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  1. Thanks a lot again. Yesterday I tryed again to solve the problem, according to your advices, unfortunately without success. So ,I wrote you the last note. I closed then the PC and I went for dinner. Later on I decided to ply for a while and.......everything was working perfectly, as before!! Hopefully the problem is solved. Please do not ask me how and why. It is working with both procedures. However, if I can take advantage of your kindness, I would like to clarify a couple of points. 1- why , most of the times there are no icons of the enemy MANNED planes, and they are showing up only when they are filling me up with bullets! I can undertsnd the IA crates..... 2- Is Team Speak really working in DD?. Each time I'm joining I call for a radio check but , so far, I never got a reply. Thanks again for tour support and patience. Regards. Ilario.
  2. Thank you for being so quick and precise. ( I wish I would also the big professors of Logitech would be the same). Following the procedure you suggested-step by step- and cecked in 3 different bases, no problems on 109E3/B either with your procedure and mine (I use to select straight the SC 250 etc.). The problem, instead, continues (is was not like that 10 days ago) on 109 E4/B. By no mean I can load the SC 250 with both procedures: the result is always 4 smaller bombs. So far I did not enter the user.ini. I do prefer waiting for your reply to this note.
  3. Hy everibody. I just joined this site with the hope to solve a problem, I Nomally play in Dangerdoz on CloD Blitz (because I can see the icons of the planes My monitor is anly 23"). The isue is bomb loads on german planes. 1. I am referring to the bomb SC250, type 1, bodyJ with fuze C50(25) , 14 " delay whic I use to hunt ships. 2 - Until a week ago (early May) the above bomb could be loaded on either Me 110s and Me 109E/Bs. 3 - With my surprise yesterady I could not carry the above bomb with the 109. But, most important, is that with the same type of bomb loaded (as in para 1) on my 109, looking fram outside (Dangerdogz, F2), there werw four smaller bombs(50 Kg?) under the fuselage. However IO used them to attack a ship obtaining only....a feather of smoke! What's wrong? Please advise. Thanks for the help.