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  2. That's my point Delta - there's nothing wrong with the files but they do something which your AV flags as being suspicious - a 'false positive' if you will. Sometimes this is due to a file carrying out an operation in a folder which is protected - The Program Files folders are a case in point - If you think back to IL-2-1946 when people started switching from XP to later OSes, we had to move game folders out of the Program Files folders because of the way in which the game was trying write data back to its internal files was being interfered with by Windows. If you move your Steam folder out of the Program Files folder (there's a setting in steam for this) to a location which is unprotected (C:\ for instance) you might not have this problem. On the other hand I am firmly convinced that (the free version of) AVG is pretty naff and does do this sort of thing a lot.
  3. I have scanned the folders with spybot and malwarebytes and they come up clean but just annoying to have the issue
  4. - Server is now running 4.5 - Beaufighters are available at Wilmington, Hawkinge, Rochester, Canterbury. - Mission now runs for 'only' four hours. This is a bit of a test, to watch the Game's RAM use on the DF Server.
  5. For what it's worth, my Norton AV did not seem concerned by Blitz.I have a feeling though it might be in part due to the steam folder location - blitz is a 64-bit application but your steam folder is in Program Files (x86) which is a location for 32-bit applications - does windows handle programs differently if they're installed here? Again, for what it's worth, my Steam folder is in E: \steam\... so it's outside the 'risky' Program Files folder. I have updated the OP to reflect the changes to the CloD server made by FT.
  6. Last week
  7. My AVG does not like the launcher exe App name C:|program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\il-2 Sturmovick cliffs of dover blitz\launcher64.exe protected folder c;\users\dave\documents file path c:\users\dave\documents\ic softclub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\missions\multi\co-op\airfield attack a.jpg detected by ransomware protection I have had to put launcher and 1csoftclub folder in my exceptions tho not happy to do so
  8. Thanks, yes I know. I have posted with their devs. This morning they are saying it is a problem with Logitech controllers or Wheels. I'm in no hurry. I think they will get it fixed. Cherrio!
  9. Was this on our server Perf? I've seen that happen there. Will keep an eye on it, though it looks like it simply uses more RAM on there...
  10. TFS are working on a patch to fix the launcher problem Snacko.
  11. Beaufighter gun sound and cowl flaps issues are both with the developers although I don't have the gun issue on my machine. We might get a patch for the sounds but animated cowl flaps will probably have to wait for v5.0. I copied my settings over from 4.312 so the axis problem hadn't affected me. I've checked on the TFS beta forum though and it has been previously reported. A cold engine will require several minutes warm up before advancing the throttle otherwise you'll cause the engine to stop.
  12. Stuttering and framerate fluctuations (30-60) although I see see a couple of planes warping too so I'll hold back on judgement. With Vsync off I'm getting framerates in the 120's with all on high so I doubt its at my end. Beaufighter- Gunfire sounds continue after trigger release till I hit trigger again. Cowl flaps don't animate(it is the open rad command right??). ................ Hell of a time getting engine to stay lit?? Right engine only.... And it defaults all your axis sensitivities to one, meaning it slows down control responses. Set to zero.
  13. Got the impression that on the server it uses lots more memory ... then again, currently, there's lots more pilots on it than before, so ...
  14. Strange; for the same settings I seem to have worse FPS in Blitz than in the previous version and it's still lumpy, bumpy, choppy CLoD. I was under the impression the switch to 64bit and DX11 would have improved this?
  15. Some have traced blame for launch failure to their Anti-Virus software Snack... might be worth investigating that route.
  16. Could it be related to other software running? For keys/controllers? SweetFX overlays? (just guessing here...)
  17. Crash, Crash, Crash. Not Crash, I mean Blitz. So far that's all it's good for. But it's great for showing that new Logo before the crash. Event Log says it's the ntdll.dll causing the crash. Devs say it's a 32bit overlay probably. Others say they have fixed it by unplugging their controllers the first time they run it. None worked for me. Oh well..
  18. Have created our own 'BlitzWatchDog' for the server, so it re-launches Blitz whenever it stops, or whenever the server gets restarted. Not sure whether it all works okay, as well, testing a situation that occurs once in 6 hours is kinda taking a while... Mind you: Our server hás been upgraded, and it cannot be used by any 4.312 version clients! Just to be very and extra clear: This BlitzWatchdog' is a server-side utility, got nothing to do with you clients. Try and reach out to me whenever you got issues connecting, ie. when our Blitz server is not online.
  19. Open steam, go to library》games and you shoud see blitz down in the list as an available game. Click on it and download, it will install as a separate entity altogether. Simples. It's about 6.3gb. I also managed to port across my ammo and custom window settings by dropping in my conf confuser and user ini files.
  20. where do we download the latest updates (which file etc) . will that info be posted here soon ?
  21. Important safety tip: Under "This PC>Documents>1C SoftClub>il-2 sturmovik cliff of dover" rename this folder to something else, I just put a -1 on the end. Blitz uses the same folder for itself and can cause some problems. I found I could copy and paste my user.ini file for my ammo loadouts into the new folder and it works just fine. I remapped all my controls as Blitz sees the controls differently now so the Win 10 problem of changing usb ports should be a thing of the past. First flights look really nice.
  22. Still downloading here. anyone know if and what settings we can carry over from the original to this? IE ammo belts, keyboard and joystick config etc?
  23. Our Server is in the process of being upgraded as well It's running at the moment, but that will be over and done with in a few hours. Will fix that in a few days. I hope. Oh well. It's all nice, and good!
  24. More info here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/32880-il-2-sturmovik-cliffs-dover-blitz-now-available-full-list/ Exciting!
  25. Kennedy Steve: JFK Ground Controller

    That guy is sharp !
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