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  1. On 7/28/2022 at 9:36 PM, Zukker said:



    My heart goes out to you. My Dad just had another "attack" and ended up in the hospital. Luckily they fixed him up and he is now back home. Dealing with family health issues are never fun and although with my Dad who is 87, health issues were not unexpected. My wife, on the other hand, has really changed my perspective and what I thought retirement would be.


    All the best Toad and I wish you much good will.



    ll the best to you and yours aswell Zucker

  2. Sorry to hear this Zukker, same things here almost.

    We lost my Mom to dementia last fall.

    We just lost my Dad In-law to Pancreatic cancer, in May on my Wife's Birthday of all days.  He didn't fight it due to previous surgeries, leaving him with only one blood vessel feeding his stomach, due to previous bought with throat cancer 16 years ago. He made it another 18 months healthy sharp and able to take care of most things up till the last three weeks. I did get him fishing twice to a spot 3 1/2 hours away and camped for a few days each time. Get your Dad out there if at all possible.

    Now my Mom in-law is requiring our help now that he has passed, he was able to tend to her almost right up to the end.

    Plus not to mention all the added work of two house holds, here locally to chase.

    We struggled for over 5 years with my wife's health, but finally went Holistic and now she has here plethora of ailments under control.

    I hope you can get your Wife's under control!!!

    Good luck and see ya once we survive and figure all this out.

    Dealing with our Circle of people fading away and all the material things that have to be dealt with, when your mood is not in it plain sucks!!!



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  3. Ah, I too have been watching this decline in pricing.

    My thought too little too late is, get the biggest and fastest you can afford, so what if it bottle necks the cpu, in the next year or two, it will probably need replaced any how. Then your card may be enough still or your next bottle neck LOL

  4. I've been super busy dealing with real life again, I'm pondering  hall sensors.


    I'm wondering about any of your thoughts on it, and if you think it might be a viable Pot for the three flight trims.

    My concern is, that it says continuous, does that mean it never stops rotating, no hard stops built in?

    Or this one is a 180 but it also says continuous.


    I'm going to be adding pots to a BU0836X Leo Bodnar board, I now have tow of them, for two separate projects.

    Oh and do any of you use Joystick Gremlin?

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