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  1. Oops, sorry about that! I had intended to link to the gallery, but forgot. Looks like Arthur's got me covered, though. =) Pretty crazy to think that they were in a wall, and who knows for how long. The one of the USS Colorado passing in front of New York City is actually from the same series of pictures as the one linked in the Wikipedia article on the Colorado Class Battleships. I happened to have scanned another picture, but the one in the article is in the box. Also found commendations and letters from the US Navy to the guy who took the pictures, so we have his name, and some dates
  2. I know I haven't been around much lately. With the new company, Christmas, Skyrim, and now Star Wars out, I'm suprised I've even slept! =) One of the other things I've been doing over the past month is going through and identifying stuff from a box of old photos my brother-in-law found. He was tearing down an old house in Oklahoma and inside the wall was a box full of hundreds of photos. Among them, about half were photos of US Naval ships, aircraft, and Sailors. He's a big history buff, and with some of my skills developed during my previous career, I thought I could help him identify t
  3. Rico

    From Inside the Wall

    Rico's brother-in-law was helping to tear down an old house in Oklahoma when he found a box of hundreds of photos in a wall. Here are a selection of some of those photos.
  4. Dude, that is some seriously excellent photography. That looks increadibly professional.
  5. yeah, steam will work in offline mode, but I don't think you'll be able to get SH5 to do it. Even if you installed with the physical one instead of steam, you still have to connect to UBI's servers to get it to work. I believe CoD is using the same protection, btw. I haven't looked to be sure, though.
  6. DRM = Digital Rights Management I won't get into my rant about the morality of modern DRM, but since I'm such a Linux nut, it shouldn't be hard to guess my stance on the subject. =) In this case and UBI is really getting known for this crap, they require an active internet connection to play the stupid game. So games that I might normally play while on the plane, or while away from home, I suddenly can't without tethering my phone, and not everyone has that option. You additionally run the problem of not being able to play at all when UBI has problems with their servers, which has no dire
  7. Awesome, Snacko! Silent Hunter has been one of my favorite games for years. When 5 came out, I was... angry might be an appropriate word for it. Besides the completely ridiculous DRM protection, it was just such a huge step back in terms of the gui and gameplay. I was really sad about it. Looks like I'll have to reinstall and give it another go!
  8. It looks completely awesome, Mayhem! Thanks so much. I'm really stoked about being able to go fly around in it. Sorry about the slow reply. Got a lot going on with the company the past couple weeks and I've just had no time at all. Hopefully we'll slow down in the next couple of weeks and I'll have a chance to catch my breath. Really, man... That skin is just sweet. Can't wait for it to be the last thing Jedi sees before impact. =)
  9. A buddy just linked this to me and I had a bit of a laugh. Thought I'd share! Arma II or IRA II
  10. lol @ Prop. All looks good, Flyboy. Like the guys said, ditch the soundcard (I used to work for Creative, and I love their stuff, but it's really not needed in this case). I like GIGABYTE motherboards better that Asus, but I had a bad experience with Ass-us, so I'm a little bitter. I think both suggested video cards are good, and I don't think you'll hate either. The ATI is a little more horse-power, but the nVidia has better drivers. Either is a win for their own reason, so just get whichever you like better. Everyone else has said what I would have said, so that's all I got. =)
  11. Okay, OT. Here's the basic run-down on what you want to do. Let me know if you get to a step and it doesn't make sense, or you don't see it. I don't have XP in front of me, so I'm having to do this from memory. =) First thing we want to do is download the latest drivers for your card, which I'm betting you already have done. Just put them on your Desktop or something so you can get to them easily later. Next, we need to uninstall any software they may have installed. Go to Start>Run, type appwiz.cpl and hit enter. That should launch the add-remove programs window. Look for anythin
  12. Hmm. This is certainly a bit of a tough one. That's for sure. These things are always confusing, honestly. Unless you get lucky and the answer is obvious, you usually have this wierd trial and error troubleshooting. It sucks, I know. Just hang in there. btw, I looked into the card, and the 4870 is a good card with fairly low amount of driver issues. How much are you looking to spend? This is completely personal preference, but I'd be tempted to look at the nVidia GTX 450, they have them on newegg for under $200, and I think pretty well under $200. The 4870 probably benchmarks a littl
  13. Have you checked Expert Mode and selected the 4BG Address Space option? I'm not sure a new video card is the right answer. Not a bad one by any means, but it might be a little premature, unless you've just decided that you really want one. My problem with that being that it worked before, and doesn't work now, unless I missed that part. That would suggest it's not a hardware problem, and be more likely to be an issue with setting, file corruption, or something like that. What version of windows are you running? We might just nuke all your video card drivers and have the system redetect i
  14. Might try adjusting some of the setting for RC4, slide RAM up and down a little. Have you tried downloading new video drivers? What card are you using? Might even try older drivers as well. Might try it windowed too and see what that does to the framerate.
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