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  1. Gypsy

    Storm of War

    Welcome to the fun Mark. I can surely attest to Fen's (Tom)skill as a mentor. I can takeoff and land (and on rare occasions dogfight) in the DCS Spit (and other ACs because of his tutelage). I am a newbie to the Dogz but I've felt "at home" with all of them from the beginning. So come on in, the water is just fine. BTW: Howdy from Texas, USA!
  2. Gypsy

    F18, SU33 & Gulf Map Sale

    All that can be yours for the paltry sum of $90 beginning Oct 1.
  3. Gypsy

    DCS Stable Release Version Update 19-09-18

    Updated.. thanks Tom!
  4. I'm in, but I have all modules and all but 3 aircraft as well as pre-ordered Bodenplatte. I agree that those that have none or only the bare minimum need to speak to this change.
  5. Gypsy


  6. Gypsy


    ...is Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness month, hence the change to my profile picture. It will go back to my ugly mug in October. That is all, carry on!
  7. Gypsy

    Campaign editor

  8. Gypsy

    Helo Sale

    DCS World Helicopter Autumn Sale Pack Starting September 5th, 2018 and lasting until September 30th, 2018, we are offering all four DCS World helicopters for just $69.99! Normally a $199.96 value; this is a 65% saving on each helicopter. DCS World offers some of the most realistic helicopter simulations available on the PC, and nothing compares to the helicopter combat environment that DCS World offers. For new DCS World helicopter players, this is a rare opportunity not to miss. Find here on September 5th, 2018: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/special_offers/ DCS: UH-1H Huey DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight DCS: Ka-50 Black Shark DCS: SA342 Gazelle
  9. True... I do remember flying one evening (my time) on a DF map created by a DD member..just don't remember who. TOAD was there so I will ask him.
  10. Maybe something like the great map set on the DD CLoD server? Not saying we set up a server, just using that as an example. Just throwing stuff out and seeing what might stick I am <in my best Yoda voice>.
  11. Why not just run dogfight type maps like what WOL runs? Have objectives for both sides to accomplish, make most if not all AC available so there is a lesser chance of folks getting "locked" out. I'll shut up now as I probably don't know what I'm talking about (as usual). And no, I have no idea how to accomplish the preceeding.
  12. Gypsy

    Win 10 update...

    ...still swapped controller assignments in 1946. I know I was saying since I went to a powered usb hub that swapping was no longer an issue. It still isn't with all other games (DCS, CLoD, BoX), but between me changing joy sticks (going back to my CH from the Thrustmaster T.16000m) to get more buttons and the latest Win 10 update, scrambled 1946 good. No worries, it's all sorted again and we will see if the next update effects anything if I don't change joysticks in the midst of the update.
  13. Gypsy


    Thanks Fen! Exactly what I was looking for info wise. I know I said I probably would not go beyond what I have (F86-F5) but I like doing the mud moving thing now and then and the A10 would add an extra layer above the F5. Waiting on sale time to get the -C. Of course it would be an excuse to get the Warthog HOTAS 🤣🤣!
  14. Gypsy

    Ready for High Altitude!

    Beard when it was longer!
  15. Gypsy


    Just some stuff