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  2. DD_Arthur

    Time to cobble something together for christmas

    After some slight re-arranging of my case I have installed an RTX2070. It's one big mother of a card and everything is whizzing along splendidly at warp factor eight. As an added bonus my cpu is running around five to six degrees cooler than before too. At the moment it's on a very simple, lazy overclock to 4.1ghz. From past experience I'm sure that with a couple of hours fiddling around I'll be able to get it to 4.5ghz with similar temps. It's all plugged into my 27" screen running at 1920 x 1080. Thus I seem to have a Ferrari engine bolted to a Hillman Minx* transmission. I was therefore thing about one of these; https://www.benq.eu/en-uk/monitor/video-enjoyment/ew3270u.html For a similar cost to the above monitor I could get the Samsung Odyssey +. However, reviews are mixed and my plan is to sit it out for another year to await VR developments before taking the plunge. Of course some, er.....domestic sensitivity - in the spending department - must now prevail However, a quick perusal of evilbay this evening shows some other, very interesting options at half the price..... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HTC-Vive-VR-Headset-including-all-original-components/143180340248 or https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OCULUS-RIFT-TOUCH-VR-HEADSET-inc-2-Controllers-and-2-Sensors-Mint-Condition/372625700492 Therefore I'm now seriously considering taking a punt on a used one at these prices Advice, suggestions, slander, etc. all gratefully received........ *Google it.
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  5. DD_Arthur

    DCS F-14A/B Pre-order Now Available at Heatblur

    It's arrived and it's enormous! Gonna' give it the DCS treatment shortly.
  6. Kira

    Default key bindings for F-14

    Here it is Crash:
  7. Crash

    Default key bindings for F-14

    Thanks, I will /might use the WH mapping or use Target to match the default keypress to buttons.
  8. Redtail

    Default key bindings for F-14

    Have a look at 'Spudknocker' on YouTube.He has a vid on HOTAS setup covering the bare essentials.I have a CH Combat stick and CH Throttle. Plenty of buttons and switches to cover the necessary! All I did was put DCS on Windows mode and worked my way through adding the necessary as he worked his way through. You can add others as you get on with the big bus😉
  9. DD_Fenrir

    Default key bindings for F-14

    Depends on your hardware Dave; Warthog users get a fairly comprehensive and apparently logical mapping. I, on the other hand, with my cosmopolitan selection of hardware elements, did not. What you looking for specifically? Recommendations of what to map to your HOTAS as priority controls?
  10. I have had a look on ED forum but cant find any info. Does anyone know any?
  11. It's running now... (Weird stuff, looks like it was an 'operator error' ... for sure not by me, I am the admin there... )
  12. Oh dear! Thanks for reporting it, will have a look!
  13. Hi DD, Are you aware the DD server in blitz is currently offline? it has been a bit random in its appearances this past week just thought I'd pass the message along. All the best Bruv ~S~
  14. PropNut

    DIY Pendular Rudder Pedals

    Sorry for the late response Crash. Yes I have seen that before, I am a moderator at XSimulator.net. Nice rig. On my own 6DoF; the guy that is selling me my motors should have them off his rig by today and I am supposed to pick them on in Detroit on Thursday. He as messed me about before on this so I am not holding my breath. I already have five motors (three on my driving simpit) and he is selling me all six of his. Worse comes to worse I will have to wait until I find another matching motor and use the five that I already have. Course if I do get these six motors I will of course still find a sixth matching motor and turn my driving simpit from 3DoF to 6 DoF of course
  15. flew it last night , thanks FT
  16. https://sierrahotel.net/blogs/news/hoser-has-flown-west?fbclid=IwAR2rc2ND91blT8-jYtobUAZZdy8RSMNYrQ2KYl_5PGryyYUrzyMGxJG0XZc
  17. =VARP=Klingon

    =VARP= invites you to SEOW: Battle of Okinawa 1945

    Hi again! We thinking to start campaign again but switching sides and go back to coop mode.... 1. Auto start 21:00 without any waiting or restarting. 2. 1.5 hour missions...we could have 2 per night if we want or just 1 if it is too painfull to plan. 3. Since i don't plan to redesign the speeds or unit positions, we will need ~24-28 missions with shrinked time. 4. Expert mode, no expert mode is irrelevant to me, so it can be what ever majority decide 5. Rules and goals stay the same. 6. Hud info can be returned with mod v1.6 no problem 7. Axis ~50 planes, Allies ~60-70 planes....this require testing 8. Number of sea/ground moves stay the same. What do you think guys?
  18. FoolTrottel

    Our GB Server is up and running

    Added the 190D9 to three of the four DF missions on our 24/7 DF server... (One mission only has one active Red base) Spawn only, no AI 190D9.
  19. And again Dear friends, We just released the new update 3.012. Only two weeks have passed since the previous update so the changelist isn't that long, but this time our customers will get FIVE new pieces of content for all three our current projects at once. First, this is a new Collector's Plane for Bodenplatte - Fw 190 D-9 "Dora", one of the legendary late war Luftwaffe planes with very good speed and armament. Its main difference compared to previous models is Jumo-213 A1 water cooled engine equipped with MW 50 water-methanol injection system that can be used to increase the power output even more for up to 10 minutes. Another improvement of this plane is the automatic engine governor MBG and an effective engine cooling. This is also the first aircraft in our project to receive EZ 42 gyro gunsight. "Dora" could carry up to 500 kg bombs and R4M Orkan rockets (the new weapon in our project as well) which later served as a base for many post-war unguided rocket designs. Second, we released the Prokhorovka map for Tank Crew - Clash at Prokhorovka project. This map is an important step in our map technologies because the polygonal net of the landscape is 16 times more detailed than on previous maps. In addition, the detailed zone for ground warfare (20 km to the South and the West of Prokhorovka) contains new high detailed buildings with new damage visualization. It should be noted that this more detailed environment, of course, demands more from the graphics subsystem, but reasonable graphics settings can give you good performance even on middle range video cards. You may ask "Why don't you make all the new maps at this level of detail?", but the answer is that increasing the level of detail reduces the overall size of the map. A good map for the joint tank and air battles (100 x 100 km in case of Prokhorovka) would be not enough for a full-blown, 'air campaign' map that should be 200 x 250 km minimum. Therefore, Prokhorovka map is a fine balance of several things. It allows making interesting tank campaigns, having interesting joint tank and aircraft multiplayer, keeping the performance impact 30% or less at reasonable graphics settings, and having improved visual quality at the ground level required for the ground battles. Third, Tank Crew - Clash at Prokhorovka customers get two new toys: M4A2 and PzKpfw.III Ausf.M. Both tanks were interesting machines and they are recreated painstakingly and with passion. It should be noted that M4A2 could stand its own even against the heavier German adversaries thanks to its maneuverability, good turret traverse speed and sufficient armor penetration ability of its solid AP round. The medium tank PzKpfw.III Ausf.M also had a good chance against medium Soviet tanks - APCR rounds could penetrate their armor while its frontal protection was relatively good thanks to the spaced 50 and 20 mm armor plates. It also had a low visible profile, good maneuverability and high rate of fire. Fourth, Flying Circus customers get Fokker D.VIIF. it was one of the best, if not the best, Deutsche Luftstreitkräfte fighter of WWI. The new and powerful for its time BMW IIIa engine gave the plane high speed and maneuverability at high altitudes while the oxygen supply enabled a pilot to fight up there effectively. Its armament is standard for German fighters of that time - two 7.92 mm LMG 08/15 "Spandau" (650 rounds per minute each). 1. Fw 190 D-9 "Dora" fighter is available to Battle of Bodenplatte Premium Edition owners; 2. Prokhorovka map (Southern part of the Kursk salient) is available to Tank Crew - Clash at Prokhorovka owners; 3. M4A2 tank is available to Tank Crew - Clash at Prokhorovka owners; 4. PzKpfw.III Ausf.M tank is available to Tank Crew - Clash at Prokhorovka owners; 5. Fokker D.VIIF fighter is available to Flying Circus - Volume I owners; 6. Locomotive tenders are destroyable once again; 7. The oxygen system capacity corrected (increased) on Fokker D.VII; 8. The sound of a damaged engine made more pronounced on all aircraft; 9. KV-1s, Pz.VI-H1, M4A2, and Pz.III-M have night gunsight illumination; 10. KV-1s and Pz.VI-H1 turrets bend their antennas when rotating; 11. Rocket exhaust flame corrected - it cuts immediately when the engine of a rocket stops and its smoke trail disappears faster; 12. A game freeze (when a statistics screen was visible on top of the other menus) has been fixed. Please discuss the update in this thread.
  20. Kira

    Aviation News

    First amputee to fly solo in a Spit since Bader and Hodgkinson. https://theaviationgeekclub.com/royal-air-force-airman-becomes-the-first-amputee-to-fly-solo-in-a-spitfire-since-wwii-aces-douglas-bader-and-colin-hoppy-hodgkinson/?fbclid=IwAR1X87_BQg7pSTxXLHT4r4WiTTCnkhLIYTJO79HDfaasEzNZ0MCt7Rj3UdY
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