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    It's not the plane that matters its the pilot. Sometimes you have no or limited choice A good pilot can make the most of a plane. A bad pilot can make best plane look useless. Seriously 90% of your questions are answered in In Persuit, in the download folder I mentioned before or download from here https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.virtualpilots.fi/feature/lento_ohjeet/inpursuit/inpursuit.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwif4ryw5c7fAhWfThUIHQSSBE4QFjAJegQICRAB&usg=AOvVaw1SoicuTRqjZ_d4jgZ7fzdU Then you need to practice as Sid said
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    In all seriousness crashesnfails, come and fly with us. All your questions can be answered in practical terms and demos rather than the guys trying to explain in a post. Look at the calendar for BoS sessions and the Teamspeak window to see who's on the Dogz server....Dogz fly at all times mate. Cheerzen Sid
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    To all DCS's from DD-Redtail. Happy Christmas and thank you for making the steep learning curve begin to flatten out.
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    No problem, there is a lot of info there but if you want to survive online it boils down to Speed, Altitude, Surprise, know your aircraft relative strengths and plan your attack by Observe, Orientate ,Decide, Attack. As painless says flying on comms and with wingmen helps a LOT We all still do common mistakes and sometimes its good just flying for fun and going into a furball and turning and burning but you wont last long. S Dave
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    Yes. SSD = Fast. Speed = Good. Upgrade to the running dead!
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    Hmmm.....see Sid's comment above on the walking dead........🚾 Are we generally saying it's best to have the O/S on the SSD?
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    So the theme for 2019's Legends is... Any guesses?
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    Agreed but knowing how to bleed off speed, how to loose altitude without gaining speed, how to abbreviate a landing are certainly skills I would consider a prerequisite to combat flying.
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    @Grant; this 'combat landing' business is a modern method of trying to avoid naughty men around airfields equipped with hand held anti-aircraft missiles. Not really something the crew of a He-111 would have to deal with.......
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    Apologies, the dora is the late version of the Focke-Wulf 190 fitted with Junkers Jumo in line engine as aposed to the BMW radial for the A seriese Dora is for D, must have been some kind of Germal phonetic alphabet, some common ones used for Luftwaffe were A is Anton D is Dora E is Emil F is Friedrich G is Gustav the video you show seems to be of an emergancy type landing by modern aircraft at an unsecured airfield, not typical. If you need to get down hot and fast then try to practice the guidelines in the links I sent above and once smooth with standard approach then come in faster and then chop throttle and use flaps and sideslip to slow later in path, you will still need to be at correct speed, rate of descent and straight as you cross parimeter. good luck
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    Are we still doing the hotel this time? Might as well start booking if we are
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    Off the top of my head......... fly a fighter ? Lol
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    Don’t worry about that crashes’ , at the very least you might make us old gits feel better about ourselves ! Lol
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    Landing is all about speed control. Elevator trim is your cruise control for keeping your speed in check. A little more complicated than I could explain here but on approach you should not be doing much with the stick, full nose up trim and throttle adjustment should set you down in the right spot. If you want to learn the basics I'd be happy to spend some time on landings with you. Let me know or join me on TS.
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    Good stuff FT Right at the end, theres a little bump, I look around and.....yep, I've chopped Sid's propellor off, Doh!
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    No sound track, just an example of what skinners are producing for the P47 https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/28332-szelljr-skindeposit-®-™-©/?page=21 https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/41081-p-47-d-skins/ https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/41118-raps-p-47-thunderbolts-help-yourselves/
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    I went from 16 to 32 a couple of months ago, keeping the same type and speed of RAM. I didn't have any gains in mind other than DCS and other programmes are recommending 32 gig as the optimal amount to have when running their stuff under load so I did it for that because I like to be optimal with my hardware and give it room to manoeuvre. After having it in the pooter and using it a lot since installation I only have a couple of observations because there has been little to observe: No noticeable increase in load times, visuals, handling either to BoS or DCS or any programme. On my pooter '46 and BoS are quick loaders and DCS is usually slow. BoS settings are ultra whilst DCS is a mixture of high and medium settings, these giving me frame rates in the 90s and low 100s the pooter feels more stable in general, feeling smoother and I don't get the occasional 'overclocking warning' from my Asus X99 motherboard I used to have with 16 gig. This was cleared by going into the bios and changing the RAM setting from XMP back to auto, something it did on it's own sometimes after the pooter had been under load ie. playing 46, BoS or DCS for a few hours. My view is that whilst I can't see any noticeable gains I am happy that, along with my other hardware, I have more than enough RAM to cope with anything my programmes ask of it for a few years to come and that everything is working better in the background. To give clarity, my other hardware, mostly two years plus old, is: Asus X99-A motherboard Intel i7 5720 running at 3.3ghz 32 gig of Corsair 3000 MHz Vengeance RAM 850 watt Corsair power supply 2 x asus 1070gtx FTW in SLI Creative Fatality soundcard Asus 27" 2560 x 1440 144hz monitor with Gsync and secondary BenQ 19" monitor Cheerzen
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    Are we still thinking of doing the D Day anniversary parachute thing?
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    Thanks, FT. Flight video here: The landing gear are plug-in struts for display only, removed for flying.