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  1. Hey Guys I was speaking with Fatal Error the othe night . He wishes to pass on his thanks to the DDs for our server. Fatal was saying his squad uses it to train his new guys so there you go FT and tge boys a little appreciation for the work you do Sharkie
  2. Eshark

    Keyboard And Win10

    Not Tom I meant Collin no prize for you this time but there is a brick with your name on it somewhere ✊
  3. Eshark

    Keyboard And Win10

    Nope sorry Tom no accolade this time , or Snacko I copped out and did a dual boot set up win 7 on one Drive win 10 on another. But tried your suggestions all in win 10 and nothing solved the annoying problem
  4. Eshark

    Keyboard And Win10

    Job jolly installed win 7 on another hard drive done dual boot, working like a charm for now !!!!! Yes Collin in config I think it was =escape / activate but no key stroke or binding defined
  5. Eshark

    Keyboard And Win10

    well Guys went out bought another cheapo keyboard same issue got to be win 10.Crash the escape key were is the combo for it cant find it in the control menu to assign to Target but good idea mate ,just got to find the original key binding in config it just say escape/activate but no key
  6. Eshark

    Keyboard And Win10

    I have a wilkinsons text keyboard and that does not work either fellas I might try another see how that goes
  7. Eshark

    Keyboard And Win10

    Hello All Well I have been through the problems with the game not exiting using the escape key on the keyboard.I have uninstalled reinstalled, and the problem continues.I have copied the game and run on my other PC no problems it works fine ,it does work fine in win 10 only the key board is not being recognized.This is defo a win 10 issue has someone come across this and has found a solution ? cause this is getting annoying to the point of me thinking about hanging my wings up on HSFX and win 10 cheers Eshark
  8. Eshark

    Ground Textures Mod 4.0

    Look under OverDhills post it's the second link the Dropbox one the settings are in that download put that one into the JSGME folder
  9. Eshark

    Ground Textures Mod 4.0

    http://forums.eagle....ead.php?t=98607 Here is the tutorial that OverDhill posted , YOU PUT THE fx folder into your new _MODS folder activate it through the scroll lock on your key board
  10. Eshark

    Ground Textures Mod 4.0

    Just follow the tutorial in OverDhills post, installe JSGME and add _MOD folder into D.SC. root directory put the sweet fx file into the _Mod folder active , use scroll lock to activate and job done
  11. Eshark

    Ground Textures Mod 4.0

    Ivebeen checking the destination folder but can't find it in terrain , it is in open beta but can't figure it out
  12. Eshark

    Ground Textures Mod 4.0

  13. Eshark

    Keyboard Wont Work

    Hey Ft I have carried out a system restore to a time when all was working copied it to a memory stick along with a copy of all the config files, and use them hopefully problem solved
  14. Eshark

    Keyboard Wont Work

    Ok fellas Just to make things interesting I thought Ibwould type in a new pilot name to see if the keyboard would work and it did, so it is only fubared for assigning key strokes in the control panel
  15. Eshark

    Ground Textures Mod 4.0

    OverDhill I am new to DCS so can you help me out with these JSGME files with a little tutorial as what and where to put hem cheers Eshark