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  1. Use this post here: http://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3991 Change a line in the conf one at a time and see if it help you. For instance: VisibilityDistance=3 I like time. Some are using VisibilityDistance=5 Buzzsaw gave me serveral lines and it just worked for me.
  2. Use this post here: http://theairtactica...read.php?t=3991 This is the best for me: http://www.degnans.com/markd/CLOD_conf.rar The info was from Buzzsaw,
  3. wednesday would be great!
  4. Thanks for flying today. Focusing on the mission really helped.
  5. I got my new scull plate fixed on Thursday. Do not look at this if it makes you sick. Plate build in Germany: http://www.degnans.com/markd/Surgery_0.jpg Surgery in Stanford: http://www.degnans.com/markd/Surgery_1.jpg http://www.degnans.com/markd/Surgery_2.jpg http://www.degnans.com/markd/Surgery_3.jpg http://www.degnans.com/markd/Surgery_4.jpg Ready to fly!
  6. This looks really interesting. The middle of this page: http://forum.1cpublishing.eu/showthread.php?t=33161&page=72 A Hurri bomber would be great!
  7. CloD in great with the last patch. ATAG missions are very good. Are DD guys using the ATAG TS or DD TS?
  8. Thanks for all the nice replies. I love flying but, my number 1 interest is bass fishing! Driving the bass boat is no problem, but it took a long time to get there. Tuesday 2:30 to 5:00pm I always fly Clod with a Spitfire on ATAG. Any DD pilots you fly week days about that time?
  9. It sound like this will be very fun group! As well as IL-2, I really like CloD. Any other guys that like it?
  10. My guys, Fruitbat gave me the information about the SEOW campaign! I am very excited to fly with you guys. I have a problem with talking some times and I have a really problem writing, because I have TBI (Tramatic Brain Injury). I can fly IL-2 and I really love campaigns! Thank you for the invidation. Faustnik