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  1. rox

    I-16 owners

    Is there a learning curve axis too?
  2. Had a great experience yesterday, everything went smoothly apart from a few barely noticeable stutters/rubber banding spikes. Radio was a bit chaotic at times but I've seen worse. If we get shot down during the mission to the extent that we need to consolidate comms into one channel, I'm sure someone can move us around in teamspeak. The game minimizes really well for me and I don'0t have VR, for me it would literally be a matter of 4-5 seconds. Thanks for the links Tom.
  3. I just did the same 5 min ago, I have the plane now so I'm in on anything concerning this campaign as long as I'm home (usually away on or around the weekends for 2-3 days, but flexible).
  4. The I-16 is certainly the most unique of them all, with its game-changing experience of turning the landing gear crank 44 times while flying a trimless torque galore aircraft with a screwed up center of gravity. More often than not it's a ground breaking experience.
  5. rox

    DCS server tweakz

    Mentioned this to Fen the other day, but I'll put it here as well. I have tiny requests for our DCS server so it offers more training options to any of us inclined to less popular craft: 1. Some blue ships we can blow up (WW2 and present) 2. Ka-50 on the craft list (it's absent as far as I can see), and any other craft that was possibly left out. 3. Some nice scaled ground target areas. I'm thinking 2-3 areas, for example a SAMless C&C/logistics area or road block, another with short ranged SAMs, as well as a moving convoy or two. (we already have SAM heaven in Abkhazia) I'm willing to add all of this myself if you let me, I've made some of my own missions already. I know there are performance considerations so I'd keep everything reasonable number and AI-wise. These are just some ideas, no displeasure, pressure or sense of urgency intended.
  6. rox

    F-86 droptanks

    Just in case you thought Dakotas in the woods were out of the ordinary here. My friend's courtyard, two Sabre droptanks that he bought off some old bloke in the village for a few dozen quid. He plans to make a mini hydroelectric plant using them as floats for the water wheel.
  7. rox

    F-86 droptanks

    Just in case you thought Dakotas in the woods were out of the ordinary here. My friend's courtyard, two Sabre droptanks that he bought off some old bloke in the village for a few dozen quid. He plans to make a mini hydroelectric plant using them as floats for the water wheel seen in the background.
  8. Temporary home for my old Aviator stick's entrails until I can get my hands of some tools and materials and make something less awful. Canon M3 cardboard box. Basically it's a pretty imprecise trim station with some switches on the side which I mostly use for gear, flaps and weapons switches. This is what I flew on until late 2016 (I think) when I got the X-55.
  9. rox

    X-55 build quality

    Gutted my throttle yesterday to see if I can find out why the left lever's back buttons and scroll wheel only work 50% of the time. Here it is, all of its wires half-cut by internal superstructure due to lever movement. All fixed now after 3 h of jury rigging and trying to fit all of that + craploads of electric tape through the tiny opening of the bottom of the throttle lever. The white stuff is the throttle grease, I swear.
  10. The only thing I ever flew for real was this thing in Iran in 2012, Zargan airfield, north of Shiraz. I think it's an Ibis Aricraft Magic 700 GS, but don't quote me on that. 90% stick time in the air, takeoff/landing hands on but the pilot actually did 90% of the input. I didn't even know the pilot would let me fly it. No pics from the air as the airfield is right next to Shiraz refinery, which was defended by manned AA guns They wouldn't let us bring cameras up as per regulations, but were otherwise extremely friendly. I might have a pic of me actually sitting in this thing pre-flight on my hard drive that's in Iraq at the moment... Oh and half an hour of flying this cost 20 euros. I've also flown in Cessna 172's twice, but didn't touch the controls. That's about it as far as my modest experiences go. I have long been in love with gliders and it's still my dream to be able to afford the time and money for a GPL some day.
  11. Gosh I don't know what I'm doing lol. I thought I copied and pasted part of my post that I deleted, inn the end it was an old clipboard item that Fen sent me. In any case, the problem is resolved, some files were missing after all.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8TmyiHwiw869cOo What folder? I don't know what you're talking about.
  13. Need help here, the mod is in the right place but it doesn't register with DCS, can't join DD server. Here's pics: You can see in the lower left corner that the mod requirement is in red. The server is also greyed out when not highlighted. Installation path, A-4E-C folder contains all the stuff it should as per FT's picture. I switched from stable to open beta via updater program yesterday, hence why file path doesn't say DCS.openbeta. I read on the forums that this is normal when switching and shouldn't be an issue. I'm sure this is the right SavedGames/DCS folder as I created a test mission in the game, saved it, and it shows up in the same folder under Missions.
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