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  1. Yesterday
  2. Excellent fun last night chaps, I was a bit surprised to find out it was a full on 443 mission rather than an in house DDz practice. Not sure where I got my wires crossed there ? My confusion continued as I stole FT’s aircraft and promptly bent his prop on landing, ( other than that things were textbook!) ”You can train monkeys to fly better than that” 🤪
  3. Artie


    Hey Arthur .. these were at the Star Wars ride in Disneyland .. a couple of racks of these were in plain view .. I was surprised at how normal they looked in a futuristic setting ..
  4. DD_Arthur


    Whats this Artie? Have you taken to shooting skeet with MG42's? Are these MG42's? After the war everyman and his dog knocked out their own versions of this thing. I think the Bundeswehr still use 'em. The bonkers rate of fire - with a full size round - is irresistible. When I was a very young marine we were taught the way to deal with 'em - if you couldn't use a mortar - was to get in as close as possible, hope the guy with the MG would loose his head and squeeze off a long burst too many and then rush them while they were doing a barrel change. We were told we had a seven second window. Many years later I read somewhere that the bloody Waffen SS could in fact do it in four seconds!!!
  5. Last week
  6. Today's mission, low level on our way to France ... Do note the altimeter, I did set it to zero on T/O ...
  7. Today's mission, low level on our way to France ...
  8. Fondly thought of quite often, as with other's, hopefully they are all up there having a laugh at us.
  9. Horseball's! You hacked Tom's machine and stole a track 😉
  10. Hell the Music sold it LOL
  11. T_O_A_D

    DCS F4U-1D

    Stop it Already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm never going to learn this new F18 Blow job when all these new Props showing up here and elsewhere.
  12. Check this out; https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/56874-coupe-de-la-rose-p-38-air-race/ OK, it's on a Tuesday night but it seems to start at 1900 gmt so might be good for a warm up before our session starts or even startle the French hosts by turning up mob-handed during the evening Hmmm.....so if I join this for a race I'll have their map in my multiplayer cache....hmmm....
  13. Where is and what is this other small mod called and located?
  14. DD_Arthur

    Jas 39 flyby

    Come and join us for some formation flying in BoX Sweper
  15. Sweper

    Jas 39 flyby

    The anual flyby, or, the flying christmas tree.
  16. Excellent find Sidly, installed and working fine sir. We never flew 46 with the plane “radar” on so this is ideal 😁
  17. Sid

    Maps other planes off

    Version 3010C_2-15


    Removes aircraft from briefing and mini map whilst flying except pilot's own aircraft. Works in single and multiplayer.
  18. Evening chaps I have been looking for a mod that removes all aircraft on the briefing map and mini map except for the pilot's. Painless and I were talking about this a couple of weeks ago as we thought it would increase immersion and prevent the spotting of aircraft on 'radar' which can be annoying for stalking aircraft but would also still allow the map to be used as a navigation aid. Here it is, attached below and can be found in the the vault here . Found it on BoS forums here I have tried it on single player and mutiplayer and when combined with the small icon mod that doesn't include pilot names works a treat, other aircraft only show up in the sky when in icon range so it is down to pilots looking around for friendlies and enemies until their icon is spotted with a 'Mark 1 eyeball'. Once unzipped it is ready for use in JSGME. Would be good if everyone used it. Cheerzen Sid Icon_Map_Other_Planes_Off_3010C_2-15.rar
  19. Salute! Your sure missed around here old friend.
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