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  1. Zooly


    I have impingement syndrome in my right shoulder which limits movement and hurts like a bitch when I move it too far, it has also started hurting pretty much all of the time (more of a strong ache really) and I am waiting to see a specialist who will decide what happens next (surgery or whatever).
  2. Zooly


    I have tried to play the game but my shoulder hurts big time whenever I use the joystick, if you guys don't mind too much I will come onto TS now and again but won't be able to fly.
  3. Zooly

    New Toy Mmm

    This reminds me of you Kev: SIMPLE(s)!
  4. Zooly

    New Toy Mmm

    Doncaster Wildlife Park, its a good day out and well worth a visit.
  5. I like this one: How do you make a cat bark? douse it in petrol (gas) and light it..............WOOOOF!
  6. Zooly

    New Toy Mmm

    I too bought a camerabob thingy recently but its nowhere near as grand (pricey) but its a first step on the possible new hobby ladder, here are a couple of pics:
  7. We cant make it this year due to issues that are out of our control what with work commitments for me and more importantly family issues, we have a booking reference available for a double room if anyone is interested (at a cost mind you) available for Friday and Saturday night. Again apologies but real world priorities dictate our inability to attend
  8. Some of the landings could have been better possibly but some nice looking scale birds there.
  9. Apparently this was more to do with the fact that the Spitfire had no seat installed and would therefore be potentially hazardous, when the seat is installed they have invited him to go back and sit in the cockpit.
  10. I am of the opinion that certain settings suit the track ir brigade more and I doubt that I will ever be one of those as my finances don't stretch to such frivolities and I could 'fly' with these settings but truth be told, I don't enjoy it and very much doubt I ever will. When something stops being fun I simply move on to something else and maybe now is the time that I put Il2 to bed for a while and have fun doing alternative things like...does it really matter?
  11. Are the current settings (lock cockpit) going to be a permanent thing or is it just for the upcoming North Africa campaign? I'm in for this for fun and locked 'pit just doesn't do it for me so if DF games are going the same way then I'll be here but not playing, with the update info it seems that single player might just be an option for the first time.
  12. Sounds about right, the bill of human rights should be rename to the bill of the rights for scumbags,rapists downright miscreants.
  13. Wifey and myself from Friday till Sunday all booked.
  14. Zooly


    I miss the 'ah fuck', miss you BG mate.
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