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  1. Happy Birthday here to Tom.


  2. Happy Birthday AP!

  3. Happy Birthday here too Gypsy!

  4. Happy Birthday Rattler!

  5. What? Squawk and Rattler are way more lethal than I am. How many years you been doing this? I've been doing it since 1998.

  6. LOL I have no idea what were talking about.

  7. How ya been?

    I haven't seen ya for a few days.

    Did ya read my Gaming PC died?

  8. Not counting us then B16Enk???

    1. B16Enk


      No you guys are all friends!

  9. :huh: Jedi is a TIR user now?
  10. Thanks, Kimo pretty much as I figured.

  11. spring and cool the exhaust. Is there any adjustment, have you seen any of them fail, and cause lower water flow through the upper section of the block and heads?

    Thanks Todd

  12. plunger thing on the right side lower block under the ignition pacs.

    My best guess is it controls the water flow into the exhaust ports to keep them cool. I have no information on it in my aftermarket manual.

    Can you confirm this, and let me know ust what and how it works.

    I assume the spring rleases plunger once the water pump reaces a certain pressuer to overcome the s...

  13. hey Kimo I helped a friend yesterday and instructed him on changing his water pump on an old XR2 150 its slightly older version of my XR4

    All that went well, and it works just fine now. We had to replace the upper and lower pump housings due to them being melted, from a previous owner. But since he had no clue he had attempted this himself bfore hand, and he removed a diaphram spring plung...

  14. During this economy, weve lost three dealers and shops locally that I know of.

  15. salvage might just pay off. I enjoy boats, I wish the field payed more, around here, way too seasonal in my parts, and not enough rich dudes with large ones needing service to make a living as a tech only.

  16. The water didn't look too rough on the video, was the trim not working as well? Is sure was porpoising. Those chafed wires, sometimes can be a bugger to find.

    In my field per trouble tree, wire inspection, and ten pound pull test on all connections are the first two steps, right after downloading the fault codes, and warranty report from the ECM.

    Sounds like that insurance salva...

  17. That's cool you work on them, I've thought about it several times, relocating to one of the coast and work marine, I could still use my Diesel/Gas experience, on the big ones, and learn the small ones as I go.

  18. it originally came with the small gear housing, with a higher gear ratio, it would push my boat 72mph, It shelled out, and I put the bigger case on with lower gear ratio, it now pushed 65mph due to ratio and more drag.

  19. Yes its an Xr4 I wish it was a Xr6 bigger block and can be turned into a 200 easily. I recorded this a couple springs ago, had another friend interested in hearing it. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v37/T_O_A_D/Fishing/?action=view¤t=My150Merc.flv

  20. Mercury outboards, do you boat?

    I own an 87 model 150 mercury, on my old bass boat

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