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  2. So every now and then I fire up the old DangerDogz - All welcome CliffsOfDover server ...like today, and then you get this... lol Eighteen silly buggers still having a go at it! I did do a Hurricane mission from Gravesend, climb climb towards 20k ft, nearly popped the radiator - headed east, then south south west over the channel, then east, chasing ... then attacked some enemy bombers that headed north off of Beachy Head, shot down one, damaged another, ran out of ammo, landed back at Gravesend... phew... (That brought back some memories... lol) Really, I was thinkin' of doin' a warm up in the Hurricane in Clod, switch over to Delta's campaign - I got stuck in clod - I'm sorry... shot_20240519_213148.bmp
  3. I'm not sure that mass value actually relates directly to the weight of the ordinance. Most mass values seem to be within the region of lb's divided by between 17 to 22, although there are some serious outliers in the screenshot you posted like TOW's. I suspect its just an arbitrary value the mod creator put in..... I would think just divide the weight in pounds by 20 would do, and keep it in line with the rest of the mod and the weights of the pallets.
  4. Ok, now I have cracked adding missing items, please check the list below for the load-outs you use and make sure it can be re-supplied if required. If its not in the lists below and the airfield runs out of stock you will not be able to load up your plane with that ordinance again. I am considering implementing this both for the campaign AND the regular Thursday / Monday (Tuesday) sessions. Please let me know as soon as possible if you spot something missing. If you also have any comments on the initial stock numbers, please let me know. I am thinking of setting the active airfields to 50 units only for each weapon, but that may be too low. If anyone wants to come up with a list of alternative numbers please let me know. The re-supply point(s) will have pretty much un-limited stocks so can re-supply as many times as required.
  5. Salute, I am currently working out how to add some missing cargo elements to the DCS Hercules (a VERY good free mod that adds a whole new experience of logistics and stores delivery to the game, see you do not always have to be putting warheads on foreheads - you can contribute to the war effort in other ways... ) Anyway, when adding cargo the weight is taken into account and does affect the performance. I am in the process of adding my first two missing items (AGM-114K and AGM-114L) which are "Hellfire" missiles used by the Apache. As you can see from the pasted script below I have just copied the line from AGM-65D and modified the descriptions where required. I looked up the missiles on Wiki and found their weight (100-108lb) so loading 10 missiles gives me a weight of 100 x 10 = 1000lb. (ignore the mass values as these are copied from the original line. As the weight of the 114's is lighter than the 65D, the mass will be lighter. What I do not know how to convert is the "MASS" value. You can see from the other examples how it relates to the load weight. Can anyone tell me please (or point to a good resource) what the formula would be for ILBs to mass?
  6. Last week
  7. Well Colin that sounds like a great idea. Although it always great if we can choose what we need on the fly for a mission situation at hand on the fly. Pretty most of the weapons available for each helio or jet. Although there may be some that are not practical or effective. Harpoons seems to be one type but, there is enemy sea vessels that have to be neutralized or eliminated. I love the idea thou.
  8. Dawn 17th May 1940 Scramble The first wave of enemy bombers and their escort are in the air and heading for our positions Our ground personnel are still evacuating so we must protect our air bases at Asch and Klein Brogel and our communications centre at Maastricht A flight will fly from Einhoven and cover sector 1713 to 1719 B flight will fly from diest and cover sector 1813 to 1819 C flight will fly from St trod and cover sector 2013 to 2019 We are flying into the sun so bombers may be difficult to spot , so flights will stagger from 7000ft to 1000ft. Once spotted call in other flights for reinforcement. There may be secondary waves so essential we protect our objectives This is posted early as I am busy overnight. Next mission is scheduled for Sunday 19th at 21:00 GMT. Please be on TeamSpeak by 20:45 We will be flying Dogz settings so MODS ON; plane on minimap, icons on, unrestricted loadouts. This is a dogfight and you will start parked next to runway. There are unlimited planes. There is also an airstart base for this mission. Pilots are only allowed to use this if they have been shot down or crashed following a take off from one of the ground start bases. I would ask that during the battle of France that you restrict Hurricane loadout to .303 browning’s and not the cannons available,
  9. I have long been wanting to do something with logistics within DCS. Now that we have the Hercules (and soon hopefully with the same capabilities', the "Hook") I need to know what weapons do we load onto our planes and helicopters. Our primary plane set is pretty set (A10, F5, F14, F15, F16, F18, MC2000, Huey, Apache), obviously I will the add requirements of new modules as they come on line. Would you please all help me to set up the "warehouse" of what we take, I am willing to bet that you all have favourite loadouts for CAP, SEAD, Ground Attack etc and take the same loadouts each time. I need to know what types and the correct name (e.g. Aim-120-B) and nick-name (if applicable for when the Logistics Officer gets shouted at "We NEED MAVERICKS, NOW!"), not just "Sidewinder" for example. I need bombs and missiles / rockets. My intension is to utilize into our missions the standard DCS Resources feature, where I can set the stock levels for equipment and weapons which get depleted each time you load your plane up (and re-stocked if you bring them home unused, the Stores Manager will NOT take in used items), meaning that at some point we will need to re-stock from a Supply Point, otherwise its "No Warheads On Foreheads" for you! I can do the same with fuel but I think that will be "Phase 2". Many thanks for your assistance with this. Friar.
  10. Good work delta. glad to hear you made some progress. We are looking to run the campaign for a number of weeks on a Monday (Tuesday) / Thursday. I will be making sure all of our required plane sets are available at each stage.
  11. Following last nights frustrations I did a bit of googling and found these solutions 1) remove mods and complete repair 2) remove fxo and metashaders folders 3) remove dcs entries in appdata file 4) replace mods and launch game, once game has loaded ,load map you are going to play in mission editor, once loaded close then go to multiplayer This has got me down to about 6 mins from launching game to sucessfully loaded cockpit and ready to go. Previously it either crashed or took 20 odd mins. Hope this helps others, I will test later for repeatability
  12. Almost there.... The GPU support they sent with the (4070Ti) card is a bit of a joke. I bought something off Amazon, installed it. Didn't like it. Modified it ... still not very good. I had some 2mm aluminum sheet so I made something solid. Final fit before paint.
  13. Attention pilots Gentlemen The enemy have repaired the damaged bridges and supplemented these with pontoons, they have secured their bridgeheads and reinforced them with aa making further attacks futile. This has also freed up their fighter planes which we believe will be used to escort bombers. Their bomber force has been observed moving to forward bases in preparation for strikes against us. We believe that their main targets will be our forward air bases at Asch and Klein Brogel and communication hub of Maastrict. With the prospect of air strikes and the advancing enemy ground troops we have made the decision to withdraw west. The battles have already moved to safer bases in the west and we will use our remaining hurricanes to defend the air space to cover the evacuation of our ground personnel and the civilian population. There will be standing patrols and every remaining airfield will be on high alert to scramble. There will be a briefing update in 3 days time. Next mission is scheduled for Sunday 19th at 21:00 GMT. A detailed breif will be posted on Sunday. Please be on TeamSpeak by 20:45 We will be flying Dogz settings so MODS ON; plane on minimap, icons on, unrestricted loadouts. This is a dogfight and you will start parked next to runway. There are unlimited planes. There is also an airstart base for this mission. Pilots are only allowed to use this if they have been shot down or crashed following a take off from one of the ground start bases. I would ask that during the battle of France that you restrict Hurricane loadout to .303 browning’s and not the cannons available,
  14. UPDATE 16th May 2024 Persian Gulf and Syria 10:00 Maps Only Added new function (ready for next week ), Air to Air Training, or any other plane that wants to use it. I have added two new options to the F10 "other" menu. These are for air to air training and give the player the option of shooting at both unarmed or armed Mig-21's Both options will spawn in a set of 4 Mig-21's at 3000m, unlimited fuel and instructions to evade fire. One option has the 4 unarmed, the other has them armed for air to air engagement. Each set of 4 is generated by use of the menu option, so once all of the targets have been eliminated, you can, when ready, hit the option again to start another set of 4. This also means of course that if two players are in the air together, they can, if they wish both trigger a set of 4, or work together against 1, 2 or multiple sets of 4. Both flights (unarmed or armed) will operate in the same air space so if you have armed and unarmed both triggered, make sure you know what you are up against! On the Persian Gulf map they are heading 176 deg (north to south towards the training area north of the airfield and taking up a race track orbit) On the Syria map they are heading East to West heading 253 deg and again taking up a race track orbit north of Incirlik Airbase.
  15. Another one, this time giving some information on how to bomb. Not a tutorial, just a first impressions but gives an idea of what will be required.
  16. Hi Eshark, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks DangerDogz Forum
  17. @FoolTrottel - Sorry sir, I forgot about you! how could I! I shall punish myself accordingly
  18. Had a good test last night (monday) and it looks like this formula is going to be a winner. The time just flew by (no pun intended) and it was midnight before we realised it. There were a couple of hiccups with performance. It got a bit stuttery at the start when there were lots of objects on the map. I am goin to try and address this by removing items outside the area of operations. There are two contenders for this scenario, the one which we ran last night which is in Syria and one developed by the guy who developed the thing I keep going on about DML, which uses the Caucuses map. The plan is to run the Syria version again on Thursday so the likes of @BluBear , @PapaBear and @delta7 can experience it to give their feed back. @wingflyr played last night and has he along with the other Canadians (plus some antipodeans' ) are already running a campaign and was able to pass on some valuable tips. Thank you. To play you will need the Hercules mod (there is the option to fly in supplies to a newly captured airfield, "its really cool" (as the youff say). You can get the latest version here; https://forum.dcs.world/topic/252075-dcs-super-hercules-mod-by-anubis/#comment-4472291
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  20. How about once a month we have a DCS Tuesday event for this? We can run it by the rest of the Dogz if need be; hopefully no one would be so intractable as to refuse us one Tuesday every four weeks….
  21. @Crash - I can not do Sundays, so "it would be a no from me". A Tuesday could be an option for one of the sessions. The beauty of this campaign is that it saves the position at the end so we could run on different days and any players not being able to make the previous session would be able to pick up the fight at the next stage. I think GBS is picking up some momentum for Sundays so also would not want to detract from that. @DD_Fenrir - we did not do any testing, I just had a chat to Wigflyr about the mission. I have now made a DDZ version with the F15 added plus removed the russian helicopters from blue side. Might be ready for a test on Monday.
  22. How’d the testing go last night? I joined at around 2230 but no one was around.
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