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  1. Tribunus


  2. Salute FT and thank you for your reply. Your Chkmods method sounds intriguing. As I understand it, I should make a copy of my V4.11.1m HSFX V6.0.17 and rename it V4.12.2 HSFX V7.0.2. Then download, open and "Run as Administrator' your Chkmods utility. Hopefully, this will open up properly and I then aim it at the folder containing my new copy of the game. I then make sure that the Check Against box reads 7.0.2 and click 1 - Verify mods. After letting this run, I then click 2 - Fix issues. This sounds wonderfully simple to me. But what sort of Wizardry and Black Magic are you
  3. It seems that I have a lot of catching up to do. From what I have read, we are now using V4.12.2 HSFX V7.02 Expert. Is this correct? Now that I have my gaming computer up and running, I was able to discover that I am way back at V4.11.1m Expert HSFX V6.0.17 My question is how best to proceed? Should I attempt to patch over my existing V4.11.1m HSFX V 6.0.17 Or should I begin with a standard copy of '46. I have a copy that is patched up to V4.11.1m Advice and suggestions will be very much appreciated
  4. How about 11 days late. Happy Birthday mate
  5. 1. Will externals on the ground be available Yes / No – I don’t really care, I learned how to S-Taxi decades ago, so I can get by without externals. 2. Are we going for locked pit once in the air Yes / No – Yes, it’s the only way to fly realistically. 3. What will the icon ranges be for both friend and foe - I’m okay with any sort of Icons that the group decides upon. Or we can go without icons and really make it a challenge. 4. Will external padlock be available Yes / No – In in my opinion it’s a Cheat We should also agree that 1. If a player has been shot down they do not disconnect be
  6. That might be alright for snipers, but for normal soldiers, I'd be a bit concerned about having software that prevents me from firing unless the shot was perfect. There are just too many strong cases in modern warfare for quick suppressive fire. But, they are working on that as well. http://www.popsci.com/diy/article/2010-05/invention-awards-soldiers-third-eye You basically have a red dot sight that appears on a HUD display on your goggles. You put the sight on the target and squeeze the trigger. Anyone person who has spent time playing video games will instinctively know how to use it.
  7. Hale county is nice but a little too far west for me. Fortunately Texas is blessed with lots of land. My girlfriend's son has a ranch out near Zephyr Texas, so I know and like that area. http://www.pecanpeak...m/about_us.html There is actually still a lot of land around that is relatively close (70 to 80 KM) to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, where I will be living. Well, close by Texas standards. As far as the type of home that I'm hoping to build, I'm planning on building what is called a Net Zero Home. These are homes which are built from the ground up to be super energy efficient, utilizi
  8. 84% Libertarian 75% Republican 65% Democrat 33% Green The Senate is essentially unchanged and the Republicans still have a solid majority in the House of Representatives. The big story of the election, that is not been well covered by the media, is how well the Republicans did in State elections. So as Arthur has pointed out, the next several years will look a lot like the last two, and for the second straight election, President Obama has proven that he has no "coat tails" to help other Democratic candidates. I will shortly be back in the Republic of Texas, where I'll resume my life of
  9. Winning is all well and good, but the Dogz have always been more about enjoying flying with your Mates than winning.
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