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  1. Cool ! Maybe you can find something to fly together 110 or Il2 pounding ground :-)
  2. I am thrilled about it ! Hope nothing will change my weekend program ...Ah...i need some Axis planes :-)...I will tell Thor about it, he might join too
  3. Artie

    Happy Birthday Ovy !! ;) 


  4. Salute Gents, Hoping soon i'll be able to put on the TrackIr and enjoy an hour or so of flying with my squadron ...i can only do 1. Clod 2. Il21946 Anytime you can serve them up will be fine for me if my condition improves a bit
  5. Ovy


    Jeez...Swep looks just like Jack Nicholson younger :-) Salute !
  6. Ovy

    Merry Christmas!!

    Wishing all Dogz a Merry Xmas !
  7. Me, me ,me !! LOL...actually I didn't do a thing since I was confused by the discussions over the bugs , and, you know I never move to a new thingy until FT says "green light"...and now seeing our CloD server is out I need it...also if there is knowledge how and where to install ... Merry Xmas chaps!
  8. I've done as much as i could in terms of recruitment , but from all the guys i invited and joined our ranks only Dan is constantly flying with us , on both Il2 and CloD. And of course i call Thor every Tuesday :-). I will also invite some Finns and Germans for the Tuesday show - guess you know them from SEOWs - we'll see their response. But i also think that the ones from the kennel still here is mainly due to the fact we have solidified over the years a former virtual into a real one friendship - enjoying every minute together, laughing or empathizing , no more points competitors...I am sure we all wanted to prove (to ourselves firstly) something about flying in the past years, remember Flight Ladder , or TopGun competitions...well, that's all gone, at least for me ... Ah, one more thing...disturbing...some of us are getting older...and old gits like to stick to oll habits :-)...Yep, i had the guts to call it loudly and , why not, with pride ! Stay where the fun is ! ~S~
  9. Only viable for me ( and my computer right now) 1-IL2 Sturmovik 2-CloD 3-DCS ~S~
  10. I go all the way with Swep. In every aspect . IL2 is bringing fun to disperse all our mundane stress and problems, and that within seconds of clicking "fly". My two cents... ~S~
  11. Ovy

    event feedback

    ~S~ Here are my suggestions (based on events we held here at DDz when BG was alive and SEOW experience(s) : - mision duration -one hour. - all pilots in TS at 20.00 for teaming up (15 min.), server up at 20.15 then 15min. for planning, - closing door and start 20.30 - just one restart if anyone crashes at T/O or has PC issues but no later than 5mins from start - in this case hosting server will restart - map size - the same - Jabo's idea good - self plane as white icon on the map - this enables Painless carrier map suggestion . We want to fight not make eye wrinkles navigating , eh? How about different airplanes for sides , with reasonable similar performances. After one hour swap places and have another go. Final score merging the results? Anyway great job , thank you gentlemen !
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