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  1. Just a heads-up to an old thread, but this mod has changed to the B.A.T. mod. Supposedly much more reliable and more inclusive: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,53691.0.html
  2. Well I can install that HSFX thing, but I am not back to the level of where I was before as far as flying and air combat is concerned. And my notifications have started working, so I got that going for me.
  3. Well I found a monster patch that brings it up to 4.12.2m. Is that okay? Also, for some reason I can no longer enable swastikas. The mod I had doesn't work any more. Any fixes for that? I like to be historically accurate. Also, for some strange reason I am not getting notifications. My e-mail is right and I am following this topic. No idea what's up with that.
  4. Geez! Thought you guys all forgot about me! I got IL2 installed again. Was VERY weird to do. I read up about installing it into Win 7. Had to do some real weird stuff to actually get the install to work. It kept hanging at about 3/8ths install. Now I am having problems patching it. Seems I can't get registered at Mission4Today.com. Sent in registrations for two different e-mails and neither one has gotten a response. Is there any presence from those guys on this website? What version of IL2 are you guys using? I have 4.09b1m installed right now. Wanted to get up to the newest version.
  5. Hi all! Been a LONG time since I posted. I am re-installing IL2 as we speak. Hope it works okay in Win 7. Sure missed all you guys. Will report back later. Dep
  6. Deputy

    Salute To Bg

    BG, As you know I've been away from the sim for quite a while. But I will never forget the kind treatment you gave me and your invite to join the squadron. I learned a lot and had a great time while I was here. I will never forget the help and friendship you provided for me. Dep
  7. I can help you with that. E-mail me Dep
  8. Deputy

    XP 64 Bit

    You might want to go to the ATI website and check there to see if there are any new drivers available. If it's like nVidia, you just tell them which video card and OS you are running, and they tell you the correct drivers to use. But I would still consult with Roger. I think some ATI drivers don't work well. He would know.
  9. Deputy

    XP 64 Bit

    I would say the 6.14 number is the driver version. The other number is the package version that includes all the rest of the stuff that is included in the install. But better ask Roger to make sure. I run nVidia so am not that familiar with ATI. Dep
  10. Deputy

    XP 64 Bit

    Good point Snacko!!! I have had the same situation with some patches I downloaded for other games. Gotta make sure it goes in the right Program Files folder.
  11. Deputy

    XP 64 Bit

    There's no doubt Microsoft is pushing 64 bit as the OS of the future. I see a lot of folks talking up VISTA Ultimate 64 bit.
  12. Thanks Roger. I knew you'd know the answer
  13. I dunno. I don't think so. Have to ask Roger. I think I would have the same bus speed under either OS, since that is a hardware limitation. According to HP, the main benefit to running 64 bit on the xw4200 is that the system is able to take advantage of larger virtual memory and process sizes. That would only affect the actual operation of programs, not hardware specs.
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