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    Speaking of, I can't get my Reqium 6DOF profile to show up in TIR 5. It's in the correct folder (NatrualPoint/TrackIR/Profiles), but does not show up on the Profile tab under Profiles in the program. Ideas? I have hidden files viewable, which was the first thing mentioned on the DCS forum. No luck. NEVERMIND. It's NP being idiotic. Profiles are now WELL hidden, their location: C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\NaturalPoint\TrackIR 5\Profiles You'll probably have to un-hide hidden files to see 'AppData'. Grumble. So simple, yet so not.
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  4. Looking good Hello everybody, We're in the second half of September and this means that the next update 3.201 isn't far away. This one will be massive and will bring a lot of new content as well. Three player controllable aircraft, AI bomber, new AI ground vehicles and of course, the new map - Rheinland. This map tops the records once again: 130 000 square kilometers of reachable terrain (401 x 324 km), 176 000 square kilometers total size (461 x 384 km), 225 cities and towns - a record number of big cities, 70 airfields - 67 of them have historically correct layout recreated using archive documents. For increased detail and historical accuracy, for the first time, we have used 4 airfield types on the same map - with concrete, metal, and unpaved runways and airstrips without runways. To populate the map with European buildings on such a large scale new 'construction kit' of European city blocks was created - this allowed to represent highly populated cities while keeping the general layout of the city where they belong. There are new models for big factories and many unique buildings and we also actively used the bridges 'construction kit' which has been developed previously. Landscape features, especially in the hilly areas - deep river valleys, hills covered by forests and small reclusive towns create a special atmosphere. Let's return to the urbanized areas - we're happy to announce that we were able to create a tech that allows displaying buildings three times farther than before. Rendering at such distances because of the enormous amount of buildings visible at the same time required heavy use of multi-threaded tech to prepare the data. We have made this feature optional for simmers that have a weaker PC. For such a map as Rheinland with many cities and towns, it really improves the perspective and the overall feel. Of course, it is useful for other maps too - for instance, it allows bomber pilots to spot their targets significantly sooner. And as we announced before, for Bodenplatte we created AI ground vehicles with increased model and texture detail, 13 new types in total.
  5. Great vid Arthur and splendid flying by the Dogs and capped off by the Stones fantastic. I am dusting of my vinyl copy if only as we speak.Oh alright my CD. Alas my vinyl collection is no more.
  6. Yay, love it. And the music too. What great clarity, the aircraft look really REALLY good 😁
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  8. GB dedicated server is running, on the same server as the Cliffs of Dover one is... Name: DangerDogz Password: <unowichone> Currently running two missions: - Dangerdogz test server 3 - Fighter sweep II_202818 I could spawn in, but a lot of 'Multiplayer server overload. Contact server administrator' messages showed up. Not sure what causes it, CPU is hardly doing anything at 10% Anyways, it's just a test thing at the moment. Go have fun with it!
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