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  2. Salute Friar, the time and weather produced some good screenies...I think. This game can look good....
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  4. We're giving you the honour of shooting one down first, in your brand new shiny F-14 Tomcat😉
  5. Disappointed no DCS pictures of balloons being taken out yet...
  6. Do you work for Heatblur on the side🤣🤣🤣
  7. *Proceeds to spam all the spectacular Tomcat screenshots he can find...*
  8. ... The use of the player flyable C47 and Ju52 to use paratroops to capture ground
  9. Salute, Just starting to think ahead of what we might like to do once North Africa is finished. The 352nd guys are working on a Battle of Britain campaign using Syn_Vander generated missions that they have invited us to take part in. Thinking about a combined arms event, I have had an idea about using Stalingrad in the winter of 1942. Both sides made advances and thought a Winter map would be interesting. I was thinking that we would play the Russian side? Would we be ok with that? What do you think?
  10. Had an idea ref the spawn points. What about the spawn point in a town / capture point is only enabled when the NEXT town / capture is taken. If a town has two or more possible near by capture points then it gets a spawn point for each (the logic of working out to disable them when the forward capture point was lost would be just too much for me to work out. ) This way the spawn points would be reserves and units would move up to the "front".
  11. Thanks to @DD_Fenrir for spending some time with me last night and introducing the Shrike missile. Good fun despite possibly being the first person to be shot down by their own missile!
  12. I don't know anything about mission builder logic but the prospect of being able to knock out an enemy airfield with a bombing run seems attractive.
  13. My bad, you need the Channel Map and WW2 Assets pack to participate. Cheers
  14. Hello one and All, I have been working on a mission/sandbox type scenario for the Channel Map in DCS. It is an attempted to re-create some of the old Cliff of Dover fights we used to do. I have set up a scenario that will allow you to fly a Spitfire, P-51 or Mosquito in an environment where you have the choice to fly a dedicated mission (up to 5 per plane group) or simply fly a patrol in which random events will occur for you to interact with. The dedicated missions are optional and can be ignored completely if you wish. I have also include P-47 and other Spitfires and P-51's that have the patrol part of the mission but DO NOT have any defined missions associated with them. You should be able to switch between any of the planes if you want to, but currently only 1 squadron of 4 planes of Spitfires, P-51's or Mossies have assigned missions. The map has quite a lot of random events associated with it. I made all German planes set to random, so that you will never know what you are up against. I have made the number of enemy planes and location somewhat random so, hopefully, you will to have the fly the mission a number of times before it repeats itself. I have included ship attacks, bombing missions, escort missions and defense missions as part of the map. There is also some missions that do not activate until later on in the mission or until you make it over to France. This mission is geared for about 2 hours, but that is something that needs to be tested. Eventually I would like to add more missions, including some for the P-47 and eventually include German missions as well. As you might have guess the map is becoming quite complicated. Although two of us have tested it and it seems to work, I need more people to play at the same time to get a feel for how it runs and what needs to be improved. The map will have FOG of war settings on so as not to give too much away. If you are available on Thursday Feb 9 and would to participate and help me out please come on in to the Dogz server and join us. No need to sign up just come on it. Afterwards I would like some critique on how to improve the mission (be nice if does not quite work out as it is still a work in progress). Below is an image of the Channel map that we can work from.
  15. Bridges are bottlenecks is it possible for a unit to repair immediately so we do not have such a long wait
  16. Salute, Thought I would start a thread where we can record our thoughts and ideas of features to take into the next Campaign. Here are a few I have collected. Do you have any others? - Longer despawn and death time penalties to prevent units being "thrown away" to jump to positions - Move spawn points further away from the flag position to make defending more realistic. POSSIBLE SOLUTION:Spawn points only enabled when the NEXT capture point is taken (see post below) - Possible use of AI ground units to increase the sense of being in a battle. - Bridges, although an exciting concept of being tactical, they are proving to cause bottlenecks in game play. Need to review destroy / repair routines. - Option for airfields to be disabled set at a level that are not too easy to punish the owner but not too hard that they are unachievable for the attacker.
  17. Even the loss of a wheel is no problem for bringing a fighter home. It's good to make a habit of doing wheel landings if your plane takes damage, it may save your pilot a visit to the field hospital. :)
  18. Salute Deacon from the 352nd has suggested Sunday 19th Feb as the date for the next round. Please let me know if this is NOT suitable for you. Cheers Friar
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  20. Yep, absolutely none the wiser....
  21. I probably shouldn't of told you he was looking at you and just killed him leaving you blissfully unaware 🤣
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