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  1. 1946 Won't Install On New Rig With Win 8.1

    Sorry to spam the board---note the red "X" on the flag in the right side of the taskbar---firewall is off http://s113.photobucket.com/user/strider_07/media/ChkMods%201_zpsilcqrpea.jpg.html
  2. 1946 Won't Install On New Rig With Win 8.1

    This is as far as I get http://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n206/strider_07/ChkMods_zpsfuflngio.jpg
  3. 1946 Won't Install On New Rig With Win 8.1

    Thanks, FT. UAC has been off all along. Does the message "Mod set in use" have any bearing?
  4. 1946 Won't Install On New Rig With Win 8.1

    ~S! m8! It's all good. Its probably something simple although this version of 8.1 does stuff differently from my laptop. Its apparently an OEM for NCIX, my vendor. The ChkMods seems to operate as it should to an extent (id's me and searches path to install) but runs into this firewall settings shutdown at Blueprint ini.. I\m aware of the steps that are supposed to happen and why but can't apply a fix. FT, When you get a chance, I would appreciate discussing this with you. To all other responders, thanks, m8's! Starting to feel at home again---see you in the skies soon, m8's! Got some setup stuff to do but saved my controls and profiles on jpegs so its just a matter of getting 'er done! Plus finding my CH and TrackIR disks, LOL! ~S! Strider
  5. 1946 Won't Install On New Rig With Win 8.1

    ~S! Ground crew error. I was right-clicking il2fb.exe, not a.exe, lol! D/l'd ChkMods1.25. Firewall is OFF, a/v is OFF but when I run ChkMods.exe as admin, error messages: Cannot verify mods version---seems ok because my path is to a vanilla version. Version.ini not d/l---? Blueprint.ini not d/l. Check firewall settins---but it is OFF, warnings abound every time.Turned off my a/v as well.? Any suggestions? Getting more determined. I know this must work. I even d/l'd ChkMods again and ran it but no joy. The good news is I have TS working. Thanks in advance, m8's! Strider
  6. 1946 Won't Install On New Rig With Win 8.1

    ~S Arthur! Another Dog I've missed! See you in the skies soon. Enjoying your BoS films, keep 'em up! ~S!
  7. 1946 Won't Install On New Rig With Win 8.1

    That's the one I have sent to FT. Thanks, m8! ~S!
  8. 1946 Won't Install On New Rig With Win 8.1

    Rgr that. Thanks, m8!
  9. 1946 Won't Install On New Rig With Win 8.1

    Not yet, m8. Got the game started on my copy "IL2 HSFX7" but didn't change my pilot name to "DD_Strider" yet. Chkmods refuses because I'm not identified as a DD. Then I ran into the frozen cursor bug and couldn't click "Pilot" to do so. What is the fix for the cursor bug? Can't remember. And while I'm here, search won't find the "No cd hack". Is that on these forums? Gotta hit the shower and get ready for work soon, lol! Thanks, m8! ~S! Strider
  10. 1946 Won't Install On New Rig With Win 8.1

    ~S! Success! Runs "The Black Death" at 60 fps with no stutters on Perfect, everything maxed. And I haven't touched the conf,ini yet. Now to install TS, Joystick, TrackIR, do profiles, set controls, etc.Then some practice will be in order. Thanks again, m8's! ~S! Strider
  11. 1946 Won't Install On New Rig With Win 8.1

    ~S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi, FT! Thanks for that reference! That link should be stickied! Installing as we speak. Thanks, m8! Once done, I'll make a copy of the game to my secondary HDD and head over to your thread "How to easily install to HSFX7". I owe you 1946 pints, m8! It's 4:10 a.m. here but now I'm too excited to go back to sleep. Oh, oh. "DirectX is not compatible with this version of Windows" I'm at the Setup screen. Will report back later. ~S! Strider
  12. 1946 Won't Install On New Rig With Win 8.1

    ~S! Hi, Gec! Great to see you too! Looking forward to more good times when I get this installed. I tried exactly as suggested by Jabo (Run as Administrator from a File Explorer window on setup.exe in the game files) at least 10 times before I first posted. In between, I ejected and re-inserted the disk in case it was getting a bad read. No dust or scratches on the disk. Brand new external DVD player that plays other disks just fine. I get the UAC dialogue box appear (Do you wish to allow setup.exe by unknown publisher to make changes to the hard drive on your computer?), click "Yes", dialogue box disappears, get the spinning blue circle for 2 seconds and then nothing. Through the compatibility troubleshooter, I set XP (Service Pack 3) but still no advance past the UAC box. "incompatible program". Not giving up, just not sure what else to try next. ~S! Strider
  13. 1946 Won't Install On New Rig With Win 8.1

    Thanks, m8! Sticky finger on "Post". It won't run the disk at all. Tried about 20 times. I get the UAC dialogue box and click "Yes" but nothing happens after that---no title screen or anything. Disk doesn't spin in the external DVD player tho' other disks work. I will install TS tonight and get that set up. Thanks for the offer! Smooth skies! Strider
  14. ~S, m8's Got a new rig with i5-4670k, GTX 970 4GB, MSI Z97. Tried many times to install 1946 from disk but no joy. Tried the compatibility troubleshooter, says "incompatible program". That can't be right, or can it? Want to get back in the skies with HSFX7. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! ~S! Strider
  15. 3Rd Flyable Lancaster Coming

    ~S~, Toad! The best wingleader I ever had. Great songs you're putting up! Keep it up. We'll jam in the virtual skies again. Cheers, m8! Strider.