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PWCG P-38 Lightning Strikes Co-op Campaign - Next Mission Tuesday 2nd February 2021 21:00 BST


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  1. FastDad

    Check Mods

    Hey FT this is Toad on Dad's machine. I downloaded Check Mods His ip is
  2. Thanks for the birthday wishs
  3. FastDad

    Salute To Bg

    BG Thanks for all the fun of wasted time but it has been fun and again I say thank most of all for letting me fly with DDz hope to see ya on the other side in the real heaven may God be your co-pilot. I will be praying for ya. Your friend Fastdad P.S. I've finally learn to land with crashing, and again thanks for all the fun.
  4. Same birth date but many years apart!

  5. Same birth date but many years apart!

  6. MadTrooper, thanks for the picture it looks great!


  7. Thanks for letting me in to play with ya-all. Toad will tell I'am not a newbie but I'am when it comes to flying online. Thanks letting a old man fly.
  8. Fastdad want's to thank the dangerdogz for letting him flight with them. From Fastdad

    1. Snacko


      Glad to have you FastDad!

  9. Fastdad, looking for a group to fly with.
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