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  3. Oh carp ... Deaf and blind I am now... (Impressive legendary stuff ... really... yet ... jets... yuk ... yeah ....)
  4. A bit of paraffin burning light relief (look away FT )
  5. I wasn't able to make this one last Fri. But it looks like they had fun..
  6. TF news
  7. From the album DCS Delectations

  8. For a while I haven't been able to stay in a server. Windows would actually tell me I'm out of memory and shut down DCS within a minute of joining. No problem in single player at all. Some searching and adjusting to let Windows manage page file size fixed that. Control panel/ system/advanced/performance settings/advanced. System managed size. With the monitor running memory use creeps up gradually and seems to stabilize around 12.5mb memory (of 16) used after 1/2 hour in server. Stutters of 2-3 second much reduced but I still sometimes get the 30 second pause that kills. Strangely, I don't get the complete system lockup (while testing alone) that has been plaguing me recently - I think it may be teamspeak related
  9. These videos just further highlight how damn good DCS is!
  10. Nice one Chris
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  12. Found out about this a few weeks ago before they decided to take 2 weeks off. They host these BoS Bomber/Fighter missions every friday at 19:00 UTC. Sounds fun..!-quot
  13. 1.57 and 2.1 Alpha Thanks Tom. Very interested in joining the training secession when able time permits.
  14. For example, in an MP mission I have been building I spawned in an airframe looking identical to the one in the OP. By using the Lctrl+ ' menu I changed the skin to an RCAF D-Day late scheme but kept the codes. I then - still in the same airframe - changed again to the full stripe RCAF scheme and changed the codes to a rather more famous Spitfire: Cool feature huh? I can confirm that the host can disable the skin/code swapping feature as part of the server difficulty setting options.
  15. From the album DCS Delectations

  16. From the album DCS Delectations

  17. Lctrl+ ' That should bring up the rearming window Snack. It now has new options to change livery (skin) and also the code and serial letters. The skin above is actually only a blank with roundels, the codes are generated as on the fly and can be changed by users. For example, for the aircraft pictured above I simply typed '9GQMJ627' and it arrayed the letters and codes as shown. The first two characters are the two-digit squadron ID code, the third is the individual a/c letter and the remaining 5 are the serial number In 2.1 it works in both single and multiplayer, however, it is a function of the 'Ground Crew' menus and I can only be accomplished on the ground. I have noticed some multiplayer servers give you the ability to change skins and others disable the function.
  18. A post on FB said that with the recent patch, you can pick your own skins in MP. Someone else also said you can do it in SP. But I have not been able to find that feature..
  19. I LUUUURRVVVVV Kermie Cam. What a beautiful aeroplane. Bring on Part 3
  20. Sweeeeeeet! Gimme
  21. Part 2:
  22. Kermie Cam is back Part 1:
  23. 1.57 and 2.1 Alpha Dodging commitments - now that may take some doing!
  24. There are some words from the pilot himself here:
  25. Yes, to both The bridge is the rail road bridge, it's the successor of the one I created a model of ... And if you look closely, behind it, you can see a bit of the arc of the other bridge.
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