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  2. P40 tailwheel works like this; If you do NOT push on the rudder bar the tail wheel is left locked in place. If you push the rudder more than 30 degrees the tailwheel becomes steerable. You only need that for sharp turns from parking spots and then use the toe brakes too. In the video - when I'm taxiing around the track to the start of the runway, with just a little speed up - I'm just using a spot of rudder to keep it going right. Only about 15% throttle. Oh yeah; once airborne you can close the cooling flaps almost completely. Be prepared to crash - a lot!
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  4. Yes. Realism was set to Normal. Now it's set to what you said. And I saw your ReShade settings. Thx! Cheers! Just so I am clear.. There is no tail lock? I watched the videos you posted and some others.. And they said the tail wheel was steerable with the pedals. So, I guess it does not just lock if it is steerable?
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  6. Prop-pitch tied to throttle? Sounds like your game is in 'Normal' difficulty mode. This means simplified flight physics and engine management. To check - and to put your game into the same settings you'd use for IL2 1946, CLoD and DCS - go into the QMB screen and down the bottom right is the select realism button. Click on it and then select custom mode and UNCHECK all the boxes except; Object markers Allow spectators Warmed up engine Auto pilot Much nicer! Re-shade settings? I'm using the latest version which is now 3.something or other. Check out post #10 in this thread;
  7. Thanks, I'll have a look through that stuff. The prop pitch seemed tied to the throttle, so I wasn't messing with that yet. PS: can you share your ReShade profile .ini ?
  8. P40 manual? There isn't really such a thing inside the game. The link FT gives is a very handy one and gives all the aircraft specs and engine limits. Engine limits are very important on the P40! Here's one of Requiem's excellent guides; One of the oddities of the BoS series is the importance of learning how to taxi. Actually flying the planes is the easy bit. It's mastering the ground handling that takes some practise. The P40 isn't too hard but its a matter of gentle inputs in all things. It has toe brakes which makes things a lot easier but the tail-wheel steering on these things requires....familiarisation Do not be tempted to push the prop-pitch control to 100% as you'll blow the engine just after take-off. Around 85% is sufficient. During the take off run the tail will come up easily but you'll need to give a bit of a tug on the stick to actually get it off the ground. Again, watch the engine settings I'm using. At the end of July/early August there will be a major change to the FM modelling released which will hopefully have a positive effect on the P40 which at the moment - in combination with the strict engine limits we have - is a bit of a handful.
  9. Found this, here: link to Il2 Forums
  10. Thanks, Where in the hell is the P-40 manual? I don't see it in the game folder.. and Google was no help... I am just spinning like a top on the taxiway.. I need help with this bugger.
  11. Yea, I was just surprised they had a Spit in the East European theater? Is that realistic?
  12. Hi Snacko. The Spit comes from here; It's in early access now.
  13. I just bought Bom. Had Stalingrad but I never liked the map. [emoji6] Why are they putting a Spit in this game? [emoji12] Sent from my Moto Z Play using Tapatalk
  14. Crimea '41-'42 View File Crimea mod for joining a specific mission by VARP, Sunday 25th June 2017. Download it, extract the .rar, and put the resulting folder in the jsgme folder, then use JSGME to activate 'Crimea '41-'42. Submitter FoolTrottel Submitted 06/23/2017 Category HSFX 7 Checksum  
  15. Another thirteen days? They're just being cruel now.
  16. I will have to sort my log on issues with BoS and get back into it.
  17. It would appear two weeks exactly; the sixth of July. To coincide with the end of their "huge summer sale". Gits! This has been the most anticipated plane release by far.
  18. 2 weeks maybe then?
  19. Not next week. Bugger!
  20. Another one not going...sigh. Sorry you're missing this one Kelly - I might be in the London area 24th-25th though.
  21. I'm now in Israel that week...but will be in London July 24 for a couple days. Then off to Poland and back July 29 in London for 3 days. any chance any of you are around?
  22. Good grief, that's some noise! Must, must, must do Chino at some point! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  23. Navy Wings report that the underside of the Sea Vixen has suffered substantial structural damage and will take at least two years to repair, probably more. Fault was due to a seized hydraulic pump which caused the quill drive shaft to shear doing major damage to the gearbox in the process. Bet that went with a bang.
  24. My God! he's created........Frankenstick Run!!
  25. lunchbox of DOOOM!
  26. wot?
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