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  1. I think on that basis Tom I should have said 'However bringing the deck to life will give that all round experience,oh and line our pockets' I suppose that goes without saying.
  2. Could be an issue for older systems.However bringing the deck to life will give that all round experience. I should be working for ED😉
  3. Thanks Tom.Love the splinter skin.
  4. Redtail


    Well i'm getting there.I suppose i'm at least saving fuel,but not taking any.
  5. I only found this a short time ago. We have Chucks F-14B guide to add to the collection from Mud Spike. https://www.mudspike.com/chucks-guid...-f-14b-tomcat/
  6. Thanks Tom.Fills in the gaps nicely.
  7. Redtail


    Sheriff, your pilot figure was still standing on the grass long after you had gone! We just left him to it😁
  8. Thanks for the heads up.I will make sure my hair will look perfect for the camera😉
  9. Redtail


    I think that's what's known as a 'Catamaran'😜
  10. Arthur, Its a giggle 😁. If I'd known we were being filmed I would have brushed my hair.
  11. A session on tanking I think would go down well,and not forgetting the lantirn pod😉
  12. Redtail


    Very nice Nick.May I borrow it for some fun up here in the Highlands.However, it has four wheels. Take yourself off to the 'Heads of the Valley' road the A465 from Abergavenny .Fabulous for two or four wheels.Just watch out for Rats😉
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