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  2. Its broke my track ir as well
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  4. This is not limited to Blitz either, apparently this 'update' has broken a lot of games
  5. The Tokyo Club

    Sounds interesting!
  6. Steam has just updated and still no worky
  7. Yesterday
  8. The Tokyo Club

    Greetings , I am organizing an online event that I hope will appeal to at least some members of Your Squad. I don't know how many of you guys still fly HSFX , but I thought I would extend the invitation anyway. The concept is a full length ( about 4 hours) Mission to be flown online on Sat April 7 (tentatively). It will also require an organizational meeting and server test one week prior Sat Mar 31. The Mission will run from 1800hrs Atlantic to 2200 hrs Atlantic on 7 April. (Coincidentally this date in 1945 was actually a bomb mission by the Tokyo Club on Honshu - I had no idea when I first came up with the concept.) The Meeting will run from 1800hrs Atlantic on Mar 31 as long as deemed necessary , and a brief stress test will be performed when the meeting is over. I have invited several squads and some diverse friends in the hopes of pulling a decent turnout. The time has been considered to offer the best chance for Pilots from the broadest number of timezones to participate. The Mission : A B29 bombing raid on Honshu ( the central Japanese home island) escorted by P51D VLR(Very Long Range) fighters of the VII fighter Command based on Iwo Jima - The Tokyo Club. Technical Information : IL2 Version will be HSFX7.0.3 Communication will be on Teamspeak3 IP-Address TBA The Mission will be in Dogfight format - this will allow involvement of those not able to turn up at the exact start time. I realise that in-game settings are always a subject for debate in such an endeavour. The settings I have chosen for this exercise are not what I would choose for myself , but rather those which I think will appeal to the broadest number of pilots. If you choose to fly this mission you do so in acceptance of my requirements and settings for this mission. The Map used will be the Kanto Plain Mod Map for jsgme - I will make it available in a dropbox link later This is not a perfect map - it has some flaws ; but I have determined it the best one to serve the purpose of this mission. I will supply an historical skinpack which must be used - I will make it available in a dropbox link later. Realistic Navigation will be ON. MDS Fog of War settings will be used. Radar will be active. HUD Icons will be on , but settings will be restrictive. Individual Scores will be OFF. Team Cumulative Scores will be ON. There will be a finite supply of airframes. Red Bombers and Escort Fighters will take off from Iwo Jima , fly to the Japanese Mainland , bomb one/all/some of the available targets , and return to Iwo Jima. The Red Team will be furnished with Recon Photos of the potential target areas at the time of the meeting Mar 31. This will allow them to discuss and determine which targets they will attack and plan their coordinated action. Blue Fighters will attempt to locate and intercept the raids - they will not know for sure which targets the Red Team is planning to strike. Blue Fighters will have one or two aircraft types associated with specific airfields. Blue aircraft may sortie , return to base , rearm and fly again as many times as they wish , as long as their aircraft has not been heavily damaged , and they return to their home base. Damaged aircraft which force-land at a friendly base that is not their homebase will not be counted against the point total - but the airframe will no longer be available for re-use. Squads/Players may choose to Fly as a Red Bomber Sqdn , a Red Fighter Escort Sqdn , or a Blue Interceptor Sqdn. Pilots must be pre-allocated in order to fly. A Mission Password will be issued at the pre-meeting. Red Pilots must commit to the entire 4 hour Mission. Blue Pilots can come and go as they wish , and may change aircraft types and homebases each sortie. Both sides will have very limited air re-spawn points. For the Red Team these will be Fighters only. For the Red Team the Fuel Limit for an airspawn is 70 %. For the Blue Team the Fuel Limit for an airspawn is 50 %. I hope this appeals to your Squad as a group event. It would assist my organization if your groups applied to fly as a group , either Red Bomber , Red Fighter , or Blue Fighter. You can get in contact with me by pm at either Mission 4 Today , Special Aircraft Service , or SEOWHQ - or on Teamspeak a few nights a week at Joint command , or at Ventrilo with Aces High. I look forward to hearing from you. Kopfdorfer
  9. see here: Attention All: Steam Update is causing failure of the game to start
  10. It's been broken by a Steam Update ... only thing to do is wait for a fix.
  11. So in a nut shell. whats happening with Blitz ?
  12. Thanks for that Very interesting.
  13. Manslaughter charge for Shoreham pilot

    Absolutely Chris ! I remember the long discussion we had here following the incident going through all of the possible reasons , trying to make sense of it. Siobhan will never forget it either.....
  14. Find Vanders mission in this thread; https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/30922-the-syndicate-corner/?page=2 Unzip to; C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\Multiplayer\Cooperative
  15. Manslaughter charge for Shoreham pilot

    Yes indeed. Let's hope this offers some form of resolution to the families that have suffered for nearly three years. As for the pilot, well I just cannot imagine being in his shoes right now. A totally avoidable incident. It's a day I certainly will never forget, wouldn't you say Painless?
  16. Last week
  17. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-43494430
  18. The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    Cool piloting skills! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Who has what

    I think that a who has what spreadsheet for mission builders is a great idea Toad
  20. The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    Has this been up yet? Well, wheels were up for sure.
  21. Confirmed Kira does have it.
  22. Best night/day for BoX

    Artie and I think Kira have BoX.
  23. joystick fooked any suggestions

    thanks guys , yes Sid this is the same problem I had, Iv superglued the cable at both ends but might go belts and braces and tape it up as well Ill have a look at that link Crash TY
  24. joystick fooked any suggestions

    Hey Dave, just seen this post. My X52 is a number of years old...don't know how many though. I didn't have any issues with it until last year when the stick part wasn't connecting to the computer. It turned out to be an intermittant connection fault between the stick and the throttle section. I could get it to stay connected sometimes by waggling the connection into the stick but eventually secured it in position by curving the joining cable to give a positive pressure on the stick connection and securing it with tape. My Hotas and two saitek quadrants are all mounted on a board so can't move so no issues since then.
  25. joystick fooked any suggestions

    Logi have updated the X-56 https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=202785 Might be worth a look in a few months to see if it really has been improved.
  26. I will be in later ( your) tonight 8:00pm or earlier for a short one, due time difference and having to go back to work. Your time change coming up will put every thing in place again.
  27. Red owns Box Usually we get me, Sid, Mr P, Swep, Delta, Wingflyer, Artie (although he hasnt been there much lately) Sometimes Ovy, FT, BluBear, FunFlak, Alpha, Kira. (I do understand that real life can get in the way) Apology's to any missed out
  28. OK, so I've pulled the poll for now, as it appears we need a rethink. I'm sort of in agreement with the views above - there might be a case for dropping the Tuesday '46 session in favour of a BoX training/setup/co-op one instead. How many people do we get on a Tuesday on average - 6? 10? How many of those active have BoX as well? Maybe a straw poll of the active Dogz tonight?
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