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  1. Salute Dogz! Over the last few days we've been getting some miscreants and general asshole types on our TS server making things uncomfortable for us and our friends. So to alleviate this problem we've decided to put a password back on the TS server. The password is the same one as used to join the WW Battles online server. Any clarifications on the PW please pm me. Sorry for the inconvenience but ultimately this makes things enjoyable for ourselves and our friends.
  2. I had the same issue with TiR when I started BoX, I was using Requiem's profile so I modified it to have run a bit slower and smoother. I've attached a copy if anyone cares to give it a go. Craven 2017.xml
  3. WWCraven

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas Dogz!! Hope you all have a great Christmas with family and friends. From me and mine to you and yours! Cheers
  4. Salute Dogz! Hosting another SYN_Vandy mission tonight, warm up at 1800 PST, will kick the COOP off at 1830 PST. Flying from the Russian side this evening. Hope you can join us.
  5. WWCraven

    WW Open COOP 11/28/17

    S~Dogz, Again, thanks to Capt Jack, APHill, Spaulding and Gustang for hanging out with us this evening. A nice turn out with the WW's, Dogz and a few others joining gave us a total of 20 pilots for tonight's mission. I'm going to see if I can get Duck and Geezer to build us a mission or two where we can go get after each other. Although I'm not sure the WW's would be all that successful given the way you guys fly, very nice teamwork If you want to look at your stats, link above will get you there. Cheers!
  6. WWCraven

    Boomps a Daisy

    I'm sure some you guys remember 2GvSAP Dart, well he's been busy building a 7/8 scale N-11 over the last couple of years. I'd totally forgotten about his build until I ran across this thread over at SimHQ http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4392269/7-8-scale-nieuport-11#Post4392269. This video is of one of his take off's in the N-11, kinda reminds me of some of my own take off attempts, enjoy!
  7. WWCraven

    WW Open COOP 11/28/17

    S~ Dogz, Had a blast flying with CaptJack, APHill and Perfesser, we certainly held our own against them other guys, looking to having T.O.A.D join us when he's able. Happy to have you gents come and join us again on our Tuesday nights. If you'd like to check out how you did, link to stats page http://wingwalkers.game-host.org:8050/en/?tour=10
  8. WWCraven

    WW Open COOP 11/28/17

    You can respawn at any time, killed or when you rtb. I believe that the mission runs for approx 2hours and 20 minutes. Of course one needn't stay through the whole thing.
  9. Salute Dogz, For those of you who are able to join tonight, here is the mission. Warmup fun at 1800pst, actual mission start approx 1830pst. Flying German this evening, lots of ground targets and ships that need taking out. Objective A: Destroy the lakeside of the factory north of Anapa. About a twenty minute flight to get out there and will take a lot of fire power to take this target down. It is heavily defended. Focus is on the groups of buildings inside the "L" shaped roadway next to the lake. There will be a number of enemy AI flights about and around each of the objectives so escorts will also be required. Hope you gents will enjoy the mission.
  10. WWCraven

    We need to talk...

    FT, you owe me a new keyboard, can't seem to shake the coffee I spewed all over it out Very interesting set of handles, I like them.
  11. WWCraven

    We need to talk...

    Sorry for the delay, had to shovel snow, again. We kick off Tuesday nights at 1800 pst with our warm up mission, usually lasts about 15-20 minutes. Just a way to knock the dust off the controllers, kill each other a couple of times before we get onto our coop mission. We have a number of Syndicate missions that we've modified somewhat so folks can fly either side if they choose, typically the WW's will pick one side and work together to achieve the mission objectives. The last couple of weeks we've been experimenting with Pat Wilson's Campaign Generator to set missions for us to fly. They work not too bad, never know what you're going to get with them, lots of action. Only drawback to date is that we haven't really looked at seeing if we can open other bases so folks can fly opfor. So, we always have at least one mission for each Tuesday, might be the same one as the week before, if so, we simply fly it from the other side, where possible. We run a modified session with full CEM in effect, with icons and target indicators (can be turned off by the individual if so desired), probably a 1/3 of us choose to go without icons,etc. Just gives our guests different options to choose from. TS address is T301.DARKSTARLLC.COM:2258 no password, our coop server will not have a pw on Tuesday evenings. It would be great to see some of you join us Tuesday's, renew old friendships and start some new ones, who knows, once the coop feature is built within the sim, we can arrange to have some mini campaigns together.
  12. WWCraven

    We need to talk...

    Salute Dogz! Please forgive me for jumping in on your discussion, reading this gave me a bad case of deja vu. The Wing Walkers have been through this same topic and it wasn't easy. We ultimately determined that we would focus the squad flying nights solely within the BoX series. Rise of Flight being our secondary sim, with a few members flying Il2-46, Clod, DCS. We run open COOPS each Tuesday, with mission adapted from various sources in addition to working on using PWCG to create some additional scenarios. The last few months has seen the numbers of folks flying on our server increase to approx 20 per evening. Half of these are WW members. During the course of the year running our COOPS, we've had the opportunity to gain 3 new WW's from those who have been joining us in the COOPS. These are the first new members we've had since 2014. We believe that we will have the best chance of gaining additional members through the BoX series. It wasn't a particularly easy process for us to get where are at present, hard to give up IL2-46, but we are of the opinion that the future of flight sims as it now stands is with the BoX series. I wish you guys all the best in your determinations on how to proceed. For any of the Dogz who might be interested in trying out our COOP missions, we fly Tuesday nights at 1830 pst. I realize that a lot of you wouldn't be able to make this time given your locations, so if there is any interest, I can fire up our server any Sunday at the time most convenient for you guys. Cheers Craven
  13. WWCraven

    Salute Dangerdogz!

    Gentlemen, Thanks for making me feel very welcome during today's coops. I most certainly enjoyed myself and look forward to flying with you all again. On behalf of the Wing Walkers, thank you for the well wishes for our dear squad mate Lily. Our CO will be in Denver next week and will be stopping in to see her. I've included all your names and best wishes to her in a note I've asked our CO to deliver on your behalf. I know she will be very pleased that you are thinking of her. Cheers, Craven