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    I know we have a video of this display already a few posts back but I found another with slightly steadier camera work and a bit less wind noise and thought you chaps might like to see it...
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    Well after six months I must say BT and I are very happy together. I've had no problems and so far as I'm aware my connection has not dipped below the promised 50mb/s. In fact they seem to like me sooooo much that they're upgrading me to 76mb/s before the middle of November. Good show BT
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    So, here's the completed section of the part that swings out, the car is in 1:87 scale, so it appears correctly, size wise that is, historically not so much, the car is way too modern. The light coloured horizontal beams that carry the deck are not glued in yet, so one can still vary the height of the deck. Still unsure whether I will create it with normal water level, or high water level. Here's some details on construction of the deck. Glueing all those planks on the frame. Each of them is 3mm wide. So, for 30cm I need 100 of them. No worries, I got 400. Yeah, I maybe miscalculated there. But, at a price of 1 Euro for 50, oh well. A lot of cutting to do though. Here's the jig I created for the railing. 6 cm of railing each time. An I need like well, not sure, but over 1 meters lenght I think, times two. At the bottom one finished piece. Test fitting the first bit. It fits, it works!
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    The Dutch people do still remember WWII, and still do actively thank and respect all service men involved in liberating the country ... But this is something really special, read about it here: The Sunset March
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    The boats now have the structure mounted that will support the bridge deck. As for colours to use, I found this:
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    I have seen enough jigs to last me a lifetime. Some a LOT bigger than that one!
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    Progress! Three ships done, the fourth is in its mould, and to the right you can see the sides of the next 2.5 one. (Hm, must've lost one side along the way?) Had some issues with #4, as I took it out before the glue had dried completely, to the front and back en just split... and it fell apart. So, cleaned it up, put it back in, glued it back together. But, this afternoon I took it out again, and I quickly realized I had forgotten to put in the cross bars, so basically it quickly kinda collapsed. lol. Oh well, back into the mould again, add the cross stuff and it's back to watching glue dry
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    So, I need to create nice small ships first. Basic material is bamboo, cheap skewers. The same I used on the rail bridge, and I got plenty of them left. Need to split each skewer in half, length wise, as they are too thick to bend, and I need like 6 halves for one ship, three on each side. As you can tell from the picture, not all ships are the same, so I do not need to be that precise. That's nice. Though knowing me myself and I, seeing what my OCD is like (Mind you, I am crazy - as my mother never ever had me tested for that ) I will end up with nine very rather similar ships. That is, if I live that long. Anyhow, you can see one of them is ready, the next one is being built... so, yeah, I am all good. And shift.
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    Must see that someday soon. Thanks FT.
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    That is very touching FT, I always liked the Dutch m8... 👍🏻
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    Hauled my backside out of bed at six this morning on the promise of storm and tempest but 'twas a bit disappointing in the end....
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    Same here...took them on six months ago when I moved and I'm getting a boost like you too!!
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    It is accurate! You can't tell by those pictures, but I found some that show proof of that. No shortage here of anything basically
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    Thanks very much for that Nick, I am laughing out loud, picturing your erifaeS !! I do need a laugh atm, so, yeah, THANKS! (And it's so recognizable.. You know I am reporting all the good progress I am making, but for sure leaving out all the failed attempts were releasing the boats from their litle jig resulting into them falling apart all together due to me not being patient enough, or using the wrong materials... So frustrating to see all the work put in suddenly turn into a mess of little parts of bamboo... already realize my dreams are in the English language, looks like my spontaneous cussing has also evolved there! Darn! Carp! And shift!
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    Fancy getting your mouldy jiggers mixed up FT ! Lol Glad your pinky is ok now OUCH !!!
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    Milestone reached! Nine out of nine ships created! In the end, they are not all the same. I used a mould, but still some came out 1cm shorter than others, and some are really crooked... I don't care, no one will be able to tell in the end, I hope... Each ship made out of 20 separate parts. Another milestone: some three years ago I started building that one Road Bridge, next the Railway Bridge, and the Ferry, lots of wood work involved, sanding and cutting. Today, while working on this bridge, I finally cut one of my fingers real good. Called the medics, wasn't sure it needed treatment (Shoot me a PM and I'll send you a picture I took - nothing too special, but yet too bloody messy to show out here in public ), they initially told me it did not. Then they called back as said I needed a Tetanus shot... w00t. So, went out there, and the doctor's opinion was it did not need any stitches, nor did I need that shot - as I wasn't outside! No street dirt! So, in the end they glued it. Well, I tought of that myself, I've been gluing all them parts together, why not glue my finger? Different glue probably ... ) oh well... The small parts layed out at the top left, the right hand one of those, is the next subject of construction, they are the vertical bits that support the deck. Ten in total of the three-wide parts, 8 more of two bit parts. Here's a pic that shows more detail on that vertical stuff:
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    Some info here worth knowing as I was ignorant and it may have been the cause of some of my less successful launches! https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=194183
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    Good show, none of the voices in my head disagree !
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    Looking very good so far Arjen, are you sure your mother never had you tested mate ? 🤔
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    Dennis took a wrong turn, really, you know, shift and all! And next, I decided the color of the lifting booms was all off...they should not be like Red ... An there's a willow in the background, created from scratch ...
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    Still the best 'plane in BoX!
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