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  1. Gypsy

    DDZ DCS Server now hosting SRS!

    Yep, that's why I was asking. At this time in my exploration of my limitations with the F14, whatever map I am on is only a side issue. The sale is only 12USD off anyway. When it ever gets down to 50% of more off then I might get serious just for the heck of it... Right now I wanna be where the majority is, lord knows I need all the help I can get 😁!
  2. Gypsy

    DDZ DCS Server now hosting SRS!

    Quick question. Any interest in the Gulf map with it being on (a modest) sale?
  3. Gypsy

    DDZ DCS Server now hosting SRS!

    Will be getting this downloaded hopefully tomorrow..."realistic" comms can really add to the immersion factor. Plus I can put my mike inside my filter mask, get me some realistic looking hose cover to put over my oxygen tubing and be one step closer to the "Danger Zone" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣!
  4. Gypsy

    DCS Stable Release Version Update 03-04-19

    All downloaded and checked. No flying yet as I need to go thru the basic key mapping but most seem to be done 😁! Now the prep work for the steep learning curve 😍!
  5. Gypsy


    From the album: Gypsy

    New 2019 Ford Truck
  6. Gypsy


    From the album: Gypsy

    My 2019 Ford F150!
  7. Gypsy


    Just some stuff
  8. I will be in the next class teacher 😃!
  9. I will wait for the "stable release". By then there will be a few "expert Dogz" for me to pick the brains of about the 'Cat 😁!
  10. Couldn't find any reference to having to have the Beta for this module Crash..but I haven't had my second coffee yet 😀!
  11. https://youtu.be/4XtH_X-vHJI Here we go!
  12. Gypsy

    We need to talk...

    Order of preference for me (in the what it's worth department): 1) DCS (complexity), 2) GBS (game play/complexity), 3) CLoD (historical/complexity), 4) 1946 (nostalgia to my "vitual" beginnings). In truth, throw them all in a hat, pick one as long as the Dogz are involved, I am enjoying them all. 10) Keeping key mapping memorized 🤣! 11) Staying healthy enough to fly everyday!
  13. Just an FYI, if I end up grounded, I will have a pre-ordered Tomcat to gift to some lucky chap if we can come to a fair way to pick the lucky person. Also the same for BoBP.
  14. Gypsy


    From the album: Gypsy

    Me in my Colors.
  15. Gypsy


    Lifer now. Will be retiring as my health deteriorates.
  16. Gypsy


    From the album: Gypsy

    My last two wheeler. 2013 Victory Cross Country. Long gone!
  17. Gypsy

    32gb vs. 16gb ram

    Anyone running 32gbs who has run 16gb ram in the same machine with no other changes and notice any improvement or performance of anything during game? Especially DCS. Due to the limitation of my B150 motherboard, I am stuck with 2133mhz DDR4. I have found matching Kingston Hyper with the same latency for $144USD for a 16gb set (down from $185USD. I don't feel like upgradeding my MB, CUP and all new memory just to get faster clock speeds, do I am looking to squeeze a little more out without breaking the bank. Current specs are: I5-6600 GTX 1080, 16gb 2133mhz ram (2 8s), 250gb ssd, 500gb ssd and a 1tb 7200 rpm HDD (for back up), 1440p, 144mhz, 1ms, Gsync monitor. All the ram is 14-14-14 (both existing and future buy). Thoughts, suggestions? Don't get me wrong, I am running 05% of all settings at high to ultra with minimal to no issues. Thanks!
  18. Gypsy

    32gb vs. 16gb ram

    Received my "used - like new" 16gb of matching ram yesterday and installed it today. It was recognized and a quick verification in the bios, system booted and so far all is good. Of course, I really don't see much difference, but DCS & GB still work. Don't know that I will ever "need" 32gb, but what the heck, it's there if I do.
  19. As I have no life outside the house and a wife that cheers me on, my only regret will be not getting enough stick time in AC that are not the F14s. There is gonna so much to learn. At least for us Warthog HOTAS users, key mapping (according to the video) should be easy(ish).
  20. Gypsy

    32gb vs. 16gb ram

    Well I have been watching 16gb of matching Hyper X Fury ram on Amazon for the past 7 months, watching the price drop from $190 to as low as $130. The day after Christmas the price inched up to $139. Today it shot back up to $189. Checked a couple of other places and the ram is running $160-$180. Since this is 2133 stuff I guess there is not much call for it. Maybe Kingston is not making it anymore so stock is low and sellers are gonna gouge us that need it. Finding matching speed/latency ram is tuff and if I want to change to another 32gb kit, the prices a stupid high. Anyhow, checked the Amazon Warehouse and found "Used - like new" 16gb (2x8) for $111.00, so I bought some. Got 30 days to try it and return if necessary.. $111 is close to what I paid for the original 16gb 2 years ago and I can live with that if the ram functions okay. So in the realm of "famous last words", I am done "upgrading" 🤣!
  21. Gypsy

    ethics question.

    I'm with Jabo on this..if your adversary is definitely out of the fight, check your six and save your ammo.
  22. Gypsy

    Persian Gulf Map?

    Anyone have it? Worth buying during the upcoming sale? Buy more aircraft rather than sand? Thoughts.
  23. Gypsy


    My completed (for now) "office".