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  1. Jings it's Scotland V Italy for the wooden spoon again! will be watching in the local ale shop this time, just hate to water down my beer...sigh!

  2. Hog

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    ~S~ Folks thanks for the warm welcome Hmm Snacko riding a Hog Eeek! need to watch my six thanks for the edited access Jabo and will be in touch about UP3 RC4 Fruitbat. S! Hog
  3. ~S~ Folks I hail from Johnstone, Renfrewshire, Scotland I have been flying online sims for some time eeerrrrrr since combat flight sim 1 currently enrolled in Joint-Ops hoping to fly a bit better, hope for me yet! was or I suppose still am flying with 341st Blackjack squad, think there are only two of us left when we get to meet up online. Your member mr Ovy suggested that this might be a good place to fly online with fun folks. I have only stock games installed 4.10.1m and 4.11.1m If addon's required I may need some help to install So thats a brief me! S! Hog
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