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  2. Flight Sim Platform Poll

    I haven't really been away. Its just that life and our time zones don't play nice. APHill, Capt Jack, Wingflyer, Spaulding and Kira are regulars and we fly fairly often. We've been testing the waters in all these new sims.
  3. Flight Sim Platform Poll

    Hello Perf! Welcome back!
  4. Flight Sim Platform Poll

    The important thing folks is that you accept you need to upgrade your machines. Its been a good run but IL2 has seen its day. At this stage it appears BoX is going to be the best option for multiplayer gameplay and variety of aircraft. CloD has some potential but the theater will limit it's acceptance. DCS is a great simm but the gameplay options are so limited it can't hold your interest for long.
  5. Flight Sim Platform Poll

    Its gone quiet. By the results it shows the WE are happy with1946 but we will fade away if we dont plan to move on.
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  7. western front announced

    W00t ... Thanks much Arthur! As it appears lots of it is due to me being very much unprepared... I now remember after re-install of windows, I had re-installed BoX, but never got into retrieving an earlier backup of the controls. Similar to the Vsync - Not set in Nvidia control panel - not so long ago I switched from tuning the global settings, to the game-specific ones. So, V-sync was off, and Box not in there - yet. So, I'll use your other tips to make it all honky dory fine and shift! It does help!!
  8. Thanks Arthur - That's helpful. For the record on my I5-2500K rig with a GTX980 I'm running fullscreen (1920x1080) with everything at Ultra-High settings and things are smooooooth as you like. Oh, and just got my first BoX air-to-air kill (La-5 vs 109). Engine management especially on the older aircraft is a pig but I got a handle on it in CloD, sure I will here too. I have to say that it all feels a bit 'clunky' in the menus and the lack of clickable cockpits is a drawback but the rest of it is very nice.
  9. western front announced

    Sorry FT, should have replied to this earlier. Having to re-assign keys/axis again? I suspect this has something to do with updating but not actually using the game for a while. There used to be an issue with Win10 and the recognition of devices in the game but that got fixed...last year I think. I've got a folder on my desktop called 'All things BoS' and within it I place copies of the stuff which might be effected by game updates. My game is installed thus; C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad Once you've sorted out all your control assignments open the game folder and you'll find the 'data' folder. Go into it and look for the 'input' folder. Found it? All your control assignments are kept in there. Just make a copy of the whole folder and put it somewhere safe. Oh yeah, you can do the same with skins and once you start flying in SP you'll find a couple of guys shouting in either Jeeeeerman or Russ. Since i find this incredibly annoying I've gone into the 'audio' folder and removed the two files marked Ger and Rus. No more shouting...... FFB not working? Er....dunno. Mine does. Do you have a floppy stick or merely the default spring effect? Might just be a case of closing the game and unplugging the stick's usb. Vsync? I'll try and write something up about the graphic options but there are two ways to go; Run the game in full-screen mode with vsync on and frames locked at target 60 OR run game in windowed mode, vsync off and frame rate unlocked. It seems to be a matter of personnal choice/power of your gaming system. I've gone with full screen. Coloured stuff and indicators all over the screen? Yeah, I know - uurghhh.....getting rid of 'em is about options. Check this post out; http://dangerdogz.com/forums/topic/11319-new-game-launcher-new-set-up/?do=findComment&comment=131519 I get rid of it all by pressing 'H' Doing away with all the on screen stuff also saves about 40% of your graphics processing power too! It's something on the "to do" list for the devs. 10 minutes after exiting and stuff is still happening? Hmmm...think that might be something to do with not actually running the game in a while too but not sure. i don't launch my game from the launcher Go into C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\game and find the IL2 application folder - mines 11,558kb worth - and create a shortcut to it. Put shortcut on your desktop and launch game from there. Should help.....er....possibly Hope this all helps FT
  10. western front announced

    Good point FT - have edited my post
  11. western front announced

    Hey, Pssst... where in the public area, that info you posted maybe should not be here ....
  12. Il2 Announcement

    Not my house please! Aim for the bridges! And do not miss ...
  13. Il2 Announcement

    If the map for Boddenplatte works out they way they seem to be indicating then this time next year we should be able to bomb and strafe FT's house.
  14. This is encouraging news for sure
  15. Il2 Announcement

    Ooooooh, this could sway me to BoX for sure...
  16. We need to talk...

    Once a Dog always a Dog Chet! ~s~! Good to see you here again matey Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Il2 Announcement

    Here is the announcement Crash mentioned in the Lets talk thread...... https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/32254-announcing-battle-bodenplatte-flying-circus-tank-crew-and-mo/
  18. western front announced

    When I saw the server up I tried 'arse' but it wouldn't take it! elbow - lol
  19. OK, I'm in - just updating the game now - it's been a while - Just waiting for a sale on BoK now to get that one. +++EDIT+++ 6.6GB - yes, it's been quite a while.
  20. We need to talk...

    Big m8
  21. western front announced

    We have some missions that you can fly either both sides or just one with AI aircraft on both sides and ground targets. If you see our server as either AP or I can host our pw is paws.
  22. western front announced

    Flew a bit in the IL-2 just now. Initial observations: - Had to re-assign the keys / axis, again. At the rate I am flying this it looks like I have to do this each and every time ... lol - FFB did not work, it was switched on though? - Vync was not switched on - Whatsup with all them coloured stuff all over the screen? Pointers, hints, blobs.... must be difficulty settings, or rather easyculty settings? - I do not really care for them snowflakes - Really have to tune down the low tones on the chair - it's nearly shaking it and me apart... - I have the impression it has the look and feel of CloD, but in here the trees do have a collision model: message on screen after I collided with one: "Undercarriage failure - Bail Out!" lol - 10 minutes after exiting it, it still states "Stopping background processes. Please wait." Yeah, I need to look into this some more I guess... !
  23. We need to talk...

    Difficult to say but I reckon he's the only one Dave. Last night Ovy, Dan, Jabo, FT, Sweper, Blubear, Fenrir, Papabear were all on although not all at the same time as Ovy and Dan left early on. I already have it Dave, but I thought it might be useful for those wanting to take a look before committing the cash.
  24. western front announced

    Late at night - when Europe is sleeping - I have seen a DangerDogz server on the BoS multiplayer list @ Jack and the gang
  25. western front announced

    But, please explain how you are doing coop stuff in BOS, when they've only announced to impement it? Is that some special way of running the current multiplay? Can you elaborate a bit? Can we set up a server ourselves? On our on PC? On our DF-server?
  26. western front announced

    Lots of really close up views of holes in the canopy, wing, instrument panel, head....etc.
  27. western front announced

    Yeah, I bet you get lots of excellent views of the damage model!
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