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Battle of The Bulge - TeamSpeak Set Up - Urgent Please Read


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As you should be aware, I am offering the chance in this event for people to team up to form a "crew" for a tank.

So far we only have two crews, myself, FT and Perfesser in one tank and Sid, Painless and Parts in another.

There is still time if you wish to make a crew with someone else. If you want to drive solo, that is no problem.

Running as a crew does add something to the game. During our test on Saturday my crew had a situation where we rounded a corner and came upon a Panzer. I noticed that he started to rotate to gun round towards us, so I set off trying to stay in front of the arc of his gun whilst Perf (Commander) was screaming at FT (gunner) who had not noticed him, to get his gun trained on the tank, a situation I would not have been able to cope with playing on my own!

Following a test on Saturday we are going to run with the following configuration, which may require you to create a whisper, so if you do not know how to do this please let us know and someone will go through it with you.

Multi Crews

Players will be moved to their own tank channel eg Tank 3 or Tank 4

The players in these channels will set up a whisper to the other tank channel plus a common channel for all the solo players.

Solo Players

In order for you to contact the commanders in the two multi crew tanks you will need to set up a whisper to both the tank channels (Tank 3 and Tank 4)

For the solo players to talk amongst yourselves, you do not have to do anything extra. 


Please do post here and let us know if you need any help getting this set up. It is easy to do, you just need a free key to bind the whisper to, so when you press it it broadcasts the relevant channels.

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