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    For Fen & Other TOMcat Lovers

    Very nice Bill😀
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    Good morning chaps, I have been puzzling over my difficulties after last nights session.I was struggling to control the ****%%% thing,thinking it had to do with flying online, broadband speeds, ping rates etc.However I remembered that I had updated DCS World stable version yesterday afternoon and yes you guessed it control inputs had reverted to default settings🙄 School boy error.Must try harder! Based on my findings I am amazed I was able to take off and i think we can forget the attempts at landings bar one!! However I enjoyed the banter although comments were few and far between from my side due to being confused.com.
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    Storm of War

    Thanks Jabo . I will happily use the dog tag!
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    Storm of War

    I may wait for the throttle quad to arrive first! Sod it,I will come and join you Bill and keep a low profile😈 Thanks for the heads up Fen.
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    Storm of War

    Good morning Fen and all the DD flyers for last night.It will take time to recognize voices and call signs, but we will get there. Work to do on the flight side and also getting used to having your performance monitored by several sets of eyes.That has not happened for some years. It was also interesting hearing voices other than computer generated ones. A whole new experience for me! Thanks to all for my first real taste of online flying.
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    Storm of War

    Thanks DD_Arthur for the welcome.I take it he would have been well trained at Exeter? When I started I did have an open faced helmet.However I retired with a full set of leathers and a flip up lid. Times move on. What a great picture.
  10. Redtail

    Storm of War

    That's good to know Bill, I am also a gentleman of leisure so I should be able to fit in with your times,before others start to appear. I don't think my wife quite knows what I have let myself in for😀 I noticed some very interesting two wheeled beasty in some of your gallery pics.I used to own bikes for many years and ride one at work. Except mine had blue lights and had a siren😈
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    Storm of War

    Thanks for the welcome Bill from Sutherland, the Northern Highlands of Scotland.I gathered from seeing Fen's YouTube footage he would be worth talking to.I didn't realise he was part of a Forum flight group. So here I am! Yes,early days for flying the DCS Spit.Takeoff and landing reasonable.Spotting bandits Oh dear.I blame the monitor.A good reason perhaps to get a new one! I also dabble a bit with the F-86. I haven't looked at your time difference yet, but I assume its a late or early flight slot UK time?
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    Storm of War

    Good evening Fen, Thank you for welcome and all the info.Two years ago with no available broadband here in the frozen North! We had to use satellite broadband. I had started flying on the SOW server and realized thanks to 'Joker ' that my ping reading was no good.COD froze with more than two aircraft!!£££$$$%%% Move on two years and Mobile broadband means that Redtail is back in business again, but still no BT broadband. We are 6 miles from our exchange box! Do I need to know the Teamspeak channel you operate on? I have the SOW one but that is all.Which map do you tend to use? I noticed the server list at the top of the forum, but they all require passwords. I look forward to joining you online and in the air soon. Mark.
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    Storm of War

    Thanks Crash for the welcome. That's what I was hoping.Having seen a couple of Fenrir's vids I thought I had to track him down. I hadn't fallen over your forum before so I was very pleased to find it.
  14. Redtail

    Storm of War

    Hello Fenrir and to all, I have just joined the forum and I am very interested in taking part on the SOW server.However some assistance/advice flying the Spitfire in a training session would be very good. Being retired makes life easier when sorting suitable times re training sessions. I look forward to flying with others rather than AI pilots! Thanks.