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  2. moar stuff Hello! We are currently preparing version 4.009 for release, the process is not easy, but we hope for its successful completion very soon. In view of this, the diary today will not be very detailed, but the topic is interesting. Today we show you the P-51B / C being developed for Battle of Normandy. This single-seat fighter is the predecessor to the P-51D previously created for Operation Bodenplatte. Although she is a predecessor, the B/C model is somewhat superior to the D model in speed at ground level and maneuverability. The reason for this unusual situation is that the teardrop canopy creates more aerodynamic drag than the high-backed design. In addition, the P-51B / C is somewhat lighter than its successor. In the sim, the aircraft will be presented with a set of modifications allowing the use of two engine options. The first version of the engine is the Packard-Merlin V-1650-3, created on the basis of the Rolls-Royce Merlin 63. The second, more powerful version is the V-1650-7, which was based on the Merlin 66. 150 -Octane gasoline will also be an available modification, significantly increasing the capabilities of the power plant. It should also be noted that our P-51B / C will come with a rather famous modification - a special canopy called the "Malcolm Hood" which was used in rather significant numbers by Mustang pilots. There will also be as many as three options for gun-sights, one of which will be gyroscopic. All in all, it should be a very interesting aircraft, with a wide range of equipment options and outstanding flight performance. Like the P-47D ‘Razorback” the P-51 B/C also flew in mixed squadrons as units transitioned from the B/C to the D.
  3. Too true, I have only been here a few weeks - the chains around my wrists and ankles are really starting to chafe now 😲 Welcome Walker, I shall look forward to sharing the newbie cell with you
  4. Welcome Walker! Nice to have you here👋
  5. Today
  6. Risky statement around here, but it's the right spirit! Welcome here!
  7. Should be doable for me, though at that time on a Saturday night, I could be drunk. I am an expert in removing factors though, especially drunk.
  8. Good luck but I cant help Saturday evening. Afternoon would be OK or most times Sunday
  9. Right. This is a make or break. The potential/perceived issue with Nicks persona name: it is not confirmed, but with Pat saying that it maybe a cause of some of our issues, I decided the best bet would be to remove it as a factor. So I tried to side step: I have the option to 'retire' personas from the squadrons. Since "Bertrand Finknottle" - having not actually flown a mission that successfully passed AAR yet - had no missions, kills or awards to his credit, I thought I could just retire him and create a new persona for Jabo called "Bert Finknottle" instead. Easy! No. As soon as I tried to commit this new Persona to the campaign I got thrown an error. Furthermore "Bert Finknottle" appeared in the 402nd roster but Jabo was not assigned to him! And I couldn't even find a way to boot "Bert "out and start completely from scratch! The ramifications for the campaign are pretty catastrophic - it would probably mean deleting the entire thing and starting from scratch. However, I had a dig through some of the supporting file structure and think I found a way around this; without boring you I believe the edits I have made have managed to re-instate Jabo as "Bert Finknottle" and I'm hoping we can continue... Thus we need to test. So for the sake of the campaign can I ask for some volunteers to test this tinkering I have been making and ensure we can continue? I'm thinking Saturday night, 2100BST.
  10. Looks like the whole thing was a dream again.... Capt Hawker Siddley can no longer go on leave because of the new travel measures in place so...... as you were 485th🇺🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇨🇦
  11. Release date is a dogz night - anyone fancy making a date for the Friday to have a knowledge sharing / shared flight experience evening in the sim?
  12. Top work Jabo - another lost soul to add to the group. Does he realise that once in he will never leave?
  13. ...and done - check your PMs mate.
  14. Welcome aboard Walker! Glad to see you here. Our normal flying days are Sundays (GBS), Mondays (DCS), Tuesdays (GBS) and Thursdays (DCS) starting at 7:30 - 8pm BST but other members of the group, particularly in the US & Canada, also meet at other times more conducive to their timezones. I will PM you with our Teamspeak server details which is our standard method for comms when we're flying together. We also use our own servers to host co-ops and dogfight maps, but we can sort that out when you first join us online. Looking forward to seeing you in the virtual skies!
  15. Hello All! I hope this is the right place to put this but I found your post on the BoX forums and thought I'd have a go. Been flying for a long period of time in various flight sims and spent many hours in all the IL-2s, almost to the point that I can't bring myself to look at my hour counts on Steam I live on the West Coast in the U.S. but tend to be free for other timezones now that I've got my Sundays off from work. I tend to focus on fighters and have flown German for the most part but am willing to fly whatever is required. Thanks for your time and hope to meet you guys if I'm able to fly with you all. Walker
  16. There is, delta. I'd love to get back to flying some 1946 multiplayer. I severely miss the old Dogz mess that was our 1946 rodeos. If you wish to fly 1946 in company, let me know so we can set up a time. As for other games, Reggie, the biggest ones for me are: Current: Grand Theft Auto V Online (I'm a cooperative type player), 7 Days to Die (zombie apocalypse base-building, again, most fun with friends. Takes a LONG time, though. You've got to be dedicated to it. Many multiple nights spent with Jack and AP doing that.) and ArmA 3, though I don't do much multiplayer as I have too many mods/haven't found a good squad that fits my interests. Old but Gold: Skyrim heavily modded. As the saying goes: Mod it 'til it crashes. Been there, done that. Many times. Unfortunately, Windows 10 hates it, so I've been running it on my old drive, which finally failed.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Well... it was a glitch. They have power again, and me being me, I'll continue to drive them into the ground until they threaten to give up (again). Then I'll "panic" (again). Case in point, I *still* have my old Microsoft Force Feedback stick that gave up sitting around as "Oh, I'll fix it 'someday'". That someday has yet to arrive. Same for the left pedal, which lost its spring about two years ago. Can't possibly be that difficult to fix, simply a matter of the ever elusive "Round To-it" (that is, getting around to it and just fixing the thing, already!). However, I do like the suggestion about the Crosswinds. 5x the nice for 2x the price sounds well worth it. "Someday"! Ha. Thanks much for the suggestions!
  19. I'm definitely game for a trip up the Amazon in that.
  20. === PATCH 002 ===*** Fix: In-Game Volume slider is now locked at 100 percentNOTE: When Il-2 Cliffs of Dover is Running, use the Windows Mixer (Task Bar, loudspeaker icon, right mouse click, choose mixer, and adjust "Il-2 Cliffs of Dover" to a volume of your liking.Resolves most problems with external sounds being heard inside the cockpit and external volumes being low*** Aircraft Manuals (Main Menu => Extras => Manuals)*** Updated Getting Started And Troubleshooting Guide (Main Menu => Extras => Manuals)*** Single Mission "Royal Rodeo" updated: removed bombs from Hurricane and Bf-109NOTE: For the safety of modifications you may have made, we do not overwrite files in your "MyDocuments" folder. To update the files changed by this update, please delete the "<MyDocuments>\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\missions\Single\Royal Rodeo.mis", so that the game can update the file on next startup.*** Full Mission Builder, updated airfield templates:NOTE: For the safety of modifications you may have made, we do not overwrite files in your "MyDocuments" folder. To update the files changed by this update, please delete the folder "<MyDocuments>\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\missions\Templates\Tobruk\airfields", so that the game can update the files on next startup.Updated: Burj Aleaqarab (LG72), Gasr el Abid South, Gasr el Arid (LG147), Halfaya, Martuba No1, Martuba No2, Martuba No3, Martuba No4, Martuba No5, Menastir No1, Menastir No2, Menelao Bay, Ost (LG05), Sawani el Qasn, Scegga No2, Scegga No3, Sidi Azeiz, Sidi Barrani (LG02), Sidi Barrani West 2 (LG03)*** Updated: Spanish translations for various single missionsNOTE: For the safety of modifications you may have made, we do not overwrite files in your "MyDocuments" folder. To update the files changed by this update, please delete all files ending with "_es.briefing" in "<MyDocuments>\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\missions\Single", so that the game can update the files on next startup.*** Updated: Spanish translations for various campaigns*** Single Mission "Corpo Aereo Italiano II": Copy of Corpo Aereo Italiano with the CR.42 flyable and as default player's aircraft.*** Fix: Campaign "Eagles over Tobruk"; removed bombs from the Bf-109 E-7/trops in the first five missions.*** Fix: Kittyhawk pit: Jettison now really sheds the Hatch in the cockpit.*** Fix: He-111 H-6 external: One glass part moved back where it belongs.*** Fix: He-111 H-6 cockpit: Forward ventral cockpit redesigned.*** Fix: Macchi pit: Temperature gauges redone.*** Fix: Martlet pit: Control stick redesigned.*** German pilot textures updated.*** Fix: He-111 H-2 & P-2 pit: prop pitch instrument fixed for both engines.*** Fix: Bf 108 pit: correct texture on hatch external.*** Fix: CR-42 & Wellington pilot pits: correcting visibility of external parts for low video settings.*** Fix: Martlet pit: air filter control added to trop version.*** Fix: Options, Plane: Plane Selection Dialog retains filter of last server spawn point visitedhttps://www.tfbt.nuvturais.de/issues/1176*** Fix: In customizing Quick and Single missions, now all planes from all purchased parts are selectable; independent from what the original mission was restricted to*** Fixed: Aircraft with constant speed propellers now spawn in the air with 100% pitch.*** Fixed: Air filter controls reversed issue.*** Fixed: Bf 109F gunpods not visible.*** Fixed: Bf 109F frontal oil splash.*** Removed top head armour on Bf 109Fs and Bf 109E-7s.
  21. Do you think we should move this thread to “Hot Topics” Arjen ? 🤣😂🤫
  22. This plane is going to be so much fun! fun
  23. Just done it along with Normandy
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