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  1. Gypsy

    All debriefy and things

    Now when the voices magically appear in my headphones, my imagination no longer has to picture some version of 007 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣. Seriously guys, thanks. My current profile pic is me at 19 and me now just might break the forums again 😁!
  2. Gypsy

    All debriefy and things

    As a rookie DD, I want Names to go with the faces with the faces(DDs and real)..so fess up you handsome bunch of blokes!
  3. Gypsy

    Spitty got bombs!

    Oh okay..guess I just don't see an option in the instant stuff.. I will figure this stuff out someday, maybe, I think 🀣!
  4. Gypsy

    Dedicated DCS evening

    Adding my newbie voice to the chaos, I prefer CLoD by itself. As much as I am having fun messing with DCS, that old Hurricane calls to me (even if I have been missing a lot of Thursdays).
  5. Gypsy

    Spitty got bombs!

    Okay. Since I am happy now with the elliptical wing Spit, I don't see buying the clipped wing one. Thanks!
  6. Gypsy

    Spitty got bombs!

    Nevermind on the bomb load out, found it.. still can't find the clipped wing. Not that I really want to fly it much, but just want to be sure the update took correctly.. ok, so I will quit padding my post count now 😁!
  7. Gypsy

    Spitty got bombs!

    OK, so the auto update did it's thing, but I don't see an option for the clipped wing. When I launch the instant action takeoff in the Spit, although I am seeing a graphical representation of the hard points to load tanks or bombs, my load out options still only show EMPTY as a choice. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  8. Gypsy

    Dedicated DCS evening

    Well I now have the F86 and F5E.. but I have not flown either except for a quick Buzz around the Nevada map in the 86. While I agree somewhat with what Kira says, personally I doubt if I will go beyond those two jets unless the F4 makes an entrance (along with a Vietnam map). But hey, I'm easy..you put up a server and if I have it and there is an aircraft I can fly, I will be there: or not πŸ˜‚! I prefer the props cause they are like me; old and slow and take a lot of "handling" to work right πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚!
  9. Gypsy

    Models from your childhood

    Sad to admit, but models from my childhood came to inglorious end as targets to a new 22 caliber rifle. From age 10 to 18 I must have built 100s..no professional work like what y'all do, but they got better over time. Stacked on a 4ft wide, 8ft high, 2ft deep, 6 shelf metal monster. As I approached my time to leave home and go in the Air Force, my mom said to "move them out". Well a friend and I decided to take my models (even a quite nice floating, working, 24" long model of my dad's fishing boat) and his new rifle to a deserted beach (this was the early 60s in rural Texas) and "blow them up". Well 20 boxes of 50 each 22 long rifle ammo, we had a pile of plastic and a sunk boat(we cleaned up our mess). That was the end of my model building eraπŸ˜₯! My friend later on ended up in the Army in a rifle squad and credits coming home from 2 tours in Vietnam (to a small degree) to that target practice at the beach. Oh, and he built models to the quality level of y'alls work when he came home.
  10. Gypsy

    Last Sunday

    Nope sure don't. I remember blowing my nose to get the burnt rubber out 🀣!
  11. Gypsy

    Last Sunday

    Super pics...luv me some drag racing! I watch NHRA on the tube, but I wish they would show more of the lower classes along with the big guys! I grew up going to the "drags" at the old Houston, TX, strip in the 60s! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Gypsy

    T-38 Talon

    I will grab one of my wife's softer craft brushes and use that...thanks!
  13. Gypsy

    DCS F/A-18 Released to Client Stable version

    Continuing the saga. Flew the trusty Spit offline yesterday for about 4hrs. Got to the point where I could takeoff, fly the pattern, make a curving approach, land and repeat without changing aircraft 3 out of 4 times. Then I took on the Las Vegas Tour (which I crashed trying before) and made the entire thing only missing one gate and landed and only polished one wingtip. Maybe another 50-60 hrs and I will start to feel comfortable enough to go shoot at things 🀣! Onward and upward!
  14. Gypsy

    Problem Accessing Forums

    Refresh works for me on every page except "Browse Forums". No biggie as I can always find a way in. You can try and hide from me but I will find you 🀣🀣🀣!
  15. Gypsy

    Problem Accessing Forums

    I'm trying Window's Edge and I get the same issues.. cannot access the forums via browse only thru read/unread content or content started.. weird..