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  1. was a bit bored today so took the rig to pieces and cleaned everything in nice, soapy water (ok, maybe not quite), installed it all back in a new case with new fans, cables & LEDs so I can see where to plug things in, re-worked my standard build iso to include a few exra programs and reinstalled the lot - takes about 30 minutes now. I'll get the controllers sorted in due course - but it's been a nice day.

    1. FoolTrottel


      Sounds like you beat my latest build: Asrock Q1900M motherboard, screwed to the side of a cupboard, 4GB leftover DDR3, Leftover Power Supply, 128GB SSD from laptop, w00t, new build for 70 Euro's ... runs BD track on Perfect Landscape 1280x1024 30FPS... Perfect for Comms and hosting tools and wotnots....

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  2. now has a permanent role (no longer on contract), so have bought a new camera to celebrate! Woot!

  3. To the immense delight of my parents I have decided to scrap my Iran/North Iraq travel plans and will instead spend a month and a half in India and Nepal for just slightly more money. Leaving in the first few days of October :)

  4. Since I don't use it much anymore, I'll stop renting my other apartment in the capital and move back to my home town for the time being, where I'm at most of the time anyway. This means my PC is moving back as well, this weekend. Which in turn means I'll finally be active a few times per week again as before :)

  5. Apologies to all who've tried to text or phone lately; my long suffering mobile has expired. All is well though, as I have been donated a substitute! However, the vast majority of my contacts are lost with the old phone - bear with me as I sort this out. A belated Merry Christmas to all of you, and may the forthcoming year be a doozy! Loves ya, every last one of you scrumptious little beauties! X

  6. Wonders if anyone can remember where the North Africa campaigne is up to!

    1. FoolTrottel


      Postponed 'till after summer... (It's too hot in there now!)

  7. flew in a Tiger Moth from Duxford this afternoon. What a day...

  8. Tooth brush and camera packed - ready to go!

  9. flew in a Tiger Moth from Duxford this afternoon. What a day...

    1. FoolTrottel


      Yeah, what a day? Care to tell us some more about it? Please?

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  10. hopes that Africa is on this Sunday

    1. FoolTrottel


      Will depend on how many show up, but basically, it's planned for july 15th!

  11. Just realised I'm working when Leg Ends is on, so f*&king pissed off now

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