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Found 1 result

  1. How to change your conf.ini to get the most out of the game onto the screen. Edit your conf.ini file in a simple text editor, like notepad. Conf.ini can be found in the root of the folder where you installed IL-2 1946. Widescreen: Determine what your screen's native resolution is in width x height, you should run Windows in this resolution as well, otherwise settings below will not work. Check all the settings and their values listed here! (Popular values for width x height: 1680x1050, 1920x1080, 1920x1200) [window] width=width height=height ColourBits=32 DepthBits=24 StencilBits=8 ChangeScreenRes=0 FullScreen=1 DrawIfNotFocused=1 EnableResize=0 EnableClose=0 SaveAspect=0 Use3Renders=0 As to prevent a paratrooper error / hang up at 90% while loading a mission: [Render_OpenGL] (...) TexCompress=2 (...) In order to have long distance viewing: 72km in stead of 36km: (You will need powerfull enough hardware for this, if your framerates drop significantly, revert back to =2) LandGeom=3 If you want to disable the mod that makes you have to open bomb bay doors: (Add the [Mods] section to the bottom of the file if it's not there) [Mods] BombBayDoors=0 ** Feel free to add to this **
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