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  1. Ovy

    RedLion001c 016

    Just imagine he is a Vietnam War Vet, what he (they) went through...
  2. He was my instructor at Bomber School J-O...he could put a bomb through a chimney used by emergency exit by Marry Poppins ...I am still remember his first words in first session of BS : "you fighter boysneed to erase your reflexes...you're gonna need every inch of the runway to take-off, for a start...Nice to hear he's ok
  3. Ovy

    New GBS subforums

    Great idea Sid Sir! I really wanted to post where and how to get/install mods (i.e. JSGME)
  4. Yes , great job Friar ! Looking forward to it ! PS. Thanks for the cat litter tip
  5. Oh boy , this brings back memories from SEOW planning...I'll think a bit if i could be of help...that doesn't mean anyone else can take the seat...Great and strenous involvement you're doing, Friar !!
  6. I tried a few minutes ago to join but our BoB is not even showing up in the list anymore ...yesterday it was but upon logging it stayed stuck on "waiting for battle"..;-(
  7. Cool ! Maybe you can find something to fly together 110 or Il2 pounding ground :-)
  8. I am thrilled about it ! Hope nothing will change my weekend program ...Ah...i need some Axis planes :-)...I will tell Thor about it, he might join too
  9. Artie

    Happy Birthday Ovy !! ;) 


  10. Salute Gents, Hoping soon i'll be able to put on the TrackIr and enjoy an hour or so of flying with my squadron ...i can only do 1. Clod 2. Il21946 Anytime you can serve them up will be fine for me if my condition improves a bit
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