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  2. We all like the Chuck's Guides that have been available for most of the DCS modules as a nicely condensed version of "what you need to know" in a relatively quick reference format, unfortunately a Chucks Guide wasn't forthcoming for the Tomcat; for a very good reason it turns out. As a US employee working for a contractor with links to the DoD he could not be seen to be generating materials that could be beneficial to countries that the US of A holds in some disregards - in this case there was some concern that an F-14 Chucks Guide could be used by the Iranians as training material for their actual F-14 pilots! I shit you not. However, given the recent hoo-ha regarding manuals, a Russian and sensitive materials it might not seem so far fetched but in any case, Chuck decided not to risk his career or his liberty and declined to produce a Guide for the Cat in the off chance someone decided he was a persona non-grata. Fortunately another gregarious soul has stepped into the breach. MD-44 of Air Group 51 decided to give it a bash - and not a bad job he's done either! Available here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XIeS6AVfHLxk7ePSpUxqmfeQNGlUUwU1/view
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  4. Downwind take off????
  5. 1. DCS 2. GBS (BoX) 3. CloD 4. Il-2:1946 I work on different days but if I had a choice it would be Tue, Wed, Thurs and Sunday for a weekend day. My availability depends on my work schedule.
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  7. Interesting armament options!
  8. The potting compost? Don't know about framerates specifically but the whole thing helps the VR experience immeasurably as my wife no longer enters the room and accuses me of being 'a wanker' whilst I'm trying to fly!
  9. Users reaction Ladies and Gents, get set to have your immersion level go ballistic! Yes, I am Tester 1.. Yes, I broke the FCU housing. No, it wasn't the FCU's fault! lol The PointCTRL experience is AWESOME! Most of the items I have worked on are very minor and aren't related to the HMS and FCU build quality, tech, or operation. Mostly we have worked on how to get everyone to understand what to do, when, and how. Hence the instructions coming out and being added to. Once the correct operating environment is in place, calibrating and using PointCTRL is very simple. It, like anything, takes a bit of getting used to but it really is amazing. You are going to love it! One MAJOR thing we found is that you HAVE to have the "Use Mouse" box checked in the Settings VR tab. So if you are like me and used the cursor locked to the middle of your VR view, then looked at the switch you wanted to select, then pushed a mapped mouse button to select that item... well, not gonna be able/have to do that anymore. Yes, I found that out, hold your applause til the end, please! lol I have been using the Huey mainly as I get to know PointCTRL. Instead of mapping switches and dials, etc - Now, I reach up to the overhead panel and turn the lighting dial up or down just by twisting my hand. I can glance over at the rocket control panel on my extreme left side and adjust how many rockets to fire at once. Flipping switches that usually I would have to twist to look at before are done just like in real life. I fly Real Life helo's and can tell you, Miles' little gem makes it really FEEL real! Watching PointCTRL come to life and to the market has been very interesting. I know everyone is chomping at the bit. Well, it is coming NOW! It has REALLY been worth the wait, I promise!! you!!!
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  11. Thankyou Tom, mine are 1. DCS 2. CloD 1. Thursday 2. Monday 3.Friday 4. Tuesday
  12. I can fly only on Sundays due to my part time job, unless we fly on Wed. or Fri. IL21946 and Il2 GBS. and Clod. I like either IL2 1946 and GBS over Clod. ~S~
  13. At last! The final, vital parts of my VR set up are completed
  14. Thanks for your responses. I'll take a look at the links and yes, my youngsters are indeed thriving. The eldest is 6 and alternates between Steep, Doom95 and CoD. Quite a variation there 😎
  15. School's been ramping up lately, and Sunday is now my only day off, as I do need some income somewhere along the line. Just haven't wanted to spend my now quite limited time doing this at the moment. As for sims of choice, still IL2 and DCS. I don't fly CLOD or the other much at all, even offline.
  16. Hello Avro, hope your youngsters are thriving!
  17. Hello Avro, as it happens there is a bit of re-jigging going on at the moment. Read this and this As for Steam its the only version available for Cliffs but Cliffs is falling out of favour and we will probably move to Great Battles , see above threads
  18. Hi all, Back in the virtual world after a break of about fifteen years. Would like to recreate the old co-op days of il246 with Cliffs of Dover. I continue to be impressed with Cliffs of Dover and give thanks to Oleg Maddox (is he still around?) and ATAG. I'm on the Steam version. Is that a problem for co-ops? (I never was the sharpest IT knife in the drawer... ). Best Regards, MB_Avro
  19. Woooooooooo!😎 Doh! Now where is my dam wallet. My wife must have hid it again.😲
  20. and again Hello everybody, The Spring ends soon, and we're preparing the next update for you. In the next 2-3 weeks, we plan to finish the testing of the new game version, which has started already - this week we started the beta testing of Flying Circus S.E.5a and Albatros D.5a and today we add T-34 UVZ mod. 1943 from Tank Crew project to it. And the next week the beta testing of the long-awaited Me 262 A for Battle of Bodenplatte will begin. For Bodenplatte we also have the Summer US pilot ready, German and British pilots will receive their summer outfits soon. We can show you the US one today: Jet engine Jumo-004B-1 for Me 262 A fighter/bomber is nearly finished - it is installed on the aircraft, its characteristics are set up and it is being tuned right now. For our project, we have chosen the updated variant of this engine which had a modified valve that made the throttle controls more trouble-proof. However, sharp throttle changes still can cause an engine fire, so it requires a degree of caution. Speaking of available modifications, this aircraft in the game will have the following ones: - EZ 42 gyro gunsight with automatic deflection calculation, - R4M unguided air-to-air rockets, 12 per mounting, - Armored pilot headrest, - Pilot back armor, - Removal of the gun mounting armor for making the aircraft less nose-heavy, - Removal of two Mk 108 guns, - Bomber variant capable of carrying two SC 250 or one SC 500 bombs. The list of this plane peculiarities includes the dangerous effect of Mach tuck at higher speeds that at first decreases its yaw stability. This yaw stability decrease not only makes the aircraft harder to handle but also warns the pilot of the increasing danger of an uncontrollable dive. The nose landing gear is omnidirectional and has additional brakes. While the plane is capable of reaching up to 837 kph near the ground it has good controllability at low speeds thanks to wing slats. It should be noted that the longitudinal center-of-gravity depends on the remaining fuel, ammo and modifications installed very heavily. For instance, if you remove the nose gun armor and two guns, it becomes so tail heavy with full tanks that it is dangerous to fly. Positive characteristics include good roll controls at any flight speed. All in all, the plane is going to be controversial, unusual and very interesting to fly: Next Flying Circus planes, S.E.5a and Albatros D.5a, are completely finished and are being tested at the moment. The new level of visual quality allows us to have a fresh look at the aircraft of the Great War - previously invisible details became apparent, the materials became more lifelike. We hope to be able to show you the first screenshots of the Arras map soon. Meanwhile, we started the work on the next pair of WWI planes we have to develop - Bristol Fighter and Halberstadt CL.II. Bristol Fighter was a general purpose frontline aircraft that served as fighter, light bomber and recon plane while Halberstadt CL.II was a specialized frontline attack aircraft, sometimes also used for recon. But today we can show you the screenshots of S.E.5a and Albatros D.5a: Tank Crew owners will also get much new stuff in this update - our partners from Digital Forms have finished the work on T-34-76 UVZ mod. 1943 and it will also be added to Early Access. There is much info on T-34 available, but some things can be repeated. Fast, maneuverable, with good armor and weapons - sloped angle armor made it only slightly less armored than heavier KV-1s. However, long 75 mm and 88 mm German guns in 1943 were very dangerous and this armor was no longer enough, so this means that T-34 crews need to rely on the main advantages of this tank - speed and mobility - even more. However, the new tank isn't the only addition to Tank Crew you'll get in the next update. We're currently testing the new, more detailed tank damage model. The damage sustained will be indicated on a special overlay toggled by Enter key and in the messages on the left of the screen. The following systems can be damaged: - Engine, - Cooling system (coolant leaks that eventually lead to an engine overheat and damage), - Oil tanks (oil leaks lead to fire danger), - Fuel tanks (fuel leaks also increase the danger of fire, more for gas engines and less for diesel ones), - Transmission and gearbox (longer gear shifting, inability to change the gear, complete transmission failure), - Steering (more difficult turning), - Electric system (inability to start the engine, inability to use powered turret traversing mechanism, internal and external lighting, radio), - The left part of the suspension and left track, - The right part of the suspension and right track, - Radio, - Main turret traverse mechanism, - Manual turret traverse mechanism, - Gun mounting, - Main gun, - Machine guns, - Crew. Of course, this feature is linked to another - the possibility of field repair. It is also being worked on and most of it will be usable for aircraft as well. The crew will be able to repair the tank systems in the field as long as the tank is not completely destroyed. In addition, the mission designer can add special repair and ambulance tracks that accelerate this process both to single and multiplayer missions. Later, during Summer, we plan to add refueling and ammo trucks to replenish the fuel, oil, water and ammo reserves. And today we can show you the screens of the coming T-34-76 UVZ mod. 1943:
  21. Well, we(you all) have been through this process a few times in the past few years. It seems not to have brought in the new members or gotten people to show up in the past that you have wanted. I hesitate to post an opinion because I'm not a regular anymore. I mostly don't fly online anymore because I'm getting older(sleep/attention focus problems); and I'm doing other projects. But for me, my favorite part of flying online was flying actual simple missions. Something that was short and sweet and fun. Then, do it again, and again. The dogfight servers where everybody does whatever they want, I find boring. I can do that on my own.. ie:learning a DCS/Box plane. Once I can takeoff, nav, land and bomb/dogfight I would be ready to have fun online in a good mission. Or, if there was specific aircraft training, that I think is fun too. Touch and Gos, bombing range, all practicing a specific aircraft so we can fly that fun mission.. I will say that most of the successful online groups focus on 1 primary sim. Even in DCS that gives you ~30 complicated aircraft to fly? Even that is hard to get everyone to fly in a mission(ie. can't have a Spit on a mission with a F-18c). So, it's hard keep the old players and recruit new ones. So, I guess I agree with what Fen said in an above post. You need to pick 1-2 sims, state what day you fly them. Have regular "FUN" missions. That's my 2 cents.
  22. That won't do! Give us your opinion ... all your wishes and needs and data are belong to us!
  23. Well i mostly fly DCS and then CLOD, loosely using the term fly!! I still have IL2 but have not flown in it for quite a number of years! now i manage to get on line with you chaps more often as the internet slowly gets better, sims have moved on a bit. As far as flying any other sims goes i think the three that i have mentioned will have to do for me, as my remaining brain cells struggle to keep up as it is. I really do enjoy flying and get great satisfaction from it when it all goes according to plan, i agree with Tom seven nights and four sims is worth a try, it would be a shame to lose any.
  24. The DCS: Fw 190A-8 is available for pre-purchase! https://www.digitalcombatsimu...om/en/products/planes/anton/
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