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  3. That’s Ryan Goosling isn’t it ? 😳
  4. If lego release the F15 that's Toms xmas pressie sorted!
  5. To be honest, I think they are really suffering (as all suppliers are) from the scalpers etc and subsequent increased demand naturally now on the next range of components down from top end. Fingers crossed I don't have to wait too long...
  6. Sorry to hear that Chris, they also emailed me saying delivery would be Monday but was in fact Friday. The consolation will hopefully be that the product is good when it eventually arrives.
  7. I think the word you're looking for is "Fuckers".
  8. Well, rather frustratingly I just got an email from Scan saying that two of the items I've ordered (RAM and SSD) are out of stock with no firm ETA, despite everything being in-stock at the point of ordering. Two other items (mobo and cooler) are due in tomorrow and 15/3 which is fine. Luckily, I'm in no rush (yet) but it's just annoying when it all clearly said in stock when they took my money.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Nice system and typically expensive. It will run BOS just fine (or awesomly!) Have you look at AMD systems? Just curious.

  11. Odd. I noticed the same thing in the chat box a while ago, whatever you posted there showed as a broken link but everyone else seemed to see it.
  12. Well they're linked from the same place, so it must be something to do with your specific permissions or settings on this forum.
  13. Cornwall this morning! Gina and I take a short hop between St. Mawgan and Culdrose.
  14. The pictures on Fruitys post show on my computer
  15. Yes! How strange. Is it a weird permissions thing on these boards?
  16. It’s twoo, my composter is still churning ! Good luck with your rebuild Chris !
  17. Thanks Col, nice to be back in the saddle.
  18. Last week
  19. can you see them in this post Chris? DCS - Page 187 - Other Sims and Games - IL-2 Sturmovik Forum
  20. I have a recurring problem seeing or rather not seeing images you post Kev. Happens on both my PC and here on my smartphone. Anyone got any ideas?
  21. Roger that sir! Will there be bratwurst and pumpanickle for for the successful among us! 😁
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