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  2. You could change gears based on forward/backward movements of the stick like a semi-auto gearbox?
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  4. PapaBear


    Very nice Ross.
  5. I will give this some thought.
  6. Gear selector in a car is not as floppy in its movement as a joystick... Movement is very much limited forward/rearward, and left/right only in its center. That differs a lot from the stirring-in-a-pot a joystick can do ... And even if you can connect them in good working order, how are you going to prevent the stuff from shaking itself to pieces? I do like the idea though
  7. That is the idea. The problem is to link the sticks like the gear selector in a car. As for the FFB effect I think (Hope) the game might apply the effect to the first FFB detected. Well it did in 46. I dont want to spend $1000 on that Brunner base https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=220728
  8. For transmittal of forces - as long as the eye of the rose is both mounted and aligned correctly, and one end of the rod is fixed in my mind it *should* work. Use the FFB as axis and the assign the Warthog buttons. Simples! He says...
  9. I do not see it working, but maybe I am picturing incorrectly? So, is it the idea to add FFB to the Wharthog? Couple them with only one Rod with them joints? If the FFB stick moves, it will move the rod a bit, but due to the joints, the rod will simply rotate on both ends. I do not see it being able to transfer the movement/shake to the Warthog that way, not in the same extent as the FFB moves. And also, you'd have to assign both sticks to the same in game control. Now what do you think would happen to flight controls when they get input from two controllers - ones that are not equal in signal output... I just do not see it, but like said, I may have it pictured all wrong
  10. My sons Lego Teknik is also in the loft...mmmmm Gears and rods and stuff
  11. I may well post in the debate, though for natural reasons I cannot fly as much as I wanted. Got my third cortisone shot, (this year), in the knee this Monday so I'll try to get started again soon. Since I have not yet started with BOX, have forgotten which version I have downloaded, I am pending with that sim so far. I also have CLOD but have not changed to the latest version yet. 1946 works pretty spotless, even though I havn't been able to fly for a while. Should I make a list, it may be something like this (with reservation for BOX), but I belive BOX is the future, even for me. As for times and schedules, I follow you lot. In no any particular order: 1 BOX 2 1946/CLOD 3 CLOD/1946
  12. Now that's some out of the box thinking there Dave - like that idea a lot! Could be doable however, rather than add springs to the transfer circuit, which would dilute the FFB, why not use geometry to provide the necessary gearing to match the throws; similar to how old fashioned rack and pinion steering mechanisms provide differential rates of wheel angle whether steering left or right? Using the right length of arm in combination of mounting the MSFFB2 base at an angle could allow the centres to coincide and full travels to match at the same time?
  13. Jabo


    Like the NZ flag you have there...
  14. So for what it's worth (and I appreciate I'm in the minority here) 1. CloD 1. '46 3. BoX 4. DCS Any day but Friday, Saturday, Sunday difficult to commit to. Oh, and I won't be investing in VR as I have enough trouble dealing with AR. Cheers J
  15. So, looking at the member map, activity in forums, communication and those who I know to have flown with us at least once in the last year, I came up with 35 no. members. There maybe some others. Of that, 25 have thus far voted, making 71.43%. I was going to allow till midnight Sunday 26th May 2019 and then publish the results.
  16. So, in the loft I have a "modded" Sidewinder and I wondered if it could be coupled to the extension on my Warthog using a rod with rose joints. The X-52 handle on it wasnt the success I hoped it would be and now there is a 15mm stub sticking out of the base. I realise the throw on the sticks might be a bit different but I am sure I could use a spring to absorb any movement at the extream positions. I seem to remember seeing rods used on model helicopters am I right?
  17. Cant be many left who havnt said what they would like. Are you coming back Sweper? Fen, when will we have the results?
  18. Painless


    Fantastic set up Ross !
  19. Last week
  20. T_O_A_D


    I still have mine packed up somewhere here in the new house. Didn't we have our call sign and rolls stitched in on the sides or back too?
  21. I don't have broadband, so Meh 😞 But do as you like, and when I do I'll adjust accordingly. Selfishly I'd like 46 on Sundays, because its second nature and when I do get around it's easy to fall in. I certainly miss the camaraderie.
  22. 1. DCS 2. GBS (BoX) 3. CloD 4. Il-2:1946 1. Thursday 2. Sunday 3. Monday 4. Tuesday 5. Wednesday 6. Friday 7. Saturday Brilliant .. thanks for the democratic process ... signed ... Nigel ... sorry Sheriff.
  23. Get well soon Ovy, you are missed mate.
  24. Salute Gents, Hoping soon i'll be able to put on the TrackIr and enjoy an hour or so of flying with my squadron ...i can only do 1. Clod 2. Il21946 Anytime you can serve them up will be fine for me if my condition improves a bit
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