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  1. He will need to have it installed in the server game to run the mission. It is a really simple , much more so than the A4 mod that currently exists in our server. I will send Fen the final version of Operation Doodle Bug sometime today. I have just a couple of very minor tweaks that I want to do. Cheers
  2. How about we try to run Operation Doodle Bug on Thursday March 4 at 8:00 pm English time? If you want to take part just make sure you have the V1 mod file installed as I described above. I will send the mission to Fen in order to run it on the Dogz server. Cheers.
  3. How to get the V1 mod to run this mission: 1) go to this site in DCS downloads: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3319979/?sphrase_id=11179887 2) Download the Chase of the V-1 Rocket Mission 3) Unzip this folder. You will now have two folders. Missions contains a simple V1 rocket chase mission. Run this one whenever you like. The other is a Mods folder. If you do not have a Mods folder in your DCs saved games then just drag this one to where ever you have DCS openbeta saved game folder. Mine is on my C drive. You will be good to go. 4) If you already have a Mods folder in your DCS saved game folder then just open up the Mods folder from the download, then open up the air craft folder, and copy and paste the Fi103 folder into your aircraft folder of your Mods folder in your DCS saved game folder. I plan on running my mission on beta as that is the only copy of DCS I have. Let me know if you have any issues and I can help you out. Cheers and hope we can run this mission this Thursday. Is that possible Fen?
  4. Good ... looks like there is some interest. A Thursday evening for you UK chaps would be around noonish to 1:00 pm time for me. I need a way of sending or having you get the Mod V1 file. I am working on that. Thanks to all that expressed an interest.
  5. 5 ground targets: 2 artillery (105), 2 AAA and one beacon at their airfield. 1 partial on a FW 190 Thanks Fen
  6. I have created a new mission that tries to recreate the V1 bombing attacks on London and the RAF attempts to shoot down these "original cruise missiles". “Operation Doodlebug” The Third Reich during WW2 came up with some ingenious terror weapons. One of these was the V1 flying bomb the original cruise missile. A gasoline self-guided pilotless air plane (drone?) that carried an 1800 pound explosive warhead. From June 13, 1944 till March 22 1945, the Germans launched 6725 of these weapons towards southern England. 2340 hit London area causing 5475 deaths and over 16000 injured. Each bomb hit the earth when it ran out of fuel or on a timer to shut off the engine. Each rocket explosive warhead could devastate an entire block of housing. The characteristic droning sound that the V1 made as it flew on its pulse motor was known to all Londoners during the war. It gave this weapon its name of "Doodlebug" or "Buzz Bomb" by the British. Every Londoner knew the real danger was when the engine stopped, which meant that the bomb was about to hit the ground and explode. The RAF was tasked to finds ways to counter these dangerous weapons. Although no real solution was found until the launch sites were all over run in 1945, special RAF planes were tasked with shooting these Rockets down before they could hit their intended targets. This mission is all about bringing down some V1's and then hitting one of the launch sites. This mission starts in the morning of June 18, 1944. The D-Day landings have taken place and the battle for the bocage country of Normandy is underway. Although the NAZI’s are on run in the east and in the west and in Italy they still have some very nasty surprises for the Allies. This will be a 2-part mission. Part 1 will be involved in finding and then chasing down some V1’s heading from France, across the Channel and towards London. For this part of the mission you will be able to fly P51’s, Spitfires, and Mossies. This part of the mission should take about 30 minutes. Part 2 will involve loading into Mossies and heading down to France and bombing a launch area for the V1 buzz bomb. This should take about 45 minutes to complete. You will need the Channel map, a P51, Spitfire, and or Mosquito, WW2 Assests pack and a free mod for the V1 bomb. If you are interested in this mission let me know and we will set up a date for this mission and how to get what you need to get it the mission going.
  7. 13/1/45 1 truck 1 seatch light 1 artillery damage to 1 barge
  8. Jan 9 1945 4 planes - 1 K4 , 1 111 and 2 on the ground, 1 barge, 2 machine guns Thanks Tom!!!
  9. Thanks Fen! It was a fun and enlightening or should I say "darkening" mission. Sorry that I lost my orientation after the flight and did not get a chance to bomb target. So how many mossies actually made it home? I appreciate all the effort you put into this mission. I can't wait for another one, if you have the energy to create one. Cheers
  10. Count me in! I can fly the mossie. However, due to my father's situation I will need to know the date when you able to schedule it. Sounds like fun.
  11. I am claiming 1 Me 109 and 1 ground AA gun. Thanks for the fun. Cheers
  12. I am not sure if I can make it on Monday. Father, Hospital issues. I won't be able to confirm till Sunday. You can either wait a week or go without me. Sorry.
  13. For all you jet jockeys out there. I have made a mission in DCS involving a fictious attack by China on Guam. You need the Mariannas Map (free) and either F18, F14, or F16 to join in. There is room for about 12 pilots. I would like to start about 12:30 pm Pacific Daylight saving time. I do not know what time that would be for you guys. The mission should last about 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours. All are welcome. You would be a US navel pilot Airforce F16 pilot defending Guam form both air attacks, navel attacks, and a ground assualt. I have had to make some adjustments as DCS does not have full Chinese air or navel assets available. The enemy will be a mixture of Chinese and Russian units, but we will try to make it work. If interested let me know and will reserve a slot for you, or just just show up on Monday and join us. Happy Mig hunting.
  14. I will be able to make this one as well. Hear you all at about 1/2 past the hour.
  15. Nice system and typically expensive. It will run BOS just fine (or awesomly!) Have you look at AMD systems? Just curious.

    1. Squawk


      Very, but Beggars cant be choosers in the GPU market today.   I did but for the same price at Origin PC the Intel gave slightly better performance.


      Haven't had and AMD chip since my old Dell days when Radeon 9800s were the thing.  CPU cooked and I had to get a monster heat sink for it. (the Vid card fried itself too...)  Looking back it was probably the horrible Dell Case design but it sent me to Intel/Nvidia and I havent had reason to switch since.

  16. I will crew a good ol' Russian tank ... Commrade!!
  17. Hi Fen,


    I can't make to Sunday's Mission. Going to a family wake.

    I am also working from Tue to Friday for the next few weeks and will not be able make missions on those Tuesdays.




  18. I finally have gone past the newbie status (at least in my own mind). I can take-off, land, and even kill the odd enemy plane. I am progressing. Now if I only could land the spitfire in DCS in a consistent manner!

  19. Thanks ... I had to input server password but all is good now!
  20. Is TS still down? Will I need new addresses to connect to the new servers? Thanks for all your effort for the new server. Zukker
  21. Thanks Perf ... Maybe it is time to have a real good look at my pedals. Strange thing is the logging in issues I have just with CLOD. My computer does need replacing, maybe sooner rather than later.
  22. Thank you. I did as you suggested. I have controls back if I do not use my CH pedals which is okay for now as I have as a twist handle joystick. Thanks Now logging on is a problem onto multiplayer servers. Thanks
  23. I have 4: 1) Thrustmaster 1000 HOTAS (connected together then into USB) 2) CH pedals 3) Logitech game paD (USED IN dcs) 4) Track IR I have disconnected the game pad, tried the game same result. I have disconnected both the game pad and pedals and ran the game. Same results. The game initially runs then upon going back to options, all flight stick stop working. The only software is the CH pedal calibration program, but it is only used to set the pedals and then is no longer running. The most frustrating thing that all was good up until about 3 weeks ago. I just don't play it much, but would like to. Once again. Thanks
  24. I am having Flight stick issues with CLOD only. I have a Thrustmaster HOTAS (Cheap version) which works just fine with BOS and with DCS. However, on CLOD it does not. When I first load up CLOD and go into Options and then Controls the throttle and joystick works and all green bars are where they should be. My CH rudder pedals show good as well. As soon as I move the rudder pedals they stop working. When i load in to a mission the plane constantly turns to the left and i have little control over it. When I go back to the control settings the joystick no longer moves any of the green bars. I have lost input from it until I re-load the game again. My pedals simple show random small movements in the Control boxes. I have tried re-loading the game, and puttying in older save control schemes, same results. If any one has any ideas of how I can proceed from here that would be most helpful. By the way my flight stick and pedals were working before all of this started. Thanks.
  25. 1. DCS 2. GBS (BoX) 3. CloD 4. Il-2:1946 I work on different days but if I had a choice it would be Tue, Wed, Thurs and Sunday for a weekend day. My availability depends on my work schedule.
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