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  1. Trout, you're very welcome! Thanks for joining in! Just a heads-up, this sale ends today (3/30/12).
  2. Haha, I see you've been delving into the portal of American culture (no euphemisms intended, of course). giggety giggety goo!
  3. The Halb CLII will be released today and there's mention of another aircraft sale. http://riseofflight.com/Blogs/default.aspx Hope to be on for some Halb action tonight! Forgot to mention that the AI get an update also: "For example, the AI is now able to determine that a target is too high and it will not choose to attack it hence making a long chase. This will make the tactical behavior of the AI more human. Also we have prepared a small SDK on how to use interactive dialogs and make some cool functionality in custom missions."
  4. Here's the same deal that amazon was offering. According to 777, it should allow for purchase outside the US. http://www.fspilotshop.com/product_info.php?products_id=2740
  5. It's an amazing deal. http://www.amazon.com/Rise-Flight-Iron-Cross-Download/dp/B004TGME1Y/ref=zg_bs_2445225011_2
  6. Gustang

    Battlefield 3

    Played a couple hours of MP last night in the Rush and Conquest modes. Got my arse handed to me (as expected), but had a ton of fun running around with Spark while trying to figure out what was going on. It wasn't easy to log off for the night. To start, I played the single player campaign to familiarize myself with the keys and some of the weapons. The campaign is OK, it plays like a movie with a typical linear progression, but the animation of the characters is immediately noticeable as superior to most anything we've played before. The facial expressions and textures are amazing. I watched the room (office) I was in fall apart due to bullet impact and explosions and sheets and shreds of paper flew into the air. The concrete barrier I was taking cover behind was chipped away until it couldn't provide cover any more. If you like playing the FPS type of games at all, and enjoy multiplay, this isn't one to miss. The level of graphics, huge amount of animations, destructible environments and multiple game types make it well worth the purchase.
  7. Gustang

    Battlefield 3

    I picked up the pre-order and installed it last night. Looking forward to kicking it around later. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, so there must be some fun in there, somewhere. If you want to hook up later (not much opportunity this week) PM me for my origin ID
  8. yeah, that brassy texture around the radiator looks pretty cool.
  9. Gustang

    Putting Faces to Names

    Bah, I thought my eyes were half-closed when the flash went off! Oh well... Anyway, many thanks again, Joe (and WF), for the evening and for footing the (entire) bill! It was a good time and I'm glad we got a chance to sit for a while.
  10. All aircraft are 50 percent off (except the RE8 currently available for pre-order). It's a good time to fill your hangar with the SE5a, Camel, DR1 if you don't already have one. http://riseofflight.com/en/store
  11. Gustang

    Engine Overcooling

    I'm referring to throttle. Honestly, I haven't monitored it recently (with the overlay guages), but I haven't noticed mixture making a difference, with the obvious exception of the maximum RPM that results from proper mixture setting. Some aircraft have a throttle (I believe the N17 too) and by running at less than full throttle (thereby generating less heat), I've encountered engine damage by over-cooling. If you just make it a point to make sure your engine is running as loud and often as possible, it shouldn't be a problem. When you need to dive for extended periods at reduced throttle (to control your speed and/or not rip off your wings) you're most susceptible to the over-cooling problem. It's most pronounced in the n28. Blipping seems to me the best compromise between high engine RPM and controlling your speed (while in formation, diving, etc.).
  12. Gustang

    Engine Overcooling

    The only solution I've found to keep the rotary engines warm at high altitude is to keep them running full-out. Apply blip to control your speed, but only for a couple seconds at a time. This also means that paying attention to your tac during a dive will be especially important.
  13. Personally, I think it's too busy for a generic skin, but it's great work (as always)! I really like the checkers on the tail, but not so much on the cowling, not sure why. I like the white tail too, with the white extending along the fuselage, but again not so much on the cowling. Not sure on the bird's (cardinal?) head either, maybe that that space could be reserved for individual designs/monikers. The "DD" lettering reminds we more of WWII than WWI, perhaps it's too big, I dunno, but I do like where they're placed. Perhaps try the simple lettering much like is found on the historical skins?
  14. Gustang

    The Last Sopwith Camel (Video)

    Wow, makes you wonder where they got the engine sounds for this one in RoF. That sounds like an old tractor but I'm guessing it didn't sound too different when it was new.
  15. Gustang

    Fokker Dr1 Squad Skin Project

    b,b,but... screw individuality!... I want a skin like that! But seriously, would switching up the foundation colors be hard to do (I really don't know)? I'd think that would be enough to give each a unique look. Yet again, MT, that's truly amazing work. Your Spad VIIs are way too cool also.