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  2. Sorry Chaps - no go on 23rd from 352nd. How about 9th or 30th?
  3. FINAL ROUND FOR THIS CAMPAIGN - DATE Sunday 23rd October Does that work for you?
  4. Update: 27/09 - added a couple of missing planes - typhoon and tempest to ground attack and fighter bases.
  5. Last week
  6. Salute, Another grinder of a mission with the bridges again causing us problems, however the valiant efforts of both air and ground units, working together enabled us to again achieve our objective for this session. We are now knocking on the door of a major regional capital of Cambrai. Although we are behind on points, we hold the moral ground of gaining the most ground in the campaign so far and have pushed deep into Allied held territory with not a single town once held by us being lost to enemy action. Great work from everyone who took part FT, Crash, Ben, Mosquito, Sid, Funflack, Fenrir, Beagle, Perfesser and Delta. The next session will be the last one for Arras Campaign. It would be really "The Dogz Bollockz" (English slang for something of that has or presents outstanding attributes and the best in class) if we could put out a really good show with pilots to assist the hard working Fenrir and his regular air crews plus to present a strong showing on the ground. Come on lads - tell the partner you are going to busy for the next one (date will be announced soon) and book out a couple of hours to show those 352nd dudes what the DangerDogz can do!
  7. Scenario looks good, only issue is tanks across rivers, river running from 0716 to 0915 cuts off route south
  8. Not just yet. I am going to add some bits to it, like skins. That way we can be sure we are all using the same version. I am going to set a dropbox account and upload it when I am ready. I will be putting up the un modded map soon for people to test. It will look like normal Kuban but the missions will still be the same. If you want to have a read up on it this is the mod I will be using https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/66068-kuban-autumn-nth-africa-desert-beta-upload-updated-version-to-7-11-06-2022/ I have removed the trees option. Which is why I want to make a file available so that I know what people are downloading and enabling. Friar
  9. Earlier
  10. Hi chaps, Update to Open Beta:
  11. Cat's out of the bag then. Now I can reveal the true intel I received. Top-secret killer SS robo-rabbits were stationed in that field and I wiped out the bloody lot of them. My wing bombs despatched any surface critters and the 500lb-ers appear to have tunneled right into the burrows eliminating their production line. I'll accept a DFC&bar minimum. Nothing for the nav naturally, he didn't even turn up.
  12. Hello Guys, I have been working on the North Africa Campaign and would like to present my scenario to see what you think of it as a working idea. Picture 1 - This shows the overall map and probable starting positions. Pictures 2 and 3 give a bit more detail. My idea for the Campaign is that Allied forces must reach the port town of Gabes, located on the South coast. The axis forces must stop this advance and push the Allies back over the sea. I have two ideas on how to start the campaign. 1. The Allies have landed at either the north or the south landing point (if this scenario was to be used I am favoring the South landing site as it should provide contact / engagement quicker.) 2. The Allies have the option of staging a landing raid at either the north or the south (the location would be unknown to the Axis forces, although I would produce an "Alarm - enemy sited..." message). The landing spawn will only get enabled if a percentage of the landing craft arrive at the coast, lets say 50% for now. The landing craft would start out from the target approximately the same amount of time as it will take the Axis aircraft to reach the area once notified. All towns once captured will trigger a supply convoy. Airfields on the main land can be captured by enemy ground units. I have not worked on aircraft attacking and disabling yet. I have also not added the bridges yet. What do you think of the scenario(s)?
  13. Final BDA: Please note, no criticism or judgement meant here; this is just for your own information and evaluation going forward. After review of the combat film from all surviving aircraft and crew reports: 1. Fenrir - 3 of his 4 bombs landed short but the last landed within 2ft of the wall and was just close enough to drop it... skin of the teeth job though.... 2. Kronenberg - released a little high and possibly with a slight loft as he managed to spread the bombs and hit the two outbuildings on the north side of the compound. 3. BluBear - all 4 bombs just short, bad luck! 4. Zukker - too early release and in a dive, bombs well short. 5. Sheriff - forgot to open his bomb bay but manages to crack the wall with his wing bombs only (a). Then cheekily swings back round to re-attack from the SE, narrowly avoids getting a face-full of 2nd Wave's bombs detonating as he runs in but nonetheless delivers his remaining bombs with remarkable accuracy and breaches the wall again (b). Ten-out-of-ten for dedication and derring-do Ross, but there's a fine line between bravery and, well.... šŸ˜‰ 6. Bremspropellor - release too high and too late; bombs went long and landed in residential area West of prison. One of your bombs detonated instantaneously, causing the engine loss. 7. Wingflyr - a text book drop, absolutely spot on centre of target; couldn't have done it better if he had a CCIP pipper! Well done. 8. Dixon - fractionally late release, luckily the 1st and 2nd bomb on target, the others landing slightly beyond. 9. 464 Sqn Yellow 2 - release was too early and line-up was to the right. 10. 464 Sqn Yellow 3 - lineup was good but release too late; bombs detonated outside the prison wall to the south. You guys were travelling at 320-350ft per second; ergo, 1/10th of a second means the difference of ~35ft (10m). Add in the massive differences any variation that the height of release can bring, with pitch attitude at release compounding the problem, plus trying to keep some semblance of formation, well, you all did an amazing job.
  14. Last minute intel suggested a pack of deadly SS attack dogs were stationed in that outbuilding, trained to pounce on any fleeing prisoner. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. šŸ˜
  15. Some shots courtesy of Dixon of 19 Squadron:
  16. A picture whilst I was preparing for the mission, during the briefing, some notes still incomplete ... yet getting there!
  17. Thanks for the work Fen, great event that will be even better next time Bob
  18. After my pilot frightened some squirrels I took this, then my pilot decided to frighten some rabbits. Shame that we didnt make it back
  19. Well, shortly after takin' up a heading for home, the thing 737-maxed me again... Down low, increase of speed, too little elevator trim up and ... it just drew us into the ground. Had had this under control all way in, but then to mess it up at that moment... horrible, so I said my thanks to Crash - who did a fine nav job - and left discord.
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