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  2. DD_Fenrir


    Some poor Boche soldier crumples under the concussion of yet another rocket propelled enema - courtesy of PapaBear!
  3. DD_Fenrir


  4. DD_Fenrir


    Papabear giving Fritz a taste of the HVAR!
  5. Yesterday
  6. DD_Fenrir


    Don't think PapaBear has ever looked more alluring...!
  7. DD_Fenrir


    Some Sabre love was well overdue... Covering Sheriff's a$$ as he hunts down some worthy targets for his GAR-8s.
  8. The sim will feel a lot different Well worth looking at voiceattack
  9. DD_Arthur

    Time to cobble something together for christmas

    Rift by Friday apparently.😎
  10. DD_Sheriff


    ATAG Pattle will be running a sim tent at the Newcastle airshow in a couple of weeks. Hope to be there and support him. This poster is available.
  11. DD_Sheriff


  12. wingflyr

    Kira and Fenrir.png

  13. Last week
  14. Just seen this Then you must have set it up in a way that tops out the audio signal or something. I have it setup on it's own "device" which is mirrored to the VR headset. It doesnt pick up the voice chat then, and i can make sure that the input level is in the green. It rumbles based on direction and volume. So when my wingmen buzz me on ground i get a slight rumble from side to side. When my engine runs it feels natural, when i power up it escalates. When guns are fired the shake is even stronger.
  15. DD_Fenrir

    Kira and Fenrir.png

    That's some top grade Pussy porn right there!
  16. Been flying alot with the ju-87, particularly with the the mounted twin 37mm cannon. They are not so easy to use, especially against moving targets such as tanks. Here is some sorties that didn't work out to well.
  17. DD_Arthur

    IL-2 GBS Resources

    OK, got it. Was having Notepad confusion I've made a config with ALL the planes selectable if it helps SYN coop generator config version 8.zip
  18. Here's how my bombs missed, and I found out about yet another layer of damage modeling ... And I did not make it back home ... And in the next attack, yes, the boat really did sink and once again ... I did not get home ...
  19. Jabo

    Daks Over Duxford

    For those interested - here's the participation list with country of origin. Super DC-3S N29TN (USA) DC-3 N877MG (USA) DC-3A N18121 (USA) R4D-6S N151ZE "Ready for Duty" (USA) C-53D N45366 "D-Day Doll" (USA) C-47 "That's all Brother" (USA) C-53 N534BE "The Duchess of Dakota" (USA) C-47 N73DC "Drag 'em Oot" (UK) C-47 N47SJ "Betsy's Biscuit Bomber" (USA) C-47A N47E "Miss Virginia" (USA) C-53DO N8336C "The Spirit of Benovia" (USA) C-47B N836M "Luck of the Irish" (USA) DC-3 F-AZTE (France) DC-3A N472AF "KG668" (USA) DC-3 N24320 "Miss Montana" (USA) AC-47 N2805J "Spooky" (USA) C-47A RA-2944G (Russia) DC-3 TF-NPK "Pall Sveinsson" (Iceland) DC-3C N25641 "Liberty" (USA) - D-Day veteran DC-3 SE-CFP "Daisy" (Sweden) - D-Day veteran DC-3A OH-LCH (Finland) DC-3 N431HM (Switzerland) C-41A N341A (USA) DC-3 N28AA (USA) C-47 N834M (USA) DC-3 (C-53D) LN-WND (Norway) C-47A RA-05738 (Russia) DC-3 "Gamle Dame" OY-BPB (Denmark) C-47 "Flabob Express" N103NA (USA) DC-3 "Prinses Amalia" (Holland) - D-Day veteran DC-3 ZS-NTE (Germany) DC-3 PH-DDZ (Holland) C-47 "Virgina Ann" N62CC (USA) - D-Day veteran C-47 "Placid Lassie" N74589 (USA) - D-Day veteran DC-3 HB-IRJ (Switzerland) Lisunov Li-2 "Karman Todor" HA-LIX (Hungary) DC-3 F-AZOX (France) C-47 N147DC (UK) Very much looking forward to this!
  20. FoolTrottel

    IL-2 GBS Resources

    Just tried it, added the D9 to the stalingrad map with this edit: [Stalingrad] fighters_allied = {"La-5 Series 8": "la5s8", "P-39L-1": "p39l1", "P-40E-1": "p40e1", "LaGG-3 Series 29": "lagg3s29", "Yak-1 Series 69": "yak1s69", "MiG-3 Series 24": "mig3s24"} fighters_axis = {"Fw 190 D-9": "fw190d9", "Bf 109 E-7": "bf109e7", "Bf 109 F-2": "bf109f2", "Bf 109 F-4": "bf109f4", "Bf 109 G-2": "bf109g2", "Fw 190 A-3": "fw190a3", "MC.202 Series VIII": "mc202s8"} bombers_allied = {"A-20B": "a20b", "Pe-2 Series 87": "pe2s87", "IL-2 AM-38 (42)": "il2m42"} bombers_axis = {"He 111 H-6": "he111h6", "Ju 87 D-3": "ju87d3", "Ju 88 A-4": "ju88a4"} attackers_allied = {"IL-2 AM-38 (42)": "il2m42", "P-39L-1": "p39l1", "P-40E-1": "p40e1", "LaGG-3 Series 29": "lagg3s29"} attackers_axis = {"Ju 87 D-3": "ju87d3", "Hs 129 B-2": "hs129b2", "Bf 110 E-2": "bf110e2", "Fw 190 A-3": "fw190a3"} targets_low = {"airfield": 1,"artillery": 1, "armor": 1, "garrison": 1 } targets_high = {"train": 2, "ammo dump": 2, "bridge": 2, "fuel dump": 2} lines = {"01": "09", "02": "09", "03": "09", "04": "09", "05": "09", "06": "09", "07": "09", "08": "09", "09": "09", "10": "10", "11": "11", "12": "11"}
  21. DD_Arthur

    IL-2 GBS Resources

    FT; I still don't understand how to make all the planes available. Vander says it's done in the config file which I do understand. I open it and paste in the planes description he added? When I do I still don't get a list of all the planes to select in the generator drop down boxes. Obviously, I'm doing something wrong but....... Any ideas?
  22. wingflyr

    Farming simulator - first flight

    Awesome Arthur, you lucky dog on the new vid card.
  23. DD_Arthur

    IL-2 GBS Resources

    Version eight of this great little tool out now, with the ability to select all the planes and have spawning on runway! https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/43276-coop-mission-generator/
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