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    Spent the day at a family's hobby of a miniature railway IMG_1467.MOV IMG_1480.MOV
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    A bit of paraffin burning light relief (look away FT )
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    .. have now subscribed @$5 per month to remove adverts. Should all be working again now!
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    Been working on a new Spitfire skin for UDPSpeed. This all sits on one background to speed it up.
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    Target is this building: Here's what I did ... Needs some more detailing and finishing
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    Some flaws in Google translation, but I think you hard core flying nuts will understand.. https://translate.google.se/translate?sl=sv&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=sv&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.silvervingar.se%2FF5E.html&edit-text=&act=url
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    TF news https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=25578&p=272587#post272587
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    Quick test of postimg.org Mmm...like it. Gonna' call this one "Summer 2017"
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    Another BIG update coming to BoS at the end of this month which will see the release of the Kuban map with the water technology from RoF added to the game along with new FM calculations for all planes, new shadow technology, torpedoes, enhanced graphic options and the usual host of minor upgrades, bug fixes, etc. Kuban release has now become an important step on the way to Battle of Midway - the next BoX theatre. Kuban also has - thank heavens - mountains and sea; a pleasant change from the endless steppe of Stalingrad and the equally endless regions of forest and marsh around Moscow. Just a reminder if you has BoS but have not fired it up in a while; for several months now you have been able to access all of the maps in multiplayer even if you only have one of the base games. For example - if you only own BoS you are able to fly on the Moscow map in multiplayer. Also, if you haven't updated your game in a while I would think it worth doing now - before the release of what will be a major, game changing patch. Oh yeah; could not resist posting a quick Spitfire circuit in my Vb with Merlin 45M engine
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    Ok chaps, committing to Wednesday the 30th August for this. I have a days annual leave so will be available most of the day for consultation. Will be hosting a 1.5.7 server and have plenty of hot start spitties available for those who need them!
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    So we're registered, you'll need a password and mum is the word on that one. It can be pretty intense and always unpredictable. I didn't survive my first number of sorties, flying alone and set upon by 4 enemies at a time. I was doing OK with the Spit, staying above the 109's till I took AAA damage. Don't fly here alone. Another day there were 4 of us and we never saw a fighter - known as the Somme Turkey Shoot. Another thing. I've been helping a newer pilot with some basics of combat and since we're in this squad server I've asked him to put on the DangerDogz tags, sort of a field promotion as it were. Should I ask him how he feels about sheep??.... DD_Jorge_S if you see him.
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    Great news Gec! I'm sure we can find a room share for you - as far as I know there aren't any single rooms anyway. Chris, I've booked and paying a little more for the ability to i) cancel the room if necessary and ii) pay on check-in - No money need change hands now!
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    Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th July 2018. Should be a big show as 2018 marks the centenary of the formation of the RAF and the end of the Great War. Rooms are currently available to book at the usual hotel at £95 per night (at present) Hope to see as many Dogz as possible there. Jabo
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    That sounds like a good plan Mr P. Keeping things crossed here mate. And FT, I already have a room, as does Crash and it's not even the same room!
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    If all goes well I will be there chaps. I also want to go to the LeMans 24 hour if I can. It's a bucket list thang...
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    Oh come on, get a room already you two!
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    Oh dear, I have just clicked buy now on a Oculus Rift. I am not sure that the 780ti will cope
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    About 20 km from my home http://armsum466.blogspot.se/2014/06/
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    Hello Mr P! How are you mate? Haven't seen you for a while. Is everything ok or you are just taking a holiday from flying? Missing your banter old chap. Hope to see you back soon! Cheers
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    As there's so many beautiful pictures of skies with aereoplanies in them, here's one without any, for comparison.