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  1. I knew there was a reason why I bought the Mirage last week😲
  2. Redtail

    Wingtip Vortices Turbulence

    I'm sure I read some where that 'Jester' will deal with the refueling in the F-14.😏 Probably too many wee drams!
  3. Redtail

    Syria Map WiP

    I knew I should have had a larger HD! Thanks Fen.
  4. Yes,I will admit to favoring the Lwin+Home shuffle when it comes to the Hornet! I just want to get in the air whilst I can still remember how to fire a particular weapon,having watched a YouTube vid 5 mins ago😕 The pressure will be on when there is a cue at the cat whilst you are still working your way through no 150 on the list.Everyone will be having to tank shortly after leaving the carrier!
  5. Blimey, 'How many crew can you get in the back seat of a Mini/F-14? With that start-up as many as you can! Thanks Fen.
  6. Life after F-14 release will be interesting.... All those with wife's, young children, dogs etc. put your hands up!! Thanks Fen.😁
  7. To all DCS's from DD-Redtail. Happy Christmas and thank you for making the steep learning curve begin to flatten out.
  8. Redtail


    DD_FT Carrying out a runway sweep!
  9. Redtail

    A-4E AA training.

  10. Redtail

    The offending Article.

    You all hear it every evening so now you can see it. The best Southern German engineering as favoured by Galland,Rall and Molders. It keeps perfect time!!
  11. Redtail

    The offending Article.

    We have another wall clock that has a Westminster chime,but resides in the sitting room.We were going to offer it to the Beeb while the work is carried out on Big Ben! But they declined😉
  12. Blimey,If they release it in time for Chrimbo I will banished to the spare bedroom!! Tom , I hope you are in a dark room when you view this.😀
  13. Redtail

    Chuck's Guides

    Thanks Fen, A little more bed time reading.I will be banished to the spare room soon😀
  14. Redtail

    DCS Future

    Thanks for the heads up Fen.A very interesting line- up. The one thing that worries me is, are there enough hours in the day for more aircraft😕 I have enough trouble with 2 or 3 and that's before the F-14 arrives😏
  15. A Navel Wing will be a good distraction from beating myself up on the Spit😉
  16. Redtail


    Well done Bill.I am going to make do with what I have got at the moment.If I want to fly an A-10 then I fly my FSX version with TakPack. That will then leave the remaining grey matter for the F-14 {I must have been under the influence !!} and for keeping an eye on those pesky 109's😉
  17. Redtail

    For Fen & Other TOMcat Lovers

    Very nice Bill😀
  18. Redtail


    Good morning chaps, I have been puzzling over my difficulties after last nights session.I was struggling to control the ****%%% thing,thinking it had to do with flying online, broadband speeds, ping rates etc.However I remembered that I had updated DCS World stable version yesterday afternoon and yes you guessed it control inputs had reverted to default settings🙄 School boy error.Must try harder! Based on my findings I am amazed I was able to take off and i think we can forget the attempts at landings bar one!! However I enjoyed the banter although comments were few and far between from my side due to being confused.com.
  19. Redtail

    Storm of War

    Thanks Jabo . I will happily use the dog tag!
  20. Redtail

    Storm of War

    I may wait for the throttle quad to arrive first! Sod it,I will come and join you Bill and keep a low profile😈 Thanks for the heads up Fen.
  21. Redtail

    Storm of War

    Good morning Fen and all the DD flyers for last night.It will take time to recognize voices and call signs, but we will get there. Work to do on the flight side and also getting used to having your performance monitored by several sets of eyes.That has not happened for some years. It was also interesting hearing voices other than computer generated ones. A whole new experience for me! Thanks to all for my first real taste of online flying.