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  1. Snag... ...just when I thought I was out,real life pulls me back in lol During a really genuine try to get into the air,...really struggling with the patches btw lol,... real life showed up and said I have to go work out of town in the middle of "What's IL2 land?"... That means another 4 months or so of building pipelines in Northern Canada...have they even heard of CTRL E?? Sadly I must postpone my endevour to be one with the Dogz....for now. Nice to know that some of you still remember who the heck I am lol.....btw I spoke with JP briefly today,...he got another call and had to go...typical.... Bucky
  2. Well this is odd....cant get the IL2 46 disc to install the game....no matter what I do it wont work. Edit.....nevermind I got it....geez Edit more......lol I can't believe how much I've forgotten about installing and patches n stuff...
  3. Hey thanks guys,that was quick lol....starting downloads now
  4. Hi guys, After a 2 year (maybe more) break from Il2,its time for me to get back in the air again.Trouble is I'll have to start from scratch with everything from mods to TeamSpeak to Trackir.Any suggestions on where to look for install info and stuff? B.
  5. Cfb Cold Lake Alberta Canada

    Well guys,....just saw on the news,the open house has been cancelled due to bad weather......shame on you Alberta weather.. B.
  6. Why Russians Drink...

    yeah,too funny,....makes sense though after haf a bottle of vodka...lol
  7. Cfb Cold Lake Alberta Canada

    So I just went on utube,and from what I see there is some sort of demonstrations from different aircraft.....even if it is only static displays,I'm goin...Ill try to get more info about this years event. B.
  8. Cfb Cold Lake Alberta Canada

    No I have no info on what will be goin on....hey Goth,Im only about half an hour from Bonnyville.....lol. Staying in a motel in Elk Point,....workin around here for the next 4 months. B.
  9. http://www.rcaf-arc.forces.gc.ca/v2/nr-sp/index-eng.asp?id=13890 Hi Guys,I will be at the Exercise Maple Flag 46 open house on Sat.June.15th. Just wondering if any Albertan Dogz can make it there,.... B.
  10. A Multi-Dogz Meet Up

    ......like i said,just a warning.
  11. A Multi-Dogz Meet Up

    Hey JP,thanks for sharing your "meet up"....great pics!! ....just a warning,...I will be in town in early April...... B.
  12. Flying Legends 2013

    ...I'm thinking maybe it's time to make this trip to the other side......of the pond I mean. Definitely would have to get a DDz shirt first though.... B.
  13. Bucky Shows Up In Edmonton

    Well I arrived home safe and sound on Sun,4pm local time. Just wanted to say thanks again,JP. ...btw,this is what i looked liked when JP saw me for the first time.....lol
  14. Snark The Fox

    heres a vid of me feeding a fox at our worksite... B. (FT fixed the embed thing for you B.)
  15. Happy V-Day Boys And Girls

    ...talked to my sweetheart via skype...kinda sucks workin so far from home...she was a little upset 'cause i'm not there...told her we'll go on a holiday somewhere warm and exotic when i get home....she smiled..... ...guess that means England's out of the picture,...lol B.