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    Our guys that use VR say it does lead to easier spotting due to the lower resolution. That's why I always try to wing with one of them😁 I should have noted that we do not fly with icons or nav aids having transitioned away from them about a year ago.
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    Little vid and a couple of pics of an F16 and an i16 flying in formation together, thanks FT! My F16 computer wasn't particularly happy with me, holding 15 degrees of AOA to fly around 170 knots, to let FT's i16 formate on me!!!! But to be honest she's never that happy with me anyway🤣
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    I eventually did finish my 6DoF. After talking to Sid tonight I remembered this thread.
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    Genuinely one of the hardest things I've ever done in a flight sim!!!!! Tried for the first time last night, and just couldn't get stable enough to connect, but after a bit of control changes (due to a design team decision to have the stick forces on the roll less than pitch, and me having swapped axis in controls, like force feedback owners normally do for all planes, this was resulting in my pitch being floppy compared to roll... no good!). After changing tried again tonight, by no means perfect at all, but got some fuel!!!!
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    It's official! https://flyingironsimulations.com/blogs/news/dcs-a-7e-corsair-ii-by-flyingiron-sims
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    Finally sat down and taught myself how to use laser guided bombs in the Viper, and how much fun!!!! Flying just under mach 1, 17,000 ft and getting a big bang just where you want it 😁😁 Mind it helped having 2 computers next to each other, one for the game, and one for the youtube tutorials 🤣 A lot of fun!
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