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  1. Some days I think the more I fly this sim, the worse I get at it. Getting hits that will cause the enemy plane to crash is not that easy to do. B&Z works if the target does not peal out of line of fire and reaction and if I do line up and get hits they are seldom lethal, then its all the time it takes to get lined up again. I am starting to wonder if I will ever master it.

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    2. Jediteo
    3. Crash
    4. Mayhem


      Well, just remember this, if it is taking time to "master" (and don't know if anyone ever really does fully "master" certain things) offensive maneuvers, then take advantage of the knowledge defensively.

      You know boom and zoom is hard if your target pulls hard out of line of site, so next time you are being boomed and zoomed fly like the bastards that you hate trying to hit.

      I still fall into the trap of linear thinking, but let you mind go outside t...

  2. Does anyone else find the internet slow? I imagine it is due to the disaster in Japan. Not a pretty thing to have to live thru and then the aftermath.

    1. Jabo


      I remember it coming to a near standstill immediately after 9/11 so this could be linked. All sorts of bad things happening there now.

    2. DD_asas


      curious.. my net it's also pretty slow.... but i don't know if as something to do with the quake. But..one can never know.