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  2. Been feeling pretty ill this weekend chaps, but have missed you all, so I am planning to be there
  3. Also another skin to download! I've made some revisions and additions to my personal P-38 skin that I have been meaning to do for a while but hadn't had the time to get done till now. Please find attached. P38J25_402nd_Fen.dds
  4. Yesterday
  5. Hi Fen,


    I can't make to Sunday's Mission. Going to a family wake.

    I am also working from Tue to Friday for the next few weeks and will not be able make missions on those Tuesdays.




  6. Thank you very much for sorting it out Arjen! Yet more Karma points coming your way. If you carry on like this, you and Tom will be reincarnated as a well hung princes who can fly !
  7. Last week
  8. Just to confirm I will be unavailable for Sunday as on R&R
  9. Server now running 4.501 Unfortunately, we have lost some of the GoodCoops missions - there are only four left at the moment. Sure, will start saving them again, but this time we should only put missions in that have the original .mission file, as with bigger updates (like 4.501 is) the .msbin can no longer be loaded... Oh well... Looks like I found a workaround for this...
  10. Interesting read chaps, it seems to me that the only “fair” way to artificially balance things retrospectively is to award another 5 confirmed air kills to any pilot of Major rank or above and call it quits 😉👍🏻
  11. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/12826-game-updates/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-999607
  12. A further complication is I suspect the game and PWCG don't attribute ground kills the same way. Example: say you and I each throw a bomb at the same ground target - Chris, your bomb lands first close, but not on; it detonates and reduces the the targets 'health' to 5%. However, my bomb detonates closer a fraction of a second later and finishes it off. Il-2:GBS registers this as a kill to you because you did 95% of the work, you get the message, happy camper, big grin, drinks on Chris. However, PWCG might not be so discerning - it might be looking at the logs for whose weapon was last responsible for causing the damage to target prior to destruction and hence awards me the kill. Chris sad. I think this is partially responsible for some of the lack of reconciliation between what the game tells us whilst we play the mission and what PWCG awards. This, with the added complication that none of your kills were registering at all (which I hope to god has been sorted by my tinkering, cos otherwise I am at a loss as to what could be causing the issue) means I'm scratching around in the murk trying to figure out whats going on with this particular issue.
  13. Gotcha, as I suspected. Honestly mate I understand don't worry, databases are no fun at all! So all this time I've been a phantom phlyer, an invisible death machine haunting the enemy ground units: "Hey Jürgen, can you hear that - it sounds like a fork-tailed devil getting real close, but I can't see anything?" "Don't be crazy Schmitt, you're starting to loose your mind from too much looted Jenever. Besides, I have eyes on all the enemy aircraft over to the..." ***BLLLLURGGGGGGH, CRACK CRACK CRACK, BOOM*** As 20mm cannon shells rip through the FlaK 40 emplacement; Jürgen is nowhere to be seen and Schmitt pulls himself out of a ditch with a muddied, bloodied face. An empty bottle of Jenever rolls down the bank next to the wrecked gun emplacement and clinks to a stop on his one remaining boot. The Phantom P-38 has struck again.
  14. Done. No more trailing spaces found. No way to do that through automation. I could attempt to manually edit the CampaignLog.json, the 19441021.CombatReport.json and 102370402.json files, which I did for your Ju 52 kill, however at one point when attempting to verify my edits had worked in the PWCG GUI it deleted the entire contents of the CampaignLog, which includes the results for every persona in every squadron - gone! Luckily I had a backup copy, but I had to start the edits from scratch again VERY carefully, and ensured the three matched exactly prior to opening the PWCG GUI again. It took around an hour to do the messing around, find out what needed changing where and go back through the lists - then another half hour after discovering the deletion of the CampaignLog contents and having to start from scratch; doing that for multiple ground targets? Sorry Chris mate, maybe if I was single and without sproglet but that's a big ask. I'd also require a list of your targets destroyed from you, where and on what date - the issue being that the PWCG has not logged the destruction of any target you have attacked; it's not like I can see that target x has been destroyed by "unknown" and just fill in the blanks. They just straight up don't exist in the logs. So I'd have to create them from scratch.
  15. Great idea, but I think PWCG will not have such an option built in - it would mess up current results for sure - should one be able to re-run it through PWCG then probably air kills will be counted yet again - as well as ground stuff kills that had been registered the first time ... though that may not be a bad thing ... And now for the manual way: Read log files and retrieve the kills that way. Sounds good in theory, until you find like 165 log files for one mission, and I took this small bit out of one log file just to show it's really not doable: T:0 AType:15 VER:17 T:173873 AType:12 ID:1402880 TYPE:M16 Half-track AAA gun COUNTRY:103 NAME:m16 PID:-1 POS(111287.6875,136.1675,184716.0625) T:173873 AType:3 AID:-1 TID:1402880 POS(111287.6875,136.1675,184716.0625) T:173968 AType:12 ID:1393664 TYPE:M16 Half-track AAA gun COUNTRY:103 NAME:m16 PID:-1 POS(111287.6719,135.9392,184705.2813) T:173968 AType:3 AID:-1 TID:1393664 POS(111287.6719,135.9392,184705.2813) T:174142 AType:12 ID:8192 TYPE:BlocksArray COUNTRY:103 NAME:BlocksArray PID:-1 POS(0.0000,0.0000,0.0000) T:174142 AType:1 AMMO:explosion AID:8196 TID:8192 T:174142 AType:12 ID:726016 TYPE:Flak 38 COUNTRY:201 NAME:flak38 PID:-1 POS(82003.2578,503.8732,200700.9844) T:174142 AType:1 AMMO:explosion AID:8196 TID:726016 T:174143 AType:2 DMG:0.0899 AID:8196 TID:726016 POS(82003.2578,503.8732,200700.9844) T:174143 AType:12 ID:8192 TYPE:art_position_small[47891,0] COUNTRY:103 NAME:BlocksArray PID:-1 POS(0.0000,0.0000,0.0000) T:174143 AType:1 AMMO:BULLET_USA_12-7x99_AP AID:8196 TID:8192 T:174146 AType:12 ID:8192 TYPE:BlocksArray COUNTRY:103 NAME:BlocksArray PID:-1 POS(0.0000,0.0000,0.0000) T:174146 AType:1 AMMO:explosion AID:8196 TID:8192 T:174146 AType:1 AMMO:explosion AID:8196 TID:726016 T:174147 AType:12 ID:8192 TYPE:art_position_small[47891,0] COUNTRY:201 NAME:BlocksArray PID:-1 POS(0.0000,0.0000,0.0000) T:174147 AType:2 DMG:0.0010 AID:8196 TID:8192 POS(82003.2578,503.8732,200700.9844) T:174147 AType:2 DMG:0.1007 AID:8196 TID:726016 POS(82003.2578,503.8732,200700.9844) T:174153 AType:12 ID:8192 TYPE:art_position_small[47891,1] COUNTRY:201 NAME:BlocksArray PID:-1 POS(0.0000,0.0000,0.0000) T:174153 AType:1 AMMO:BULLET_USA_12-7x99_AP AID:8196 TID:8192 T:174153 AType:12 ID:8192 TYPE:BlocksArray COUNTRY:201 NAME:BlocksArray PID:-1 POS(0.0000,0.0000,0.0000) Or maybe ... well, Fen's got a proper good brain that he knows how to use properly ... so ... who knows? Yeah, a lot of this are just assumptions... but given the circumstances and complexity ... checking the names and spaces will do fine!
  16. Interesting. If that is indeed the issue, would it be possible then to retrospectively rerun the reports of past missions to retrieve lost claims? You know, in the spirit of a backlog in the intelligence unit, lost files from the observer corps or something? Obviously if it's a ball ache I'm not bothered, I haven't the foggiest what's involved. It's more important that the bugs are ironed out for future missions.
  17. Kimo*


    Good to a see you again TOAD. I look forward to flying will you again Sir.
  18. Me thinks you need to do some more database checking on them trailing spaces Tom ... there are more pilots that have flown multiple missions, like Dennis, with Zero ground kills. Funflak as well... might be worth looking into!
  19. Cools! Good show all! Goes to show we all should be aware of peculiarities during this campaign - and report them in debrief - or rather here in the thread like Chris did... It could be nothing as in a quirk in the game, or an observational error - it could be something else that is fixable!
  20. Again I concur that Chis had those G T and I also had G-kills on the game score board not record.
  21. I think I may have found the problem Chris. After PWCG had not registered your air kill last night, I decided that I had to go start digging through the file structure and manually edit the entries to award you the Ju 52 kill. In the process I noticed a small typo; when entering your persona name I had inadvertently put a 'space' at the end. Don't ask me why but it happened. I suspect this has something to do with why your kills are not registering. I have corrected the error and hopefully next mission things should start recording properly for you. My apologies mate, my mistake, though I had no idea of it or the ramifications and it was only by chance that I spotted the anomaly. Fingers crossed that the fix sorts it.
  22. Well done 402, a succesful mission indeed! Most enjoyable, despite flying with a constantly shaking MSFF2. Once again though, none of my destroyed ground targets are being registered, which is most strange: Our initial bomb run on the minimal targets at Aachen as you mention was effective. The game registered locomotives/wagons and a platform (I think?) for me at the time, I certainly saw them go up and Wingy had eyes on the attack if I recall. I also knobbled a couple of AAA guns in and around Eupen for sure. I've flown 9 missions now under two alias' and definitely hit ground targets on at least half of those, but PWCG has not ever registered a single ground kill for me. How does it gather that data? This is purely a bug-fixing endaevor you understand
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