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    New Years day and my 'new' toy is nearly seven years old Went for a walk on the beach. I'd like to say it was a bright, crisp and clear winter's day. It wasn't. It was urghhhhhhh......... "Look grandad. Even the freakin' seagulls are walking!"
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    OK, I will also chime in and say that I also dusted off my joystick (The dusty one). Ran into Psycho on FB yesterday and am really wanting to get the system up again. I really am stoked that you all still fly together. It was like a family when I was around and I missed you all. (Even though I couldn't understand most of you....Delta) Looks like I need to purchase a new game
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    Of course we've had those pesky colonials here too... And there might have been some goofing about as well Happy Tom And the diehards...
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    Many fun times. Can't believe the first one i went to with you guys was coming up 10 years ago.
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    It is my goal to participate this year. Edit: The usual: Friday, Saturday and Sunday
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    oooo! Hello everybody, It finally snows in Moscow while we continue the work on the new aircraft. Including the new Collector Planes for both the Western and Eastern fronts of the war - Yak-9, Yak-9T and Hurricane. Today we're ready to show you the progress achieved at the moment for the British Hurricane, which will have 5 (!) different modifications in our sim: Hurricane Mk.IIa: basic model armed with 8 х 7.69 mm Browning MGs; Hurricane Mk.IIb: the number of MGs has been increased to 12; Hurricane Mk.IIc: this model had 4 x 20 mm Hispano guns; Hurricane Mk.IId: anti-tank model armed with 2 x 40 mm Vickers-S guns and 2 x 7.69 mm MGs; Hurricane Mk.II with Soviet weaponry that was installed on the Lend-Lease aircraft: 2 х 12.7 mm UB MGs, 2 x 20 mm ShVAK guns and Soviet bomb and rocket holders. We hope that this nice selection of the Hurricane models suitable both for the Western and Eastern front would be a great addition to IL-2 Sturmovik series:
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    Just by looking around at flightrader24.com, I came across this stuff: The two selected aircraft are of the type 'Hawker Hunter' ... and by the looks of their flight paths they appear to have had a lot of fun out there!
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    These classics from 2010, not sure who took 'm though!
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    Hurrah! Something has obviously gone wrong for whoever organises the weather here and they appear to have run out of water to tip over us. 'twixt Holne and Hexworthy this afternoon. Looks like I'm about to join Painless in the family shortarse club!
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    $25 to me....? Hmmmm. *fighting urge to open wallet* *losing....!*
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    Right, this idea having been floated over two months ago and attracted no dissent of any sort I will now assume is approved. New announcement inbound...
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    Well guys, some interesting developments in this weeks Newsletter! https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4160206#post4160206 Welcome to the Pacific!
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    hello gentlemen and sheep-lovers...(ok, just sheep lovers here I know...I was trying to be polite) finally managed to get a new freaking computer and a bit more time on my hands so promise I'll be returning soon if you're still flying. and if you are - kindly direct me to the latest release etc. Hope you guys are all great and doing well. Even Painless.
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    So I had a play with the Spit and got it off the ground but I cant find out how to set/center the VR view. The engine sounded really good I have sent Miles a PM about the PointCTRL so that might be on its way soon. I think that using that will help me with my control set up and if it works as well as I hope I should be give DCS a good go.
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    Ha , I remember the FT “elbow” incident in my garden, the nearest Arjen has come to saying the “F” word...... 😤 Fantastic memories chaps, some of the best I will ever have me thinks 👍🏻🧐
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    Another big sale on for Box. If you're just returning to the fold, now's the time to get it all on the cheap! https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/58004-lunar-new-year-sale-launched/
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    Really? Are you wearing your proper glasses? You know that using <ctrl><mousewheel> combo you can Zoom IN?
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    Sorry Crash, I meant to just reply "Yes!" to your question, but somehow I got lost somewhere!
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    2011 There was so much fun and laughter ... Around the time the picture above was taken, Crash spoke these wise words: "You couldn't write this shit"
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    Bloody hell that takes you back ! A Jedi and a Zooly 🤔 Must show that pic of me in the Spit to Siobhan to remind her that my face hasn’t always been in need of ironing !
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    interesting stuff https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/57896-jasons-briefing-room-and-officers-club/
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    What they all said, plus the Sisters have missed you......
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    This is true. Therefore we will have to wear appropriate clothing. Now....wheres my BIG girls blouse?😎
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    TONER !!!! Get her erse back in the chair man , hope all is well with you and family
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    https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4168367&postcount=233 Lots to look forward to!
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    For....ahem....cinematic purposes I'm hoping we might find the time tomorrow (sunday) evening for a little mass P-51 formation flying wearing 'Blue-nosed bastards of Bodney' skins. Nothing too dramatic or taxing, just a large gaggle flying gently around for a bit I've uploaded the appropriate set of 4k skins to the skault so they are available via Checkskins or you can have a look at 'em and d/l from here. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/55168-bugsys-p-51-skins/?do=findComment&comment=876083 Or of course you can tell me to get stuffed!
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    What's a "Sid"? sounds sketchy
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    When we bought our house last year I asked Spectrum/Charter if they could provide service. They said they would send out a surveyor to confirm, came back and yep no problem. Moved in and then was told no service, team lead for engineers came through, dropped a 400' cable and got us 1Gb internet. Alternative was satellite, AT&T can only provide 74Kb lol. Dark ages!
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    New pics of the next DCS WW2 map - The Channel Map!: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=260382 Note the airfields shown Detling (grass airfield) and Manston (with the Ponies in revetments). The harbour town shown is Ramsgate. I think this will be a paid module; confirmation should be forthcoming. Either way... WH00T!
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    Light weight version for TOAD, 870 meg instead of 1.56 gig
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    New version of Vander’s generator up with some interesting new features like secondary targets, new spawn on runway arrangements and....stuff
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    I'm looking forward to you explaining that to Delta, FT. "H'way pish with ye. I'm noo flyin' that rooshan shite"
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    Great guys thanks !!! Working through my settings and Shaking off the rust. Was able to get a deflection shot off inmy second sortie in 11 yrs. and a safe belly landing!! Still need A LOT of tweaks and seat time.
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    With zero attendance being evident for any Monday night Il-2:1946 session since the inauguration of the new flying schedule, and the fact that DCS Thursdays has been somewhat Shanghai'd by the 443 Squadron Campaign event, in light of the response to this thread: I am seeing a demand for an extra DCS day and am henceforth claiming Monday! So kick the tyres on your Hornet/Tomcat/Viggen/Mirage/Harrier/Warthog/Skyhawk/MiG/Sukhoi, whip the blade ties off your Huey/Mi-8/Gazelle/Ka-50 and clear the cylinders on your Spitty/109/190/P-51/I-16/Yak-52 - DCS Monday is back! Starting Monday 6th January 2020.
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    arriving friday late afternoon attending saturday, going home sunday need room
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    Crash Friday, Saturday& Nostalgia Drags on the way home! https://santapod.co.uk/dragstalgia.php
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    My first carrier landing attempt, Admittedly I was being talked down by Tom!!! And Jester was less than impressed🤣😁 And a rather nice vid, after i jumped into Tom's Tomcat afterwards, and watched a landing from the backseat (with time to do some external shots too). Good fun
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    Well I took the plunge and purchased IL-2 BOS, Moscow and Kuban along with the Spitfire Mk.VB, Bf 109, P-40E, Yak-1b, La-5FN and the Fw 190. I could not pass the prices on sale. Is there any other DLC I should pick up (maybe fly with some of you again).
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    Bingo! - Thanks FT - that has sorted it. I posted in the GBS forum so I will post your solution in there as well. Cheers Friar
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    I was thinking the very same thing earlier. I'd say great minds think alike, but on balance, probably mediocre minds think alike is more accurate 🤣
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    Well done chaps. Personally I prefer to fly whole missions but the map size is problematic so this is a useful project. If I can be of assistance, let me know. I'm actively involved with the TF 5.0 Alpha testing at present, but I can certainly find the time over the next couple of weeks to chip in if required.
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    See here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/57269-storm-of-war/ So, fire up CloD and check all your settings! (As if... we aren't occupied enough with GBS and DCS!) Who would be up for this?
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    Today's mission, low level on our way to France ... Do note the altimeter, I did set it to zero on T/O ...
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    Today's mission, low level on our way to France ...
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    I may not understand the issue and proposed solution(s). But our server has a ton of horse power and should be able to cope easily with the load? Is it that console/gui access is required? I for one do not have any issue with others having that access, provided suitable training is given on what not to do of course! Apologies for tardy response, work has been utterly crazy (102 hour week is my record and 25 days without a break including working on vacation!). I am now off until January 2nd though
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