilot appearance.
  3. I got to learn to put it down lightly
  4. Its fun trying to limp back to base after getting shot up!
  5. I see Combat power is limited to 30 minutes what happens if you go over that?> is it an engine overheat? or oil pressure problem?
  6. il2crashesnfails

    anyone here seen battle of britain movies from the 1960's

    I didn't know that they were using the merlin engines. I remember seeing some fire effects that I thouht were not real. how were they generated do you know?
  7. I thought it was an awesome movie. I think I like so much because there was very limited computer generated aircraft. I think they used Aircraft from the Spanish airforce of the time
  8. il2crashesnfails

    ethics question.

    and any height advantage is lost following target down. I never worried much about ammo in games until il-2 Im abit younger. I played alot of Warthunder arcade before this game. I guess it is sad. But, if you are defending from imminent invasion like in BOB, might make it abit easier.
  9. il2crashesnfails

    ethics question.

    Should you continue shooting on a target that is going down? what are your personal ethics regarding this matter? Don't you think my plane was damaged enough to stop continued attack? I think if a plane is obviously going down and the engine is knocked out, you should stop all attacks.
  10. il2crashesnfails

    P-40 not that bad to kill bombers?

    ok will do happy new year SID Thanks I just bookmarked that link. That book is very comprehensive.
  11. What is danger dogz opinion on the p-40. From my reading people seem to think it is slow and cannot turn that good. Seems to me that it does good against he-111's but i wonder if planes with cannon would do better.
  12. also what is a dora 9? I googled it and seems like its a 190? why the name dora?
  13. I was told p51's used to wait for Me 262's to land so they could shoot them down going slow. I always wondered if they used the technique to speed up the landing process
  14. Below is a situation that i find myself in alot. Getting attacked while in the process of landing. Did i do right thing? what else should I have done?