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  1. What I've been doing for the last two months (it's much less work than that but I was lazy). If you wanna commit 17 minutes of your day to this, I strongly recommend watching on a computer (not phone) in a dark room and at the highest resolution. All of the video takes place at night.
  2. Thinking I could make a surprise appearance tonight.
  3. Geez that Motorcycle song in the cloud vid takes me back. I am completely wetted now. I can already see I'll need to reinstall my flying stuff to at least do some videos.
  4. Lol didn't know craft actually got de-coned in flight in real life like they do in DCS. I'm pretty good at losing the nose cone on the Mirage in order to boost the radar's range by 10 meters.
  5. I have a sneaking suspicion that that ground moving target mode for the ground radar would get divided by zero if that traffic was actually modelled for real
  6. Wow, how the hell did it just break up like that? Ground collision?
  7. Are those black magic bombs or just run of the mill clusters?
  8. Yeah those upper vids are for sure the north coast of Cyprus given the terrain and heading.
  9. rox

    New Toy Mmm

    I've been eying a Virpil stick myself for a while as well. Although I like the original Mongoose more, which I think they stopped making. How do you get that Virpil stuff though? Are there month-long waiting lists or something?
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