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  2. online servers

    Fantastic Mick. I do like the bakelite Codpiece - especially in that rather fetching blue and green. Will this years range be stocked by George at Asda or will I have to order off the dark web again? I'll pm you my size
  3. online servers

    Ha ha, I can so relate to take offs like that Arthur ! I hope to enjoy such moments as much as you do when I eventually get up and running with a new PC and Box installed . In the mean time, here is a selection from my new spring range that might interest you .... ๐Ÿ‘™๐Ÿ‘—๐Ÿ’„๐Ÿ‘›๐Ÿ‘œ๐Ÿ‘ข๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ๐Ÿ“ฝ๐ŸŽž๐Ÿšฌ
  4. online servers

    lol... @Dennis: "Are you brave or what...?" Thanks for them recordings Arthur, gave me a good laugh!
  5. online servers

    BoX is a lot of fun! Watching FT dogfighting in the IL2 puts me into full-on Sid James mode too. How not to take off #1 How not to take off #2
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  7. online servers

    Excellent video Arthur, great to hear you boys chatting away. That made BOX look like a lot of fun !
  8. online servers

    Hey Pooka how r you doing? miss you being around and hope you and family are fine
  9. online servers

    Enjoyed your video Arthur, so nice to hear Dave and FTs voices again.
  10. online servers

    Very good fun tonight. Big to Wingflyer, Delta and FT. Shall we make this a regular Wednesday?
  11. online servers

    Good training session on "Wings of Liberty - Copy" Arthur and Wingflyr in Yak sescorted Delta and me in IL2's. Attacked artillery, Delta got 6, I got 3. Back over home base, I joined a bit of dogfighting and took the tailplane off of a 109, it was already smoking and out of control, but it still was fun to hit him. Landed! Good fun, the IL2-1941 does fly rather nicely, you can do lots of damage with it. Learned some more stuff about it, and the game... ID-ing a/c is difficult, close to impossible. To be over friendly territory with flak is a big help though! Their exploding shells point at them quite nicely...
  12. online servers

    Wot I did 2nite. Wiv' apologies for the sound
  13. online servers

    +one... Sorry!
  14. online servers

    sorry cant make tonight will be around on wednesday tho
  15. online servers

    I think I can manage a bit of Monday and Wednesday - see you around eight thirty (ish)
  16. online servers

    I'm in for Monday, Wednesday or Thursday as long s icons and GPS are on, I don't like the icons but they are better than without, I don't think this game displays dots or planes very well and makes it unplayable to me without the icons
  17. online servers

    Count me in too Arthur - Mondays or Wednesdays work for me too. Fridays not so much as they're usually binge night lol
  18. online servers

    Oh, Arthur, yes, I'd like to try some more BoS, on a Monday or Wednesday .... would be nice!
  19. online servers

    Propnut, "Sorry for butting in" ... Whรกt? lol, since when is that possible around here? Thanks for your input !!
  20. online servers

    Thanks Arthur, that helps a lot! To wait is best at the moment.
  21. online servers

    Sorry for butting in gents; thought I might be able to help. I have been testing a Dserver hosted on one of my gaming computers in the Man cave. I started flying again with the guys using your public TS and offered to host as I have the extra computers to spare. We usually have anywhere from 4-12 pilots per night. The usual suspects; AP, CaptJack, etc Hosting a BoX server is almost exactly like hosting our old RoF server, the interface is the same but the mission editor seems to have lots more features. As for server management; you can set it up to auto rotate or choose one to load from a saved list on the server. So you can upload the new mission at any time and use a remote login screen to change the mission when you are ready for it. All fairly easy. There are some great missions that you can borrow/edit for your use out there. I recommend Coconut's dynamic campaign mission. I am not very good at creating missions, although I do know the basics. I am sure those of you who have been making missions for 1946 can pick it up pretty easy. I am sure Roger can set up server space like he did for us when we were flying RoF. Hope this helps, if you want to check out what we are playing you can log into my server "Propnut" with the usual DD password.
  22. online servers

    At the moment icons are either on or off and thats it. Icons on servers look like this; Official 1CGS Icons on EU server; and Coconut's Icons on server; Not really convinced by either of 'em. As you can see, as icon's are not configurable yet it's just a bit....meh. You see icon in distance, he sees you, gain height for merge, etc, etc and then its all in the wrist action. I'm not really sure if its worth the time or effort to put up a DangerDogz server yet. Apart from the very obvious problems that FT has pointed out, I think the whole dynamic of multiplayer in BoX is about to change with the next imminent update which will give us a coop mode that players will able to host from their own machines without using the DServer system. Another 'wait and see' methinks. At least it'll be a short wait this time! Anyone up for another Euro time get together for BoS one evening soon? Tonight perhaps or Monday, Wednesday......Friday.....?
  23. online servers

    Agreed, but if GBS is the way we're going in the future perhaps it's something we need to look into - I'll do some research and see what information is out there.
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  25. online servers

    I bet we can set up a 'server'. But, who's gonna configure it so there's a mission running, and a next one rotating / starting? Currently, we do not have that knowledge in house... I do not even know whether one can configure 'short icons'... or long ones ...
  26. online servers

    Could we have our own server with the settings we prefer?
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