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  1. Ovy

    Merry Christmas!!

    Wishing all Dogz a Merry Xmas !
  2. Me, me ,me !! LOL...actually I didn't do a thing since I was confused by the discussions over the bugs , and, you know I never move to a new thingy until FT says "green light"...and now seeing our CloD server is out I need it...also if there is knowledge how and where to install ... Merry Xmas chaps!
  3. Ovy

    We need to talk...

    Good point Crash !
  4. Ovy

    We need to talk...

    I've done as much as i could in terms of recruitment , but from all the guys i invited and joined our ranks only Dan is constantly flying with us , on both Il2 and CloD. And of course i call Thor every Tuesday :-). I will also invite some Finns and Germans for the Tuesday show - guess you know them from SEOWs - we'll see their response. But i also think that the ones from the kennel still here is mainly due to the fact we have solidified over the years a former virtual into a real one friendship - enjoying every minute together, laughing or empathizing , no more points competitors...I am sure we all wanted to prove (to ourselves firstly) something about flying in the past years, remember Flight Ladder , or TopGun competitions...well, that's all gone, at least for me ... Ah, one more thing...disturbing...some of us are getting older...and old gits like to stick to oll habits :-)...Yep, i had the guts to call it loudly and , why not, with pride ! Stay where the fun is ! ~S~
  5. Ovy

    Flight Sim Platform Poll

    Only viable for me ( and my computer right now) 1-IL2 Sturmovik 2-CloD 3-DCS ~S~
  6. Ovy

    We need to talk...

    I go all the way with Swep. In every aspect . IL2 is bringing fun to disperse all our mundane stress and problems, and that within seconds of clicking "fly". My two cents... ~S~
  7. Ovy

    event feedback

    ~S~ Here are my suggestions (based on events we held here at DDz when BG was alive and SEOW experience(s) : - mision duration -one hour. - all pilots in TS at 20.00 for teaming up (15 min.), server up at 20.15 then 15min. for planning, - closing door and start 20.30 - just one restart if anyone crashes at T/O or has PC issues but no later than 5mins from start - in this case hosting server will restart - map size - the same - Jabo's idea good - self plane as white icon on the map - this enables Painless carrier map suggestion . We want to fight not make eye wrinkles navigating , eh? How about different airplanes for sides , with reasonable similar performances. After one hour swap places and have another go. Final score merging the results? Anyway great job , thank you gentlemen !
  8. Ovy

    New entries

    New pets came into family , Blacky the german sheperd and Booby the tomcat
  9. Ovy

    Happy Birthday Swooperton!

    So you're sixteen huh? Happy Birthday bro !
  10. Ovy

    Looking For Some Team Ka-50 Action

    Hey Luka, nice to hear again (good news) from you. I play DCS but with MiG15 & 21. Only spent a couple of hours trying to get the Ciornii Akula up and land without breaking it. I am usually at DDz TS almost on a daily basis from ~7 CET ...give me a shout , i am contemplating the idea of data-link support Zdravo ! Ovy
  11. Ovy


    Zeltweg Austria ...300k+ people Check youtube Airpower 2016
  12. Ovy


    Zeltweg airshow
  13. Ovy

    Happy Birthday Jabo

    Happy Birthday Nick mate!
  14. Ovy


  15. Ovy

    A Little Bit Of History

    Absolutely right ! We can only hope our rulers will never forget that and not allow repetition. Just some personal thoughts over Greece and Yugoslavia: - Greece was way too important for NATO to accept losing such a strategic place , even though Russians tried what is called "export of revolution" the Army quickly reacted (see Turkey also) - not to be forgotten that Randolph Churchill fought side by side literally with Tito for a couple of years, ensuring a bond which was to last until his death. Tito promised his comunism will never be conducted from Moscow and kept his word Ah, one more thing - both countries never had direct border with the Bear... A parallel between Yalta and Malta is clearly visible , since you know more than me...when the big boys agree to share their toys there's nothing the little ones can do. Or is it? ~S~