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  1. Are you guys doing this again tomorrow? I guess I could get Arrowhead. I've mainly been playing Deus Ex Human Revolution lately which is really quite a good game, though I finished it last night. Arrowhead on its own is $12 for download from Amazon...not too bad. From Steam it's $19.99, ouch.
  2. Hmm ok well I'll look into getting Combined Ops or Arrowhead or whatever, dunno if I'll be around tomorrow but I'll try and meet up with you next week at least, might be good to take a few days playing on my own getting used to the controls or TIR etc anyway.
  3. Very sad to have heard this, I didn't get to do a lot of co-ops with him but he was always really warm and welcoming to me in co-ops or on the Ubizoo forum and I'll never forget that. At least we can know he is free from suffering now.
  4. Sounds like it could be fun, so you're doing it at 20:00 GMT? I think that's 13:00 for me here in California. Doesn't it overlap with the DangerDogz co-ops? I got Arma 2 around when it came out but didn't really like it, the commands for the AI never worked. I've heard it's quite fun in co-op if you get a good group but I never bothered to look one up. Let me know if you guys are doing it this Saturday and maybe I'll install it tomorrow and join in, I'd be a total noob in terms of knowing what keys to press for what though.
  5. If you have Windows 7 or Vista, could it be from having the game in C:\Program Files? I know that prevents you from making changes to game files under Program Files, but if you move it somewhere outside of Program Files like if you make a folder like C:\Il-2 then it lets you edit stuff. If you already have it outside of Program Files or have XP, never mind.
  6. Actually I've just installed the UP hotfix and voila, there are the 4GB and expert mode options. I didn't see them listed in the release notes so I wasn't sure what you guys meant. Anyway if people are having trouble with the downloads they might want to get UP from a torrent. Ever since 4.09 I've always gone with torrents for patches and mods, if I try downloading the files normally I usually get corrupt files that cause errors.
  7. I dunno if you guys have heard of this. Basically it's a mod pack that installs over UP 3 and is catered exclusively to offline players, whereas UP 3 is more catered to online players. They just released a bare-bones initial version yesterday which they'll update periodically, I haven't tried it yet but will tonight. The main reason I'm interested in it is that they are pretty dedicated to putting in the AI mod that UP 3 has left out, apparently they need to update the AI mod for 4.10.1 and once that's done they'll put it in. Though it is true that the UP guys have said that they might als
  8. Sounds like some of you guys might have installed UP 3 over UP 2.1 which might cause problems, I don't see any 4GB thing or "expert mode" thing though maybe I'm not looking in the right place. Dance at the Ubi forum did this and says it works. I haven't really seen any problems with UP 3, other than things that I'm not really happy about. - no AI mod like in UP 2.0/2.1 which made offline flying a LOT more fun for me--apparently it causes problems with MDS and MDS is built into UP 3 with no way to turn it on/off. Hades says the AI mod might be put in down the line but I don't think it's a p
  9. Sorry to hear that m8, I was wondering why I couldn't log in through TS3. I'll make a note in the co-ops topic at the Ubi site. Get well soon!
  10. In any case I will probably be grounded from flying for a while, my CH stick is making a scraping noise I want to get fixed before COD comes out. I sent CH an email and will see what they say but if I have to send in my stick for repairs it might be a little while before I can fly again. Once I'm up and ready again I'll try and make BG's Saturday coops.
  11. Well, Beebop has been doing it for years, though it seems like none of the Hellhounds members other than Zeuscat shows up anymore. Your Saturday co-ops are a bit too early for me as are the Wednesday night ones though if the Saturday night co-ops are indeed dead I might have to try them though I'd have to show up late into them. Again if anyone wants to try rescheduling the saturday night co-ops let me know though it seems like interest has really waned. If nobody wants to do it anymore then ok, but it seems like a shame to do it without a discussion, I'm not sure what the best way to get t
  12. For a long time Beebop has held co-ops on Saturday nights at 6pm pacific, 9pm eastern. Recently Beebop had to change his work schedule for a while so he hasn't been able to host. Some of us wanted to keep meeting up and for a few weeks we had a decent sized crew of around 4 to 6 or so, and DD Mayhem was the main person hosting. But it seems like people aren't coming any more, Mayhem hasn't come in the last couple weeks and only one person other than me has shown up so we just sort of gave up each time. I'd like to see if people want to come join us so we can keep doing this, generally it
  13. BSword

    Gb V Usa

    But yes definitely a good game. Slovenia and Algeria looked very sloppy today and I think the US and England will come roaring out of their group. USA v. Slovenia could be a test but I am pretty sure England can put Slovenia to bed. Algeria should be easy but you never know!
  14. It's a floating fortress in the Atlantic!! I knew it! Their hurricane machine must be destroyed!
  15. House and property looks pretty big but yeah that interior design stuff is hideous. Around $800,000 USD would get you a tiny house with no yard here in San Francisco.
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