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  1. Sweet music. Sister Sledge in the set up?
  2. I may well post in the debate, though for natural reasons I cannot fly as much as I wanted. Got my third cortisone shot, (this year), in the knee this Monday so I'll try to get started again soon. Since I have not yet started with BOX, have forgotten which version I have downloaded, I am pending with that sim so far. I also have CLOD but have not changed to the latest version yet. 1946 works pretty spotless, even though I havn't been able to fly for a while. Should I make a list, it may be something like this (with reservation for BOX), but I belive BOX is the future, even for me. As for times and schedules, I follow you lot. In no any particular order: 1 BOX 2 1946/CLOD 3 CLOD/1946
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