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    Here's some footage from Tuesday to whet your appetite for today's mission and to mark the first time both squadrons operated from home base. I hope to capture some combat on film in future missions: Capturing the Cacophony (turn it up loud 😉)
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    Gentlemen, I have some news... As many of you are aware, at the inception of this campaign, both the 402nd and the 485th were supposed to be based, as in reality, at the same airfield, that is Florennes/Juzaine (A-78). However, due to apparent limitations with PWCG and GBS, this was not to be; we had issues with aircraft from one squadron spawning inside or partially interfering with aircraft of the other and it resulted in my being obliged to move the 485th to another airfield, some 50km to the NE in order for the campaign to be playable and to get us started. It has stuck in my craw for some time, not least because of the ahistorical element but also because having 6-10 P-38's starting, taxying and taking off from an airfield was brilliant but to have almost double that would have been awesome. I felt we were missing out on spectacle, atmosphere and the camaraderie of coming back not just as a squadron but as a Group. It's been nagging me so I looked at this again. Armed with a little clarification from Vander (he of Easy Mission Generator fame) on how the ground start spawning logic works, my own anal retentive obsession for accuracy and a healthy dose of sheer bloody mindedness I set to making this a reality... and I am pleased to announce that, henceforth, The 485th will be based alongside the 402nd at Florennes/Juzaine (A-78) Airfield!!! In order for this to work, I had to fool PWCG that the 485th was based at a different airfield than the 402nd, hence the 485th boys will see their home airfield as "Juizane", where the 402nd will still be based at "Florennes"; however, they are the same airfield. And it works! We have two well separated dispersal areas and no chance for the spawn collisions that wrecked this idea in the first place. I tested myself thoroughly and Painless & Kimo joined for a third party test session and quick airfield orientation and local area familiarisation flight this evening just gone, all successful I might add. Thanks for the help gents. So 485th flyers take note: I have included a map to help you orient yourselves with where you will spawn on the airfield and give you some idea of the layout. Bear in mind your flight times will be a bit longer and there's sweet F.A. in terms of alternate fields in the immediate vicinity - could be something to consider when nursing back a wounded bird or low on fuel.
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    Mixed bag this time out 485th, wing men like Capt Dave Prang don’t grow on trees !. Hope our replacement, 2Lt Joe Walsh flys as well as he apparently plays the guitar! The technical problems which occurred before we took off are being looked in to by the crew chiefs and will hopefully not plague us again. We can not afford to loose three experienced pilots before we even get off the ground. In flight problems concerning vision, specifically target acquisition, can and WILL be rectified with a combination of the correct spectacles and medication ! Other than that well done for giving Jerry a bloody nose once again. You saved a few GI lives today chaps. Drinks are on me this evening provided you all wear “one item of lace” as was the habit of our dearly departed Capt David Prang.
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    This P51 is a work in progress and wow, it does take time. it is a brilliant template, the finishes are very very good and it can look very very nice. The piccie below really doesn't do it justice. However, the template doesn't come with D Day stripes, fuselage camo or two tone green on the wings. The time I have spent on this, upward of 20 hours, is taken in lining up wing/flap/ailerons/elevators/associated trim tabs colour demarcation. They are all separate components but aren't lined up on the template so require some trial and error to get them lined up. I am almost there...I have basic D day stripes ready for the lower wings and fuselage sides but the lower fuselage curves and is looking to be a few more hours. I am glad I started it now as if I had begun when we move onto P51s from P38s in Tom's campaign I would have regretted offering to do personal ones. Perhaps by the time we get P51s D Day stripes would be obsolete.... Cheerzen Added fuselage D day stripes....wow....nothing straight stripes are mostly curves. Had to match aircraft underneath with sides 🤪
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    Two A20 skins representing those adopted by the US Navy and Marine Corps in 1942. In reality, all defensive and offensive armament was removed as they were used for general duties but hey, this is us and we use them for whatever we want Navy one has early markings that had the red dot that was eventually removed and the sea grey/grey colour demarcation is slightly different. Available here, in the vault and via checkskins. Cheerzen A20B_USMC_BD2.dds A20B_US Navy.dds
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    Weather looks downright awful tomorrow, but the Met boys report a front clearing for the 30th October [to be flown on Tuesday October 13th 2020] We welcome 2nd Lt. Joe Walsh to the ranks of the 485th! Best of luck.
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    Well done gentlemen, especially considering the scope for these missions seemed limited at the briefing. 402nd were slated to run a patrol looking for air to air action in the vicinity of Malmedy-Aachen and the 485th a reconnaissance in the vicinity of Malmedy. The area has come under heavy air and ground attack during the last few days and much there destroyed, so we were not expecting much action on the ground. Furthermore, enemy fighter activity has been meagre of late, so we were expecting similar in the air... However, the 402nd, despite having an ostensibly air-oriented mission chose to pack some 500lb bombs "just in case", knowing that these could be jettisoned should the Luftwaffe venture out; this act of foresight by Lt. Arjen Efftee stood them in good stead. After running their air patrol at Angels 15 and seeing no sign of enemy air activity, the squadron repeated the route at Angels 10 picking up a number of ground targets in and around Eupen - already under spirited attack by the 485th! Not wanting to clutter the area with P-38s Lt. Efftee elected to continue on and leave the 485th their spoils. However as they reached the outskirts of Aachen the 402nd received a call from the 485th Leader Maj Payne-Less to assist in suppressing or distracting some of the AAA. As the 402nd wheeled back to the Southwest a one in a million flak burst detonated under the wing of White Lead 2nd Lt. Casey Bakers aircraft, immediately blowing off the aileron (it almost taking out his wingman, who had dropped into trail for the turn) and destroying his ability to roll his aircraft. Worse was to come. A few second later the wing failed ~3 feet outboard of the right engine nacelle. In a stunning piece of airmanship, 2nd Lt. Baker not only managed to maintain control of his fatally crippled ship but even was able to coax it back over the front lines using just rudder and asymmetric power. Once there, he parachuted to safety. Meanwhile the rest of the squadron set to over Eupen, destroying trains and AAA for the second mission running, and after running out of targets moved up to Aachen where further elements of the German rail system came under attack, with several AAA guns also succumbing to the 402nds firepower. With Red Leader calling for a withdrawal, White Two (2nd Lt. Fenton Rea) spotted further enemy ground units and AAA at the front lines near Plombières; he attacked, destroying a AAA gun and called the rest of the squadron in to it's position. They duly arrived and proceeded to eliminate every weapon in the vicinity. With this attack successful, Lt. Efftee called for an RV over Vervrier and thence a return to base. All in they counted for 19 ground targets destroyed. Good work 402nd! Turns out the 485th didn't need much help with the AAA as they had their own personal Flak exterminator in the air to keep the Kraut gunners square heads down! Capt. David Prang set about in merciless fashion eventually accounting for 11 ground targets in the form of 7 AAA guns (!) and 4 Artillery pieces! On his own he accounted for half of his entire squadrons score for that mission, with Lt. Artiesbi getting a remarkable 6 and Maj. Payne-Less 5, for a total of 22 ground targets destroyed. Stellar work gents, Capt. Prang in particular. However, yet again the cost came at an exorbitantly high price - Capt. Hawker Siddley, trusted and admired flight commander and doyen of the 485th was tragically killed when his aircraft struck the ground strafing near Eupen. His loss will be felt most keenly, not least by his faithful wingman 2nd Lt. Colin Fryer, who by chance had a 24 hour pass this day, and was not in his traditional spot covering his lead. On that sombre note, we have a couple of days to take stock as Met reports some pretty lousy weather headed in. We're due for a break on the 27th October [to be flown on Tuesday September 29 2020], so take the opportunity to get some rest. Here's the stats:
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    OK - Thanks to Vanders Mission Generator (which I have now learnt to modify) - WE ARE ON! (if people sign up of course!) I have a dogfight map with 3 objectives for each side to win the map. There are AI fighter patrols and bombing missions against the objectives for both sides. The map is Velikieluki (which everyone will have) and is not too big. Its October, 1942 (ish......) Both sides have tank spawn points as well as primary and secondary airfields. I have included the free tanks plus a couple from each side for those that have Tank Crew. The plane sets give a good spread of popular flyable fighter and bombers for both sides (no P38!) This may fall flat on its face but I feel it is a throw back to the good old days of the Dogz and worth having a go at again. @Perf - "Check" on points 2 and 3 All we need now is sign ups.... this needs quite a few on both sides to make it work I think. Message your buddies, round up the stragglers.... I would like to fly / fight for the Allies (10) Sid, Painless, Crash, Jabo, Wingflyer, Fenrir, Arthur,Perfesser, Zukker, Funflack I would like to fly / fight for the Axis (9) Friar, FT, Pooka, Delta, BlueBear, APHill, Fruitbat,Ovy, Artie If you are unable to edit this post just make a new post in this thread with your choice and I will update. Note: In the attached images ignore the padlocked items, its just that I do not own them.
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    Here are the rosters and the scoreboard as of the morning of November 2nd 1944:
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    2nd Lt Tom Petty reporting for duty
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    After our first month of action in Belgium here are some Top-Trump stats for you guys: 370th Fighter Group missions flown: 28 370th Fighter Group sorties flown: 200 370th Fighter Group Air Kills: 60 370th Fighter Group Ground Kills: 266 Top Scoring Squadron, Air Kills: 402nd - 36 Top Scoring Squadron, Ground Kills: 485th - 140 Top Scoring Pilots, Air Kills: 2nd Lt. Fenton Rea, 402nd - 7 Lt. Arjen Efftee, 402nd - 6 Lt. Per Fesser, 402nd - 5 Top Scoring Pilots, Ground Kills: Maj. Mick Payne-Less, 485th - 41 2nd Lt. Fenton Rea, 402nd - 40 Lt. Arjen Efftee, 402nd - 29 Further Stats: 485th FS: Gr. Kills/Sortie Air Kills/Sortie Losses/Sortie 1.32 0.23 0.066 402nd FS: Gr. Kills/Sortie Air Kills/Sortie Losses/Sortie 1.34 0.38 0.074
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    Found these in discord; colourized, but a good job done I think. The originals were taken at Andover in Southern England prior to the move to France. Very atmospheric. Plus anything with a 402nd FS P-38 in it is automatically cool, and definitely trumps any other P-38 squadron image. Period.
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    Thanks Tom! It has shown somebody else can do your job where it concerns clicking them buttons ... But writing this all up the way you do? ... Nope. Never.. Ever... Thanks so much!
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    Debrief for 27/10/44 mission. 402nd: Air Patrol front lines east of Houffalize. Carrying bombs in case the Luftwaffe again refrained from showing up, Lt. Efftee was leading the patrol when bogeys were spotted 12 o'clock high - mistaking these aircraft for P-47s, the 402nd found out the hard way that their aircraft identification needed some work when Lt. Efftee's aircraft was jumped and hit by a Fw 190 before his wingman had time to warn him. Fortunately, Lt. Efftee managed to nurse his plane to just within the friendly side of the front line before bailing, though he has been slightly banged up by the experience. Sufficed to say the rest of the 402nd were not much amused by these actions and took the brazen Fw's to task, downing 3 enemy aircraft, the victorious pilots being 2nd Lts. Casey Baker, Bertie Finknottle and Louis Zook. Revenge was swift, but a statutory lesson not to pay lip service to the Jagdwaffe, even when they appear to be a shadow of their former selves - give them an inch and they'll take a squadron commander! Having used the majority of their ammo in the robust air-to-air engagement and finding slim pickings on the ground they nonetheless managed to root out a number of ground targets to lay waste to, though 2nd Lt. Finknottle picked up some AAA which hit his starboard coolant system and before too long rendered the motor inoperable. However, not unaccustomed to this particular situation he made it all the way back to Florennes and made a better landing on one-engine than some chaps manage with two, so nice work Finky - and part of the reason, no doubt, that upper echelons have seen fit to award you the Bronze Star. Congratulations 2nd Lt. Finknottle! Well deserved. Though you are starting to get a reputation for single-engined returns... . 485th: With instructions to engage enemy ground forces in the vicinity of Houffalize, the 485th was set to continue their record of excellence; however, things started badly with technical gremlins frustrating 3 of their pilots who aborted prior to takeoff. This run of ill-luck was compounded when Capt. David Prang, one of the ground attack luminaries of the squadron, apparently mis-judged his attack pass on an AAA gun and struck trees on egress - the unfortunate fellow was killed immediately. This combined with the enemy adopting well camouflaged positions and forcing some tricky approaches in the hilly wooded terrain, slightly frustrated the squadrons efforts this day. There were however, flashes of the squadrons previous brilliance, particularly from Maj. Payne-less, who alone accounted for 10 of the total 18 targets destroyed by the squadron, including an entire artillery battery who were causing heavy casualties among our advancing troops; they send their wholehearted thanks to the squadron and a freshly liberated case of something to keep you boys well lubricated as a token of their appreciation. So, in all, not the best day all round, and certainly some lessons to be learnt, but a solid performance nonetheless and the GI's certainly welcomed our efforts out there today. Good job fellas.
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    I sat and watched this on my lunch break today, what a show that was! So many types we don't see anymore, both historic and military. I have hazy memories of it first time around, in my defence I was 8 and a 1/2 at the time. Remember this one @PapaBear? @DD_Fenrir did you say you were there too? Just over 47 minutes in will get your blood flowing
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    Morning. Please download a revised 485 skin for Pooka. Also in the vault and checkskins. 485 Pooka.dds
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    No problem. Add the usual disclaimer of financial advisors everywhere... past performance is not indicative nor a guarantee of future returns
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    ..... and so begins the DDz involvement in a lengthy legal battle having been accused of “false advertising” 🤣
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    Well you obviously haven't seen this: I will however, consider your proposal.
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    Then I strongly recommend you consider opening your wallet to watch this: https://www.speedandangelsproductions.com/tomcat-tales-ppv/ Fascinating, engaging stories of flying the Big Fighter by the guys who did it; some funny, some tragic, some just downright awesome. Best £8.05 I have spent in a long time. Trailer:
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    First mission with the Group all back together, as the 485th awaited the necessary repairs to runways and dispersal areas to A-78 Florennes/Juizanne to allow sufficient operational and logistical capacity to support them. It's good to have you boys flying from your true home. Furthermore, it's good to see the majority of you back from your operations today gents, and mostly in one piece, though I see a few of you picked up some souvenirs... Okay, to recap: 402nd were to reconnoiter the front lines to the east of Houffalize down to Bastogne, with the 485th assigned to strike enemy units that were counterattacking, also to the East of Houffalize. A prompt form up and push to targets was made by both groups after wheels up from A-78. The 402nd leader, again eager to not not miss out on any targets of opportunity that might present themselves, elected to carry a brace of 1000lb'ers. En route to target a gaggle of bogeys was spotted to the North near Barvaux by some of the more eagle-eyed members of the squadron, but Leakage Leader, Lt Per Fesser held true to his mission objective and proceeded to RV with the RAF Tempests that were to provide air cover. On arriving in the vicinity of the front lines much AAA was witnessed coming up from positions on the enemy side, so Lt. Fesser called Red Flight into attack, leaving White Flight as high cover. On the run in White Lead, 2nd Lt. Fenton Rea called that other friendly aircraft were also attacking the same targets but it was too late - as Red 1 & 2 had already released their ordnance. As it turned out is was the 485th that were under the falling bombs! Fortunately no friendly casualties arose from the bombing, though Maj Payne-Less of the 485th apparently picked up a light shrapnel wound. He thus far hasn't elucidated as to where this injury was received, causing much speculation among the ranks of the 402nd... Suitably, chastened by this error, the 402nd decided to deconflict and continued on their patrol route, eventually coming upon a collection of enemy AAA guns and supporting units guarding bridges nestled in the deep valleys of the River Wilz, East of Bastogne. With heavily tree lined slopes and some tricky approach and egress paths the going was dicey at times, and there was some close calls on the pull-outs from the attack runs, though no casualties, thankfully. The flak, however was not quite so kind; Red 3 Lt Arjen Efftee caught a burst of 20mm in one engine, damaging it heavily and holing the fuel tanks on the port side. Thus, he was obliged to abort the attack and limped back to Florennes with his wingman, 2nd Lt. Bert Finknottle, faithfully as ever, escorting him home. He landed on fumes but managed crawl back to dispersal where no doubt his crew chief is swearing going to have a busy few days. The remainder of Red Flight and the 3 aircraft of White Flight took a very poor view of this and provided some swift retribution; soon nothing was moving on the ground in the area and the squadron could claim 14 ground targets destroyed. Lt. Fesser called a rejoin and a patrol back up the front lines to continue the reconnaissance. Bogeys were spotted near Houffalize as the squadron prepared to turn for home but these turned out to be friendly. The 485th maintain their reputation as a premier Close Air Support unit; they worked over their target thoroughly, leaving nothing alive and despite not being their highest scoring mission of recent times (12 ground kills) it must be remembered that tanks, particularly heavy armour are an exceedingly difficult target to destroy, requiring a direct hit or very near miss to cause fatal damage. According to reports just coming back from the front, two Stugs a Panzer IV and a Tiger were knocked out by Zenith squadron, along with some AAA guns and a handful of artillery guns - no mean feat and one which the ground forces are decidedly appreciative of. I suspect yet more 'lubrication' may be finding it's way from the front into the 485th restroom! The only fly in the ointment was the loss of 2nd Lt. Joe Walsh on his first mission with the squadron - whilst with us only a short while, his dexterity and acumen on the guitar was briefly put to great use in the mess of an evening and we lament the passing of a young and obviously gifted fellow. We await news of his replacement. Well done to 485th for integrating so quickly and thoroughly into the operational tempo of their new base, and to both squadrons for their professionalism during form up for takeoff and their airmanship in the crowded pattern during approach to land. Great job all round there gents. Weather reports show a band of heavy rain moving through this evening and hanging around most of tomorrow, so ops are off until November 2nd [to be flown on Sunday October 18th 2020], so take a break, and maybe the 402nd boys can show the 485th the delights of Charleroi - though most of them either have the Clap or have already been claimed by the 402nd!
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    Another substantial update gents! Highlights include the new A-10C II upgrade, Syria Map, HARMS and Mavs for the F-16, expanded selection of P-47 sub-variants (some with rockets) and a vast amount of fixes and updates for most existing modules, with the Harrier in particular getting a lot of love:
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    Our DCS server has been updated!
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    Bloody well done that man! Immersion levels increased. I cannot wait for the cacophony on that first take off.
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    Will add a new dimension to the take-off. ... pilot gestures. Good work!! 🤞 🖖🖕🤏🤙
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    Alas, no Chris. As we have seen, actual colour images of these aircraft is very rare. I based the white wing tips on my 'Q' from a PTO Lightning (though it's were red with black trim) just on the basis that I thought it would look good in white with red trim and wasn't a stretch that an individual in the ETO might have done the same. It wasn't based on any prototypical 402nd aircraft in particular. Regards your seeing the white wing tips in the images above, I'm not necessarily convinced though I can see why you believe they could be; they certainly appear lighter. However this could be down a number of factors. The increase taper of the wing profile allowing more ambient light to be reflected. I suspect that the wing tip skins are stamped/pressed structures to give them the shape - to accomplish this the metal could need to be a heavier alloy than the wing skins and grained differently. The forming itself could adjust the specular nature of the metal thanks to heat/energy transfer. Also bear in mind wing-tips tend to get knocks and bumps and maybe a newer (cleaner!) replacement had been fitted to one of these aircraft. Or indeed they may have been painted. A few too many equivocations to definitively conclude...
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    Some black and whites now showing Florennes at the time:
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    Oh, and I found this one a while back, forgot to post it. Besides, didn't think a picture of a plane belonging to of a bunch of dribbling knuckle draggers would raise much interest...
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    This might confuse the heck out of some of the Cliffs of Dover players - not many though, 'cos there aren't that many left! I GOTS THE POWER!
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    Took a look at PWCG, first page when preparing a new mission shows: Now, someone could play Fenton Rea instead. Or let AI fly ... but no. Better to postpone ... If we keep the current scheme, next one would be on Tuesday 13th of October.
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    Hi and welcome, as the guys have said we fly predominantly Tuesday and Sunday 1900 to 2000 GMT start for BoX but there are others in USA hosting in their time zone. Most of us have all the addons and mostly fly bodenplatte missions. You should have dual engine controls mapped to allow you to fly some missions. For X-45 I have mode 1 for engine management mode 2 flying mode 3 bombing I have made a spreadsheet here you can copy if you wish, some keystrokes are diferent from game default so you will have to ensure x-45 and game match If you want some info to study then I collected all my notes here you can pick through at your leasure If you want help on specific items then best time to meet online would be before tuesday and sunday sessions as that is when majority are available but some of the USA guys may be avaiilable at other times, just post on forum and see if someone can help.
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    Your wingman is going to be there Major
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    Hurricane Dear Friends, Today's Dev Blog is one where visuals are more important than words. The Hurricane Mk.II Collector Plane has shown good progress lately and its development has entered the final stage. The work of recreating this bird for our virtual world started a year ago, it hasn't been easy because of the many modifications you'll get with it . Essentially, it's not one aircraft, but several - you can choose the modification you want before a mission. We're sure you'll enjoy the final product. It's creation is an interesting milestone for us. At the moment, the cockpit is being textured and its FM is being finished. You can see the Hurricane in the game engine on the following shots:
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    Friar reporting back from R&R and ready for duty Sir.
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    Morning chaps. Please download Kimo's 485 skin attached below. Ta Also in the vault and Checkskins. 485 Kimo.dds
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    402nd back home... nearly complete ...
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    Salute guys, Thank you to everyone that has signed up. If you haven't signed up yet - Please do, the more combatants we have the better the scenario will work. There is still plenty of time for you or that guy who used to fly with us that you are in contact with...... Sunday 22nd November Put it in your diaries now!, tell the wife, your partner, the children, your mistress (other relationships are available) that you will be busy that evening! Cheers Friar PS before anyone asks I did check with Fenrir that it does not clash with a P38 night.
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    Excellent footage Chis, and put together great.
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    I have put some new skins I have made into the 'downloads' section and also uploaded them into the Skault for downloading with Checkskins. 2 x Bf109E7, generic night scheme and a NJG 3 night scheme 2 x Bf110E, generic night scheme and a 'Channel Dash' generic scheme with night undersurfaces and sea green upper surfaces applied for the occasion. I will get some codes on the 110s when I have worked on getting the wrap around nose art on.... Cheerzen
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    That is fantastic work Fen. It will make the mission start and ends even more awesome.
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    This thread needs something of a kicking
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    @Painless would you be so kind as to send me the actual file you use for icons in your install? I will replace mine with that and see if it helps as I am having similar problems offline as I did last night. And that is after a dose of my special Famous Grouse medication, and thorough cleaning of my spectacles 😉
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    Feel for you Reggie, I'm sorry that we couldn't push a restart for you but we've had so many problems with restarting missions in the past to cater to those who've had issues that we've had to be a little ruthless about it. In one example, we had nearly 50 minutes of continuous restarts, each restart suffering at least one participant with a drop-out or control issue. It got so late without being able to start a mission without someone having a problem that we had to knock-it off for the night and postpone till the next scheduled evening, which as you can imagine left everyone slightly pissed off. Hope you (a) have better luck next time and (b) feel better soon old bean.
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