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Started in flight Sims in 1963 as a USAF ground instructor in the Undergraduate Piliot Training using Link T-38 non motion, no visual, cockpits powered by analog computers. 12 years of that. Got back into PC sims in 2005 with the original IL2. Retired from work and "flying" in 2010. Diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis in 2016 so I built me a gaming PC to get back to flying Sims again. Have CLoD Blitz, BoS, BoK, BoM  and DCS and started my relearning curve about 8 months ago. Now have 50mbs (symmetrical) fiber internet, so as health allows, I am planning on rejoining the fray. Friends with T_O_A_D from our earlier IL2 TUSA competition days.