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  2. A well hidden update! Work on our next update, which is version 4.6 continues as planned and should be released before the end of this month. This update will be a pretty big one with new content, some new features and lots of small tweaks as usual. We also continue to make new airplanes and other models that will be incorporated into the sim this year and beyond. Work never slows down for us as you know. Today I’d like to share some screens of ongoing work that you’ll enjoy as we finalize the next update. Here are some images that help demonstrate our DVD system
  3. Yesterday
  4. I would have everyone in the same channel and each crew sets up a whisper key to their own crew. You'll want to hear all the chatter and especially when the first person calls out "I'm taking hits"
  5. But there would only be one less whisper to set up as there are channels...if there are 2 multicrewed tanks then there are only 2 whispers for a person to set up as all loose tankers are together in one channel talking to eachother as are those in a multicrewed tank. eg. Painless's multicrew tank would need a whisper to 1) Friar's multicrew tank channel and 2) the loose tankers channel Friar's multicrew tank would need a whisper to 1) Painless's multicrew tank channel and 2) the loose tankers channel One person in the loose tankers channel would need a whisper to 1)
  6. It sure is... but it's a lot of work to set it up for each and every commander, to each and every commander... and then, when one swaps roles within a tank... have to change it all again...
  7. I am going to run another instance of TeamSpeak on the laptop I use for hosting so I can see who is where
  8. Rather than the individuals in "Tank 1" (that is APHILL's number, in case he wanted to have a multi crew) I would rather have a channel called something else, like "Tank Squad" or "Tank Individuals"
  9. I have made another post I am going to allocate the tanks based on the roll of a dice. You can change at a spawn point if you are really not happy.
  10. Isn't it possible for just the whisperers to talk to eachother by setting up whispers to individuals in the channel?
  11. Good idea about the loose tankers in one channel ... just wondering whether whispering to all channels (and all of the crew in them) would be a smart thing to do. All of the crews will hear all commanders - it works for us in the P38 campaign, but it's different there, as any pilot can always look around like 360 and kinda know and 'feel' what is around him, and thus select a proper level of panicking... In a tank that's so different - A commander whisper 'Right guys, there are some guns left' so all drivers turn right, then left, and gunners move ... in the opposite direction ... Me
  12. Last week
  13. I see that someone has kindly set up some tank channels in Teamspeak...1 to 5 How about Tank 1 is all of those that are individual tankers ie. not part of a crew. That leaves tanks 2 - 5 free for multi crews. Someone, or a few in Tank 1, in each Tank channel sets up a whisper to the other tank channels. In the multicrew tanks you only need one with a whisper because if they swap roles they will still be in contact with the other tank channels. Those doing individual tanking in Tank 1 will be talking together so will be able to communicate between themselves and also to those in multi
  14. I was told to check in here before Sunday. 2nd Lt. H.P. Pookie, reporting as ordered.
  15. Well, they are the commanders! Let them sort it out themselves!
  16. Friar, I feel ya. I am hovering for a while now. I have also been back and forth over the g2 and q2. I know the G2 is better but more expensive and tethered. I thought for sure I would be good with the Q2, but i looks like no. I'll never find a GPU What do you guys think about maybe running the G2 at half resolution until I get a better GPU? Min specs on the HP site call for a 1070. I also just read some info about Q2 upgrades enroute. https://www.ign.com/articles/oculus-air-link-lets-you-wirelessly-stream-vr-games-to-the-quest-2
  17. Salute We have run a couple of events recently where some of us have multi crewed the same tank. This may not be for everyone but for those that have done it they have reported that it has added to their enjoyment. Now, in the sessions where they have taken the same tank they have stayed in the same TeamSpeak channel as the rest of us. For the Battle of the Bulge it is looking like Sid, Painless and Parts will man one tank, myself, FT and Perfesser another. I think the communication will be too messy and confusing if the Multi crew tanks stay in the same channel as everyone
  18. I am selling my Oculus Rift S and am wondering if anyone is interested. It is 18 months old and has been used for about 6 months of that. It is in very good condition, handsets have hardly been used but the equipment probably wouldn't be sold in the original box as I'm not sure where that is.....I'm afraid I'm not a box keeper due to storage limitations. I will thoroughly clean it prior to delivery. I am asking £120 plus postage, what ever that may be, to wherever. However, I am quite prepared to drive and meet someone halfway (UK ONLY) to hand over rather than post it if that is pre
  19. 485th had pretty much the same mission brief as 402nd. Flight of 3 and a flight of 2 proceeded with 2 x 500lb bombs allocated to the Weeze bosh types. However, once again we came across a gaggle of winged box heads, this time Bf 109 G14s near to the front lines. All but two aircraft ditched bombs to engage. All black hearted nasty Nazis were knocked down. As an encore yet more 109s entered the arena (K4s) and were afforded similar treatment. We then communicated with those splendid 402nd chaps and established a “don’t get in each other’s faces” ground attack strategy which avoided any col
  20. Salute The Panzer Lehr (the unit we are representing) had a mixture of Panzer IV and V's. In order to reflect this I am going to assign everyone a tank, otherwise I can see us all in Panthers! I am going to do this by taking a dice and rolling it for each player. If it lands on 1,2 or 3 you will be given a Panzer IV If it lands on 4,5 or 6 you will be given a Panzer V This is for the start of the series. If you really do not like your given tank you can change at the first activated spawn point but I would hope you do stick with your issued ride.
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Want to have a go at something different, bit of fun? Got a pen and paper handy? I have attached a zip file containing a navigation and observation exercise using a Sherman. The route is below along with some questions along the way. It shouldn't take more an hour. Run it with the Tank Icons mod on or 'Icons/navigation off' as it wouldn't be as effective otherwise. Unzip the file into your data/missions folder, there should be 10 files beginning "Navigation exercise Sherman". It isn't a Multiplayer, it is a Mission. Apart from one, all of the sections of the route are on a heading bu
  22. My finger is twitching over the buy button for a Quest2. I will use it with a link cable. My spec is below. You do not have to log into Facebook to use it but do have to have a Facebook account in your real name. I too have been watching YouTube for stuff and if you have not seen him already I would recommend this guy. He give honest, no nonsense reviews and does not speak at 500 words a minute like most hyped up reviewers. If he thinks it is crap he will say so. Karl Gosling: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSnP7yd5lIbrLW_nTqAc9xA He uses a 2080 with no issues, which i
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