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  2. Gosh I don't know what I'm doing lol. I thought I copied and pasted part of my post that I deleted, inn the end it was an old clipboard item that Fen sent me. In any case, the problem is resolved, some files were missing after all.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Thanks for that Video Rox! Lovely stuff...
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8TmyiHwiw869cOo What folder? I don't know what you're talking about.
  6. more stuff again Hello everybody, In spite of the serious events happening in the world, the time flows and it looks like we adapted to the new work conditions. The work processes are set up and we continue at the usual rate. Since we plan to release important renderer improvements in late Spring, we set the workflow to develop the short and long term tasks simultaneously. We'll tell you about what will be released in Summer a bit later, while today we'll concentrate on the coming update 4.005. =AnPetrovich= and =Jason_Williams= told you about the main feature of this update earlier - reworked, improved and advanced damage model of the airframe - but it is not the only huge change that it will include. Speaking of the battle damage modeling, another very important change is the improved frag and blast damage calculations throughout the entire sim. Thanks to the fresh look and research input by our partners at Digital Forms, which make the visual models of the Tank Crew vehicles, we were able to bring the fragments damage calculations to the new level of complexity. Generally speaking, the calculations of the damage incurred by munition fragments became less abstract. The new model is universal for all munition types. The calculations of the warhead fragmentation are more life-like and give the initial speed, mass, and size of the fragments. New progressive methods of modeling their speed decrease use the integration of their movement. The calculations of the penetration ability of the combined HE and frag damage is also less abstract. Instead of using an empirical parameter, the system now uses the speed, mass, and size of a fragment to model a penetration and the massed impact in case of a near explosion is also modeled. Since the calculations of the penetration ability and the energy of fragments were changed, the excessive effectiveness of the bombs against armored targets at large distances has been reduced. The penetration ability of the fragments created by shells containing a small amount of explosives relative to their overall mass was also reduced because of the same reason. The blast damage calculations use a more accurate power law depending on the distance to the blast center. The damage inflicted by a blast and its ability to break through an armor sheet now drops as the distance increases faster than before, but became much more powerful at very short distances. It also should be noted that engines, drivetrains, reduction gearboxes, ammo racks and other large pieces of equipment now have their own hard casings modeled where applicable and they can protect them from some damage. The visual and audio representation of the damage is also updated. The additional causes of the unhearable hits in multiplayer have been found and fixed, new sounds were added for ricochets while the existing hit and explosion sounds were improved. In general, the update 4.005 once again is going to be one of the biggest in the history of our project, its change list contains more than 90 items already. It will bring not only the damage model improvements of course - the new content we told you before, many improvements and fixes for the aircraft and player controllable tanks, audio improvements for various in-game objects and more and more. The sim will be more accessible to the larger audience thanks to the additional language as well. Our team hopes that the update 4.005 will be welcomed by you, our players, and will raise the quality level of our sim to the next level. To finish today's diary, let's add some nice pictures to the mix - this time they are the Yak-9 cockpit shots captured in the game. Its texturing is nearly final while the development of its FM is progressing at a full speed. We hope it will be available to you in early Summer.
  7. Me thinks the real problem is the contents of your Documents folder? 😮
  8. Last week
  9. Need help here, the mod is in the right place but it doesn't register with DCS, can't join DD server. Here's pics: You can see in the lower left corner that the mod requirement is in red. The server is also greyed out when not highlighted. Installation path, A-4E-C folder contains all the stuff it should as per FT's picture. I switched from stable to open beta via updater program yesterday, hence why file path doesn't say DCS.openbeta. I read on the forums that this is normal when switching and shouldn't be an issue. I'm sure this is the right SavedGames/DCS folder as I created a test mission in the game, saved it, and it shows up in the same folder under Missions.
  10. Double wot he said!All this flying, and no time to do it all.
  11. And never ever listen to Painless!!
  12. Many of the chaps fly both DCS and GBS Gravy, you can choose your poison/s For DCS help see Fenrir, for GBS help see FoolTrottel , for life advice and coaching see Sid 😎
  13. Crash

    Recruitment update

    There is no separate DCS squad but a couple fly only/mainly DCS
  14. Gravy

    Recruitment update

    Could i join the DCS squadron?
  15. DD_Arthur

    New Toy Mmm

    After I got home from school today myself and 'm laddy went for our one period of exercise we are allowed per day. T' was another stunning spring day too. Finally, some naughty surfers "no officer, I've never met those people in the water before in my life"
  16. Hey Gravy, DCS is certainly one of our addictions! Welcome to the kennel/pound/madhouse. 😜 We fly DCS thwice a week, Mondays is currently a general activities night, half training half combat ops in both jets and props (whatever takes your mood) in our dedicated DF server and Thursday is when some masochistic types go and partake in an online WW2 PVE campaign under the guise of 443 squadron with some other squads whilst the rest practice their current torture of choice in our DF server.
  17. Gravy

    Recruitment update

    Is this where i go to join the DCS squadron?
  18. Sure - just trying to find time between 443 Sqn, DCS General night and the occasional foray into GBS!
  19. I for one am really interested in this and think it would be something for us to do. Anyone else?
  20. Painless Left in a Hurry I see 😏
  21. T_O_A_D

    You Are Here.jpg

    Thanks Forced into it dead stick, only safe landing I made Sunday LOL
  22. What do you think they are trying to tell ya FB 😏
  23. I seem to be able to use it pretty effectively 😇
  24. Hey Danger Dogz! I want to invite you guys to fly in the WWII Blue Flag Normandy server that had just gone up again after a few months being down. I've been flying in WWII simulation for maybe 20 years, started with the good old Warbirds, moved to Aces High, then IL-2 and on to modern from there. The new server concept is similar to the old Warbirds / Aces High concept, you have a persistent campaign that runs 24/7, you select which coalition you want to fly in and jump on board to help your side! We have online live map & statistics - http://gadget.buddyspike.net/map/normandy Discord for communication and chat - https://discord.gg/8VPX9wk Using SRS for online play and communications Hope to see you in the server! Xcom
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