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  1. no worries guys i got it to work, didnt realised the power cable was not already connected to it. now it just buzzes in my ear
  2. my msffb2 just came in the mail today and i plugged it in, windows 7 did its thing and installed the drivers i needed and now the thing works in IL2 i can map buttons and axis to it etc, but i wanted to try the force feedback out but i have no idea how to do this. I have had a look throw previous threads about getting the force feedback to work but i am unsure of exactly what i need to be doing and i didn't want to revive a 1yr old thread so i decided to start a new 1. any help would be much appreciated. Also the joystick keeps beeping in my headphones whats that all about?
  3. well some new information came to light about why it won't work. My sister dropped my headset causing my track ir to be damaged, but i cant notice any external damage. And yes i have plugged it in. tried it in all my USB ports and got nothing. thanks for the advice guys and delta i will give natural point a shout see what they got.
  4. As you can tell by the title for the thread my track ir 4 track clip pro stopped working, no idea what the problem is. Can i send it off to someone for it to be repaired or do i just have to buy a new 1?
  5. no worries fruitbat i was opening the wrong version of 4.11.1
  6. Just downloaded a load of skins for my IL2 1946 4.11.1 and i find that none of them show up in the game. by show up i mean there is no option for me to select these skins. I have this problem for all plane skins and pilot skins. any idea what the problem is?
  7. no idea about the game engine, but just from what i've seen of the alpha gameplay looks a lot like wings of prey, but i'll be happy to test it out whenever it goes open beta and then full release
  8. Just wanted to get your opinion on this as im guessing some of you guys have been with IL2 for a while now but there is a new WW2 combat flight sim coming out called war thunder: world of planes. It is set to be free to play and appears to be based off the wings of prey game engine. Im looking forward to it, signed up for the beta a while ago, what are u guys opinion? hav u heard of it? do you think it could pull people away from IL2? would u be interested in something like this? check it out amd get back to me http://warthunder.com/
  9. plenty of positive replies, which fills me with confidence so i look forward to flying wit u guys in the near future. and expect me pretty much every saturday fruitbat
  10. Hey guys, new member of the dangerdogz just saying hello. Painless tempted me here with illusions of a good group of guys, very active and very friendly and from what i've seen so far he was not lying. Looking forward to lying with you guys ~S~ Sfrost
  11. Thanks for the help guys and thanks for the links Arthur, will let u know how the hunt goes
  12. I'm looking to a get a fairly cheap force feedback joystick for IL2 1946 and have been seeing these 2 joysticks come up a lot. I've found mixed reviews for both so i'm not quite sure which 1 to get. Any1 got any ideas which i should go for or if there is a better alternative out there?
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