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    Our DCS Server is up and running. In a Beta form still, stay tuned here for the latest news on it. - Runs the latest-1 version of Fenrir's 'DD_All Planes Jet Practise' mission, and it does so... endlessly at the moment. So, in the end, ships will reach the harbor, it will turn dark, it will hang itself probably. Ie. there's no automatic restart yet... - A4 is in the mission, but only on ground start, so it will go BOOM!
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    Hey, this topic is about our DCS server, it's not about some silly noisy sissy-jet-toy-jockey-airplane! STAY ON TOPIC!
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    So, I wanted a new set of rudder pedals; my Siatek combat pro set were getting on my final nerve. Then I saw something that made my heart bleep dedey bleep. The new Thrustmaster Pendular Rudder System. Wow, I really liked the way they look....and then I saw the price. And I gulped, gasped, and coughed. 550.00 USD.....ouch.So. I made my own for 20.00 USD The black 3D printed bits here and there are mostly housings for heavy duty flange bearings that I had a box of in the shop. More bearings inside the brake pedals to keep things smooth. The center hall effect pivot is a 1/4" bolt with skate bearings supporting it on both sides of the steel arm. This thing is unbelievably smooth and strong. The adjustable springs make it easy for me to dial in the tension that I want from none at all to some type of Russian interwar years experimental biplane experience (think East German Womens weightlifting leg exercise machine) The brake pedals are equally adjustable from tension to the angle position. Took me two weeks to reverse engineer thrustmaster's design and build this but well worth every second. If my own rough work is any indicator of how good the Thrustmaster pedals are, and you can afford them, go get em. This thing is amazing. Started with some pictures of the spendy set, and created a solidworks model to see how to make things fit. Realized that I needed some linear hall effect sensors...so I designed some using a magnet and hall effect IC. Tossed in yet another Teensy ++ 2.0 and kicked it with a touch of MMJOY2. Adjustable throw for the rudder and tensioning system. Total out of pocket? 20.00 USD did I mention that?! I might canabalize my Saitek combat pro's for the really nice brake pedals in install them on my new rudder system. My pedals look a little crude...but they really do a nice job. Need to think about that for a while.
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    Last nights coops; first attempt Up and running
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    Marvelous job! "(...) look a little crude" ... well, you haven't seen my DIY rudder pedals I bet ... 😎
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    The A-4's are now Air-starting ...
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    DCS Dedicated Server Release! At long last the DCS World Dedicated Server is available to all! In our quest to greatly improve the DCS World online experience, this is a cornerstone element and will play a pivotal role as DCS World Online moves forward. The Dedicated Server is available to anyone that wishes to run one. Features of the Dedicated Server include: Run a server without the need of a render. This allows a server to need less RAM and only a very simple video card The CPU processor load is lower, so you can use a less-powerful CPUs or run more complicated missions instead You can run multiple copies of a Dedicated Server on one PC. Computer capabilities can be used more fully when you start servers in different CPU threads A Dedicated Server can be controlled remotely via WebGUI Although we have tested extensively internally and with several community servers, there may be non-official scripts that will not function well with a Dedicated Server. We ask that you report such issues and/or avoid using non-supported scripts.
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    Another model built, in a perspex/plexiglass box: Should you want to read more about the build itself, have a look at the facebook page BuildingAModelBridge! Here's an image of the original one, back in 1919 or so... it's got a nick name: The elephant's bridge, guess how come?
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    I think replies are showing that there is interest in all 4 sims. Perhaps leave the evenings as they are, I wouldn't like to lose anyone because their 'ride' isn't available due to a sim being unused by the Dogz. We are very lucky as a community globally because of the availability of flight sims that we can enjoy and lucky as Dogz that we have an enthusiastic, helpful and wonderful group and the electronic wizardry to share them within. The downside IS the number of sims available I think, the days of only flying one sim exclusively are gone in the Dogz. 46 has been the mainstay for many years and has been honed to (almost) perfection by us but personal circumstances/equipment/preferences mean that 46 is no longer adequate as the core sim and numbers flying the sims available reflect these very personal choices. It appears to be inevitable that all this choice is going to be divisive and will naturally create highs and lows in attendances. I don't think we will have a core sim in the Dogz for many years, if at all.
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    1946 once a month? Might just as well drop it ... I do not see a valid solution here. Ya can't keep em all four, ánd have significant numbers. So, you'd have to drop one or two, and if you do so - whichever you pick, you will also drop members with them ... For me? Cliffs puts the biggest smile on my face, 2nd could still be 1946 - as I can build missions for that one - close behind it DCS. BoX I find mostly frustrating, nearly not as much fun as the others (too complex / too many weird control assignments with the lack of clickable cockpits, it does not feel as nice as the others - or it's maybe because I cannot make sense of the mission editing part?) I dunno ... I really do not...
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    Booked! Father and father-in-law also in attendance.
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    Kinda behind the ball on this one, but here's DCS's manual for the F-14B: http://www.heatblur.se/F-14Manual/index.html
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    Got kicked out of the bar after my 5th attempt at singing 'Danger Zone'. Apparently I'd exceeded my allotted number of Loggins attempts.
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    @Jabo - GTX970 from ZOTAC 4GB 256bit ddr5 PN: 288-1N366-020Z8 @Arthur - My work gave me a chunk of money for 10 years of getting away with it service, so i spent it on some ram, a laptop for the Mrs and an Nvidia RTX 2080
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    This will almost certainly come out on a beta patch first - however, if all goes well it could be pushed to the stable the following week (20th March). The Skatezilla app that Crash has highlighted in a separate thread can be used to switch your stable release to the open beta if you cannot hang on that long.
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    https://youtu.be/4XtH_X-vHJI Here we go!
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    Yup. Given the number of groups that have gone to the wall over the last few years, perhaps it's the flexibility within the Dogz that you can fly your 'sim of choice' that's helped us continue in the way we have. And, while we're still able to offer specific nights to all these sims, it does mean that we are offering the widest possible choice to potential new members. Most of the guys who have joined recently only fly one or two of these (which is fine) and it's only the total nutters that would try and fly a different sim (almost) every night of the week anyway...For the record, I do have all 4...ho hum.
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    I hope you havnt got it this bad Kira https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=233003
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    This is the problem Do we need to change things? I would really like to hear from those who would but dont fly regularly with us their views might help.
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    Order of preference for me (in the what it's worth department): 1) DCS (complexity), 2) GBS (game play/complexity), 3) CLoD (historical/complexity), 4) 1946 (nostalgia to my "vitual" beginnings). In truth, throw them all in a hat, pick one as long as the Dogz are involved, I am enjoying them all. 10) Keeping key mapping memorized 🤣! 11) Staying healthy enough to fly everyday!
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    Server version of Cliffs is now updated to v4.55.
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    Down for the Wednesday and staying overnight.
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    You're right. Does this help? This is from one of your tracks. Mix meister Sid at the controls......