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  1. Well i'm glad you've joined the bucket and spade brigade.Its fun on the beach.😉 Perrfect for a cat!
  2. I have no idea what you are talking about😉 However night duty on the M4 motorway between junction 14 and Junction 18 could be entertaining.😁
  3. After various problems highlighted last night over the latest Windows update.A further problem has come to light. On startup Winows loads up its own desktop colour settings overriding your Nvidia settings, blocking their use the Bas!!!!******. Have a look at the following Vid of how to deal with this,if like me you have had this problem.
  4. Fine by me Tom, after some excellent editing no doubt.😉
  5. Thanks Tom.Nothing more to add than 'That's a big ten four rubber duck'😉
  6. A good idea,I will go along with that.
  7. 1 DCS. 2.CLOD.If necessary. Monday-Friday only for set nights Thanks Fen.
  8. Thanks for this Kira. Have you tried it yet? Just got to get my head around assigning controls and working them🙄
  9. Having had numerous requests😉 for some Ben Tarvie Highland Railway' narrow gauge footage,I have succumbed to pressure.Do look at the others that are on my site. All generous donations and subscriptions greatly received to keep this line going!
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