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  1. Happy Birthday here too Gypsy!

  2. Happy Birthday old mate ... hope you are smiling...


  3. New air conditioned model or the start of a "skylight" style wing?
  4. Gypsy


    Wowser! 'Merica!
  5. I confess I didn't read the entire thread on the ED forums, but can this be done with the F14? I don't have nor do I intend on getting the F18.
  6. Got it downloaded and sorta tested. Well, tested enough to see it still works and I need a lot of "seat time" to practice.
  7. Thanks Tom. Gonna go update now that I have woke up from my afternoon nappy ?!
  8. Got it downloaded and tested (briefly). Looks like a lot of fun times can be had in that sandbox. I just need to work on my stamina on sitting up so I can get the practice in.
  9. Well hell, guess I will have to add the extra sand to my collection as well ?!
  10. Bringing this back up again. Map is on sale 50% off ($25 usd). Not bad if you have the interest, disk space and RAM.
  11. If I can ever get back into any kind of "normal" routine, I am up for it. Hell, I much as I haven't been flying, I will need someone to help me find the cockpits!
  12. Gypsy


    I have one of these that I got when I got the Samsung S8 awhile back.. messed around doing simple games and it was good.. only thing I disliked was the pressure it put on my nose..
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