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    In a fit of spur of the moment, weather- induced boredom we decided to let the train take the strain and spend a couple of nights in central London wandering around doing the touristy thing. I was astonished by how much the skyline has changed in the fifteen years since I last had the opportunity to walk over Tower Bridge. All this high rise glass and stainless steel is all new to me!
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    Just bought kuban in sale so should help with co-ops
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    Ok Mick. It's very situation dependant. RWS (Range While Search) Mode Has longest detection range Has widest/tallest search areas available to the radar Only directly provides bearing & range to a contact (altitude can be worked out roughly by antenna elevation but that's more an intermediate level skill) Cannot ID contacts as friendly/unknown/hostile (in F-14) Cannot generate a track so target aspect/heading unknown Cannot be used to launch/guide weapons Best situation to use: Cruisin' , looking for something interesting. (Generally not a good idea to be in midst dogfight... but never say never!) TWS (Track While Scan) Mode Has shorter detection range than RWS Search areas available to the radar are more limited so as to maintain a contact update of under 2 seconds (needed for tracking functionality) Provides bearing, range & now altitude to a contact Can generate a track of contact(s) so target aspect/heading now is known Can ID contacts as friendly/unknown/hostile Can track multiple targets whilst maintaining scan of surrounding area to improve Situational Awareness (SA) Can be used to simultaneous launch/guide multiple Fox-3 type (Active Radar Homing (ARH); AIM-54 Phoenix, AIM-120 AMRAAM and R-77) weapons Cannot guide Fox-1 type (Semi-Active Radar Homing (SARH); AIM-7 Sparrow, Matra Super 530 and R-27R/ER) weapons Best situations to use: Found something interesting, could be bad guys, let's find out! Is bad guys! Let's engage Beyond Visual Range (BVR) with multiple badass boom-sticks! STT (Single Target Track) Mode Has similar range restriction as TWS Used to lock the radar antenna to Track a Single Target - hence Single Target Track (STT) Cannot track multiple targets simultaneously Cannot maintain scan of surrounding area to improve Situational Awareness (SA) during track of target Can be used to launch guide all A2A weapon types, however... Primarily designed to guide Fox-1 type (Semi-Active Radar Homing (SARH); AIM-7 Sparrow, Matra Super 530 and R-27R/ER) weapons Best situations to use: Run out of Phoenixes! Bad guys still inbound! Pick the most dangerous and lock him up for a Sparrow shot! Approaching a furball at BVR distance and want to help my mates out without accidentally shooting one of them down. Want to target a specific bogey for a BVR Phoenix shot to avoid my wingman and I shooting two missiles at the same target In the F-14 all these BVR modes have to be asked for from your RIO; if you have a breather in back then ask him nicely over TS; if Jester is back there then you request the various modes via his Menu. For those flying the single seater a/c, you will have the means to choose these yourself as pilot. As for symbology (F-14 specific): Unknown Unknown sensor track in RWS, TWS and STT modes. Hostile Track in TWS and STT modes designated as hostile by RIO. Friend Track in TWS and STT modes designated as friendly by RIO. Home base Waypoint representing home base, carrier or airfield. Waypoint WCS navigational waypoint, supplanted by number indicating waypoint 1, 2 or 3. Altitude Numerics When altitude numerics are selected for display a number on the left side of the tracks indicate track altitude to nearest ten thousands of feet. The number four as an examples indicate an altitude between 35,000 and 45,000 feet. Available on radar and data link tracks. Firing Order Numerics Indicates AIM-54 phoenix target prioritization (1 to 6) in WCS when in the TWS mode. Next missile launch will target track with number 1 and remove the number from that track to advance the other 5 track numbers one step to prepare for next launch. Mandatory attack selection on a target forces the WCS to always include that target in the prioritization. Next launch selection automatically sets hooked target as number one in the prioritization queue. Time-to-Impact (TTI) After AIM-54 launch the firing order number on a track is replaced with the TTI or time-to-impact indication, showing WCS calculated time until missile intercepts the target track. When the AIM-54 active command is sent the TTI numbers flash to indicate this. Velocity Vector Velocity vector emanating from center dot of tracks when velocity vector display is selected. Vector direction represents track heading and length represents track speed so that the max indicated speed (1 800 knots) is 1.5 inches on the TID. In TID ground stabilized mode the vector direction represents track true heading and the vector length represents track ground speed. In TID aircraft stabilized and attack modes the vector direction represents track relative heading (to own aircraft) and the vector length represents track speed relative to own aircraft.
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    I'd like to thank you guys for your Cliffs of Dover server on steam real pleasure to fly on & will see you in the virtual skies.
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    FT, Sid and Crash in the Bostons with Painless in the MiG
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    So for the benefit of those who didn't get to Flying Legends this year...
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    As a visual aid as to what the Bar search pattern looks like: Note that, depending on the aircraft radar, that 1 bar search pattern is only 2-3° tall... not very much!
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    Undoubtedly and much better than the Gefreiter Balls-Up approach too
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    A Japanese 3.7l V6 vs an American 5.0l V8? Lol! Think you've lost that competition before Dad runs out of fuel trying to get to the Start line!
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    yes but I also get a different 110 to fly woooo hooooo
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    I only found this a short time ago. We have Chucks F-14B guide to add to the collection from Mud Spike. https://www.mudspike.com/chucks-guid...-f-14b-tomcat/
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    So, I took a 110 up high, like real high ... like it would not go any higher no more... And I hit that top cloud layer, and took a peak beyond it... really special to see that ... And then, for comparison, a picture I took on a bike ride earlier this week... there's an aircraft in there! (It's a Pano type shot, so... yeah, to the right, there's some anomaly there, oh well) shot_20190803_212829.bmp shot_20190803_212833.bmp
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    Thanks for the invite Jabo, hear & fly with you & the other Dogz soon!
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    Ok gents, first thanks for attending. Second, for some reason the plan to record the session for eventual upload did not go to plan; tech issues, got to do some more figuring out with shadowplay and VR to get the format and sound working properly. Third, we only managed to cover the Beyond Visual Range (BVR) aspects of radar use - in hindsight, I was perhaps a little optimistic of covering all those options in an hour, but no great loss, we'll cover the Within Visual Range (WVR)/Air Combat Manoeuvering (ACM) modes next time. To summarise, we looked at: RWS (Range While Search) Mode TWS/LTWS (Track While Scan/Latent Track While Scan) Mode STT (Single Target Track) Mode If you have any further questions or require clarifications, then please put them in this thread. I will address them as promptly as I can. Lastly, I would welcome any feedback you guys have; ultimately these sessions are designed to help you - if you aren't learning something then then I'm doing something wrong, so please say what I can do to improve the situation. Cheers guys. Fen
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    Ok, we seem to have the Bf110 formation flying thing sorted. Which type next? How about I16's?
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    I had to think about this a bit () and have come to the conclusion that I got lucky.......but; I'm using the Hugh Dundass method. I seem to remember his wing pioneered the use of the Spitfire as a jabo in the north african and italian campaigns. Of course I might be talking out of my backside so I suspect Fenrir might really be the guy to ask. Basically the idea was to approach the target at six to ten thousand feet which was above the effective range of light flak but allowed a good view of the target area. The approach route would be governed by the chosen low level escape route after the drop to avoid murderous light flak. Fly past the target and watch it disappear under the leading edge of the wing. When it reappears under the trailing edge of the wing do a half roll down onto the target and approach the drop at a sixty degree angle. Watch the target disappear under the nose and then the difficult bit; count to two, three or four depending on height and speed and drop bombs. Simples
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    Han Project manager 12074 836 posts Location:Moscow Posted yesterday at 05:34 AM 227 Dear Friends, After the recent release of the update 3.102 many of you wondered "why there are no new Bodenplatte planes"? There is nothing strange about it: the remaining three player-controllable fighters and AI-controlled bomber are the most complex and difficult to produce objects in the entire history of our team. But the more difficult is the task the more interesting is the result. At the moment we plan to make all these four planes available to you in the next huge update at the end of September that will also bring the important new features we're working on at the moment. Here's the rundown on their current statuses: P-51D-15: cockpit texturing and flight model is in development. P-38J-25: cockpit texturing is nearly finished, the flight model is finished, it will go to beta testing soon. Tempest Mk.V ser.2: 3D model is finished, the flight model is nearly finished, it will go to beta testing soon as well. B-25D (Mitchell II): 3D model is finished, we’re working on the last bits of texturing and turret animations, the flight model is in development. The work on the Rhineland map for Bodenplatte is also progressing well and we'll show you some of it in one of the coming DDs. We're working on the new Career timeframe 'Battle of Rhineland' in parallel. Now let's list the features that are at the final stage of development at the moment: Switch to the newer F-MOD API version which we hope will fix the disappearing sounds issue right away or in the near future. An advanced model of pilot physiology that includes complex fatigue modeling that takes into account G-overload fatigue, overload frequency, alternation of positive and negative overloads, wounds, having a G-suit, lack of oxygen and oxygen supply system. The model will also simulate a loss of consciousness and ability to control an aircraft after experiencing too sharp or too severe overloads. The algorithms it is using are based on the research of various institutes. The introduction of this model is likely to change the flow of air combat, especially in multiplayer. However, those who find it too difficult and unfamiliar will be able to switch it off as realism option (it will also be a server setting). Air Marshal mode that is being developed especially for multiplayer will also enter the testing stage soon. When this happens, we'll dedicate a special DD to it. Improved AI maneuvering in a dogfight. Our new programmer is working on this (the recent formation keeping improvements are his work), but remember there is still a long way to go in this area. Improved visibility distance of planes and ships. The main difficulty in the development of this feature was making the dynamic objects show at great distances without a steady stream of data reporting their position and orientation. Another important thing is to model the lighting of the airplane even at long range - we discarded the idea of having just black dots at these distances, where the visibility of an object is determined by the position of the sun, brightness and hue of the sky, haze, etc. All this is impossible to model having only a black dot. The distant planes flying at high altitudes will have contrails and ships will have visible wakes. It is also important to have more or less equal terms for owners of different monitors. Having completed all these tasks, we'll increase the maximum visibility distance for planes and ships from 10 to 100 km and the resulting visibility distance will realistically correspond to the lighting and weather conditions. As you can see, the Bodenplatte project is at the final stage and nearing release. Numerous changes and additions to be seen in the final version are more or less close to being finished. Therefore, the update 3.102 included the content that was ready and a minimal amount of changes - at the final stage nothing should divert the team from the main target. We don't want our words to sound empty or unfounded, so today we can show you the in-game exterior shots of the P-38J-25 Collector Plane (that is included in Bodenplatte Premium, only version you can get at the moment), the cockpit of the British Tempest Mk.V ser.2 and the new German pilot in Summer 1944 uniform: You can discuss the news in this thread
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    Taking the Fiata to the Heads of the Valleys in a couple of weeks - should be good!
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    Thanks for the heads up.I will make sure my hair will look perfect for the camera😉
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    Should/could we have a poll to decide which side and type of mission and set a sart date?
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    Getting lucky on the KOTA server tonight With no externals, no icons and no map markers, a very different challenge!
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    Hmmm.....I reckon with a breeze block placed on the funny pedal the Nissan would run through a whole tankful in neutral at 7500rpm quite happily whilst Painless wept in a corner whereas the V8 would - probably - do something similar but only at much more economical revs. When I was a student I had a 2 ltr. Cortina. My mate (not a student) had a 3.5 Rover SDI. His V8 was faster and more economical than my Ford.
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    A20B_4k_8thGBAP_2.ddsA20B_4k_8thGBAP_3.ddsA20B_4k_8thGBAP_4.ddsA20B_4k_8thGBAP_5.ddsA20B_4k_8thGBAP_6.ddsA20B_4k_8thGBAP_1.ddsA20B_646BS_8U_A.ddsA20B_646BS_8U_B.ddsA20B_646BS_8U_C.ddsA20B_646BS_8U_D.ddsA20B_646BS_8U_E.ddsA20B_646BS_8U_F.dds Hello chaps. Back from a fantastic Duxford weekend and as always get inspired .... I have attached 12 A20 skins, 6 x USSR and 6 x USAAF. I thought that it would be good if everyone had them or at least the A20 pilots because it means that we can look like a squadron when on coops or dogfight. How cool would it be to run a mission where a number of A20s are dressed as a unit...Even if the non A20 flyers downloaded them it would mean they would see us all smartly dressed.... Perhaps even, and I know this is the Dogz, when selecting your A20 in the coop, if you are in the number 1 position, you took number '1' or the 'A' skin etc.... Aw go on...you know you want to... Cheerzen
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    OK so he has a list of requirements... 1. Get a group of friends and a person willing to host an event. - I think we have that covered 2. It can be as long or as short or as organized as you want ... OK, it has to be at least a little organized. - we can manage here.... 3. Set the time period and make your alter egos in the campaign. - "characters" covered... 4. Schedule a time and fly. - what are we waiting for?
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    Oh dear its $1400. Shame.
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